Upwork Helps its Users Optimize To-Do Lists

Upwork is one the internet’s most popular freelancing websites since the beginning of the internet age. The platform was founded 1999 under the name Elance. It later merged with another system named O-Desk, and eventually in 2013, it would become known as Upwork. The company boasts having one of the highest freelance user bases around the internet. They recently shared a blog post regrading to-do lists to help their user become better organized.

Every single freelancer needs a to-do list in order to stay on top of the daily tasks. To help its users, Upwork shared a blog post that lists 10 ways to optimize list making. The top tip is to simply write down everything. Recalling each and every thing to do is impossible. It also keeps everything all in one place. Preparing the list in advance is also vital for planning time effectively and deciding which tasks should be done before others. The to-do list is only as effective as the person carrying out the tasks.

It is important to keep re-evaluating the list as tasks are cleared. Sometimes bigger tasks can be split into a series of smaller tasks. That way bigger task becomes less stressful and the user can better pace themselves. For some people, tasks might actually be able to be completed in batches if they involve something similar or are in the same location. However, always make sure to not over extend yourself. Doing too much will lower productivity levels and throw off any future tasks.

Freelancers often have a long list of tasks that need to be completed. This blog post will help users get a handle on creating, sticking to, and allocating resources to completing tasks in a efficient manner. Upwork users are competing against each other for work tasks, thus time efficiency becomes critical in trying to optimize work time. Many users will come out of the blog post with something new to consider.