Why Repurchase Agreements Offered By Equities First Holdings Have Demand

Andrew’s Stevens, the Director of Sales for Equities First Holdings (EFH) in the Middle East expects repurchase agreements to have a great demand. The repurchase agreement also called a repo is another way EFH provides financial options to its’ clients. The repo is a short-term loan that has been made useful with the partnership of the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). DFM will establish a stronger presence in the area with the use of the repo and working with EFH. EFH exists on a global scale because of the popularity of stock-based loan. They have been able to generate over 700 transactions and create $1.4 billion through the transactions.
You will find any EFH office in countries such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, and other locations around the world, Many people like the flexibility offered by EFH. They like the ability to use the principle of a stock-based loan can be used for anything, and the interest rates are fixed.