The New EU GDPR and its Impacts in Fund Management Industry Explains by GoBuyside

It is already declared that the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR takes its force from May 25, 2018, and that would ensure uniform data protection rules in across every member of European Union. It is concluded that the regulations would significantly affect the companies around the world. When it comes to the absorption period of regulations, the companies have to assess their current approach to data protection, make gap analysis to understand the changing requirements and establish those changes to make it compliant to the new regulations by May 25. In a recent interview, an analyst from GoBuyside explained the implications of GDPR on the fund management sector.

With the implementation of GDPR, it is going to be concluded that personal data protection is becoming as the fundamental right to individuals by adopting a concept of privacy by default. The latest regulations rewrite the security obligations and principles of the current Data Protection Drive of EU region. The structure of the bill demands the controllers to introduce the needed technical measures, organization mechanisms and procedures by default to make sure that the data can only be processed per GDPR. Additionally, the regulations are giving more weight for accountability and transparency. Interestingly, processors as well as controllers are responsible and should demonstrate their compliance, whenever necessary.

While the current data protection rules focus on only data controllers that are designed and established in the EU region, GDPR applies to everyone who is operating in the region, confirms GDPR expert. Due to that reason, investment fund companies, AIFMs, management firms, distributors, depositaries, and fund administrators should consider their control over personal data, from investors to the employees of the business, to ensure that everything is working under the compliance of GDPR. The regulation would ensure full insight of personal information and data flows for the organizations.

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