The Realization of Fabletics

Bringing a fashion company to light is a difficult process. Not only are there the dozen obstacles of starting and running a business, the fashion industry not a place for the weak. Currently, Amazon, a company that doesn’t even produce fashion, controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market.

Despite the challenges, Kate Hudson exploded onto the scene with Fabletics. Fabletics is a brilliant activewear brand. Within the first three years, Kate grew her company into a $250 million business. Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic to cater to each individual. Fabletics combines aspirational designs with convenience and membership features, making a powerful combination.

Another part of continuing Fabletic’s growth is mastering the art of high value. High-value brands used to be based on price and quality of the goods or services. As the economy shifted, giving more power to consumers, price and quality are no longer the sole determining factors. These days, people want more from their brands. The modern consumer wants things like better customer experience, last-mile service, and brand recognition.

Fabletics has also expanded into the physical world. The company’s strategy of opening physical stores is paying off big time. Even though it’s membership brand, it’s already planning on adding to its 16 stores.

The only obstacle stopping its immense growth is referred to as “showrooming”. People love shopping around in stores, but never buying anything until they get home and buy the products they want from somewhere online for cheaper. That’s one element of today’s economy that’s “killing” a lot of retail stores.

To combat that negative, Fabletics embraces the surrounding communities. By hosting events and other activities, Fabletic’s stores can get to know the local markets and build relationships. This allows each store to only stock their inventory with items that local members might buy.

In one non-sponsored reviewer’s opinion, Fabletics is totally worth it. The best part is the unexpected quality of a pair of leggings. Fabletic’s leggings easily rival that of a pair of Lululemon Underwunders, which are expensive. Fabletics has wonderful prices for every product available.

Anything that isn’t selling well on Fabletics is taken down immediately. Member also can skip membership payments for the months they don’t want to buy anything. If anyone is interested in checking out what Fabletics has, take their lifestyle quiz.

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