Success Gives Michael Nierenberg A Fortune Of Over $42 Million

Success can be measured in many different ways for members of the financial industry, including the monetary rewards provided for the top earners on Wall Street. If one is measuring the success of Michael Nierenberg in purely monetary terms he would be seen as a major global success story. It has been estimated Michael Nierenberg has a personal fortune of over $42 million when looking at just the stock owned by the former Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearn’s investment group executive.

Michael Nierenberg has built his fortune through a long and distinguished career as a leading investment specialist with an interest in the residential real estate markets stretching back throughout his employment history. Among the roles undertaken by Michael Nierenberg in his career are those with Lehman Brothers which gave him his first success as a business leader. The success achieved by Michael Nierenberg began with his appointment to the development board of the adjustable rate mortgage sector of Lehman Brothers which proved a major success throughout the life of the company.

This initial grounding in the residential real estate business at Lehman Brothers began the interest of Nierenberg in this sector, which has shaped his career ever since. Over the course of his career, Michael Nierenberg has stepped into many different roles and investment brands with the unmatched success achieved in almost every role he has accepted. After spending seven years at Lehman Brothers and playing an instrumental role in the development of their residential real estate business, Michael Nierenberg moved on to Bear Stearn’s for over a decade. It was at Bear Stearn’s that Nierenberg took his first role as a member of the board of directors at the investment group from 2006 to 2008.

In the financial industry, the movement of the highest-performing executives is commonplace and is often seen as a sign of the success of an individual. In 2008, the achievements of Michael Nierenberg at Bear Stearn’s was recognized by Merrill Lynch who appointed him a member of its management committee. This role would attract the attention of New Residential Investments, who quickly snapped up Nierenberg as President and CEO of the residential real estate brand.

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