NuoDB: the Leading Provider of Cloud Database Solutions in the United States

NuoDB is a Tech Company based in Massachusetts. NuoDB was formed in 2008, and it pioneers in the provision of cloud database management services. This company was co-founded by two software executives, Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB’s chief executive officer is Bob Walmsley.

About NuoDB

NuoDB uses NewSQL database to access its cloud apps. This company renders services to clients, such as Kodiak, UAE Exchange, Dessault Systems, and Alfa Systems. Since its inception into the market, NuoDB has received numerous rounds of funding from various investors. In 2012, NuoDB was awarded $12 million in venture capital to fund its operations. Two years later, Morgenthaler Ventures and its associates gave $14.2 million to fund expansion strategies. Its third round of funding was worth $17 million, and it enabled the company to explore other profitable frontiers.

NuoDB works with a team of 85 experts experienced in matters of cloud database and operating systems management. Its executive team is made up of managers from companies, such as IONA Technologies, Object Design, StreamBase Systems, Iron Mountain, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and BroadVision. This company has patented various products with the US Patent &Trademark Office. It has other five products in different stages of the patenting process. NuoDB is among the best performing tech companies in the industry.

Eric Pulier – A Businessman With a Heart of Gold

Eric Pulier is a highly successful businessman who got his start in the world as an ambitious entrepreneur—and it worked.

Today Pulier is one of the most celebrated admired CEOs in the world.

He is currently in the software and tech industries. He’s also a genius entrepreneur, a published author and philanthropist.

Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984. Then he went to Harvard, where he would earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American literature. Since the day of his graduation, Pulier dedicated himself to helping disadvantaged people living in the streets as well as children afflicted with various medical issues, one of the main being malnutrition.

He didn’t simply bring in a box of canned goods, he used a new approach: the latest results of technological innovation, instruments and techniques which had likely never seen before in a remote country prior. By bringing state-of-the-art medical devices to countries whose people are desperate for medical care, Pulier and his team have saved or improved thousands of lives.

Pulier has worked with the Clintons, as he was once the executive director of Empire Leadership Council and served on the Clinton Global Initiative.

After Harvard, Pulier moved to Los Angeles—and it didn’t take him long to begin establishing helpful causes. People Doing Things was an organization whose mission was to promote and offer modern technological advances in the healthcare system as well as the education sector.

Pulier has made his mark in the technological world, founding 15 different companies.

Pulier sits on the Xprize Foundation’s board of directors. The board calls for a competition in which a competition is held to find the people whose brains can figure out the answer to an extremely complex issue facing society. Participants are asked to think and share their opinion about the matter at hand—almost like a town meeting or political debate, where each person’s argument is heard.

Pulier is on the board of directors for yet another organization, Painted Turtle. But this is a charitable organization that takes children who have chronic and/or serious illnesses and allows them to go to summer camp in Lake Hughes, CA.

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Beneful for Life

Beneful dog food isn’t just healthy, it tastes good! Because it’s made with real meats and grains, dogs get a flavorful variety packed with all the nutrients they need. Beneful keeps your dog happy and healthy. It really is for life. Beneful also has many different meals and treats. From wet food to dry food. From puppy to adult, even small dogs to very tall dogs. Beneful reaches all their loving customers with its diversity. Made with everything you would want to feed your pet anyways, except they’ve done the hard work for you. If you want your dog to enjoy their daily meals while still getting those deliciously packed ingredients meant just for them, Beneful Walmart is always going to be your first choice. Now all that’s left to do is stop at your nearest food store, view the many options they offer, and choose the best one and voila! Happy dog living a very healthy life.

Talk Fusion Rides High During Bob Reina’s Leadership

Bob Reina’s work with the company Talk Fusion has been almost impossible to miss over the better part of the past decade. Reina is, of course, the CEO of Talk Fusion and it has been his hard work and his hand on the wheel that has steered the company to so much success. Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communications focused company that has embraced the digital age with full aplomb. Reina knew how important video communication would be in the future and that allowed him to get in while others were still waffling on the concept. Nowadays you can’t have a company without a valid digital and video marketing campaign. Today we’ll dig into what makes Reina tick as well as what has led Talk Fusion to so much success. Learn more:

Talk Fusion was a concept that almost never happened at all and if it weren’t for one fortuitous meeting, likely would not have. Reina had been working the beat as a police officer when a chance meeting with a network marketing professional gave him the ideas and the inspiration to chase his digital dream of becoming his own boss while providing business changing solutions. Reina took this enthusiasm for his job prospects and poured it right into what would soon become Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Bob Reina says of Talk Fusion, “Success arrived pretty rapidly for us, because we created the right product at the right time.” These words, though simple, were an understatement. Bob Reina created products for Talk Fusion that he knew would see because he himself had needed them at a point prior. Reina started out by creating the Video Email marketing platform and that would be the flagship program to launch his company with. Reina spent the vast majority of his pre-launch time getting attention and building up enthusiasm for the project. Learn more:

After launch success was all about pushing forward and striving for more. Reina also cites his success with Talk Fusion to his utmost faith with the Talk Fusion product line. Reina says, “As a network marketer, I only sold products I believed in — products I could fully get behind and market with true excitement.” Learn more here:

How Rubica, Inc. has helped me since I was hacked

The word cybersecurity has been used in many instances, especially during this era of frequent cyber threats. Personally, when I was hacked, I lost valuable information from my computer. Therefore, I decided to embrace cybersecurity by hiring experts from Rubica, Inc. The company has been helpful to me since I was hacked through offering me their full-services to protect and prevent my devices from cyber threats.


The Benefits of Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is necessary to prevent devices from the increasing threats. Cyber crimes lead to loss of data, money, and productivity. Furthermore, I was a victim of identity theft when I was hacked. The severity of cybersecurity attacks by professional hackers calls for the implementation of cybersecurity measures. Lastly, cybersecurity is significant for future circumstances of cyber attacks since the cybersecurity industry is facing a struggle between limited financing and increased demand.


An Overview of Rubica


Rubica, Inc. is a renowned provider of security against cyber crimes and attacks. The company also protects individuals and businesses’ digital rights thus reducing chances of cyber crimes. Rubica offers full-service cyber security to devices including mobile phones, tablet, and computers.


Rubica is funded by leading technology investors including Upfront Ventures, Expa Labs, and Slow Ventures. The company has a team of skilled experts who help individuals and businesses to monitor their activities thus keeping their devices from cyber attacks. Additionally, Rubica incorporates private network, and human-assisted machine-learning technology protect and prevent cyber criminals’ attacks.

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What I Discovered About Betsy DeVos

Seeing as how Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education for the U.S., I thought I should at least know something about her. After all, I do want kids some day and the educational decisions made at the highest level will certainly affect them somehow. But even if you don’t have kids, it’s important to realize that the kids that are being educated now are going to make up the majority of the work force in the ages to come, so we should all want to know more about DeVos. Here’ what I found out. She has been an activist for educational choice for 30 years now. Starting off at Calvin College, the young Elisabeth Prince (maiden name) was active in campus politics. She hasn’t slowed down since. Since that time, she has led various campaigns, party organizations and even political action committees. Her contributions have ranged from giving her time, to bringing light to important issues, all the way to actually giving her own money. Read more about her philanthropy at

For example, she is the current Chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Other organizations she is actively involved in or on the board of are the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Children First America, American Education Reform Council, Kids First, Education Freedom Fund, Alliance for School Choice, and American Federation for Children. Talk about a pedigree! Clearly, she has a strong track record in the realm of education. She actually led a program that teaches leadership skills to teachers and it helped decrease the rate that lower-income students were cutting class by 30%. And it’s not just education that she is involved in. When working with the community, she has helped people get basic needs covered by working with faith-based organizations. For example, they helped homeless people get their driver licenses, get hired on to new jobs, enjoy social programs, a hot shower, meals, and even a roof over their heads. One such success story helped by DeVos is Mel Trotter, who went from being homeless to having an apartment in a little over a month.

It isn’t just giving time and helping in person that Betsy DeVos does. She also gives money in the form of donations to various groups. For example, she donated $7.5 million of her own money to match the Children’s Scholarship fund and help Michigan schools. The students were able to go on and get higher education degrees like their MBA in business. All in all, the DeVos family’s philanthropic efforts have resulted in over $1 billion. And in 2013 alone, they offered $90 million in charitable donations to various faith, education, and social based organizations, including the arts. Betsy DeVos surely impressed me with her background, and I’m glad to know our Secretary of Education really cares. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

Remarkable Information Concerning the Talented Technologist and Entrepreneur: Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur and technologist famous for the Internet of Things ideology. Additionally, he is a recurrent author and analyst on the latest technology trends. His articles are among the preeminent establishments on the direction where the new technology is heading. Hence, many people call him a futurist entrepreneur.

Hope’s zeal in latest technology advancements is a contribution to development of internet of things, in short IoT. His commentary on IoT has caused heads to turn on his skillful analysis of the IoT ideologies. Also, his passion for technology, which he believes is the driving forces behind changing the world, has made a contribution in his current 5G technology commentary.

Internet of Things

Jason Hope defines Internet of Things as an associated technology that allows a variety of devices to connect with each other. He further states that IoT includes tools used in daily life like cars, kitchen appliances, electronic devices and street lights. Additionally, he refers it as a trend that encapsulates capability of devices to attach using a similar network and carve up data to enhance efficiency.

According to Jason, IoT is likely to be the prevalent investment that several worlds’ largest companies will venture. He says that as the world major players in universal economy begin to cuddle the technology of IoT, it will become extra vital for other cooperations to catch up with their rate of knots. He further predicts the adoption of advanced technology by major world economy players will fuel the world in which nearly all possible devices can connect with each other.

5G Technology

Jason Hope with other futurist entrepreneurs is confident that the 5G technology will usher in a new age of rapid communication, better health and happiness. Hope states in his commentary that apart from the 5G technology being the next generation of mobile networks, it is an impressive technology for all people using internet connected devices. He predicts that 5G is an alternative of the 4G due to its quick speed and superiority.

Jason Hope

Hope originates from Tempe, AZ. He schooled at Arizona state university, a degree in finance. He further acquired MBA at Carey business school. He commenced his career by creating Jawa, a mobile communications company. His remarkable interest for technology has foreseen him advance mobile communications as his significant technological development.

Internet of Things and 5G commentaries are the two breakthrough successes in his profession. Apart from technology, he is a philanthropist as featured in his collaboration with the SENS foundation for developing new solutions in anti-aging. Jason is a legend to emulate due to his advanced involvement in several fields in life.

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Jim Tananbaum and His Contribution to Healthcare Sector

Mindstrong Health recently announced that they had come up with about 14 million US Dollars. This was made possible by several investors who included ARCH Venture and Foresite Capital. This was in a bid to support the organization’s platform of neuropsychiatric treatment and diagnosis. The platform is specially designed to carefully follow around and monitor the different similarities and pattern of interactions on the modern smartphone gadgets. By doing so, they will be able to come up with broad and meaningful parameters of brain function. This platform is aimed at giving and providing a biomarker of cognitive measure and also a biomarker for mood. All this will be made possible by processing certain factors such as speed, attention, memory, and executive function.

Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital in an earlier statement, said that he acknowledges the role which Mindstrong Health is playing in serving the community. He continues to say that the firm is ensuring that proper health care is provided to the patients who have psychological disorders. Through the coming together of three great and experienced people namely; Paul, Rick, and Tom who have a great technical vision in this field. The efforts are all aimed at providing best healthcare which is state of the art. This is made possible through the tracking of behaviors and different aspects in a patient as it’s done in cases of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Equal treatment is required in the treatment of the mental disorders. Visit Medium for more details.

Jim Tananbaum is the Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital Management. Jim has been a leader in investments for over 21 successful Companies including Amira Pharmaceuticals which was later acquired by a different investment franchise known as Bristol-Myers Squipp. Others include Amerigroup and also Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Jim Tanabaum had previously founded and also held the managerial position at GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a company which was later acquired by Genzyme for a price of about one and half billion dollars. Jim Tananbaum has a great academic background. He holds an M.D from the Harvard Medical School and a B.S.E.E from the reputable Yale University.

Jim Tananbaum has been a leading investor in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Currently, Foresite Capital has under his management recorded over 650 Million US dollars in assets. This makes Jim one of the greatest investors.



The Realization of Fabletics

Bringing a fashion company to light is a difficult process. Not only are there the dozen obstacles of starting and running a business, the fashion industry not a place for the weak. Currently, Amazon, a company that doesn’t even produce fashion, controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market.

Despite the challenges, Kate Hudson exploded onto the scene with Fabletics. Fabletics is a brilliant activewear brand. Within the first three years, Kate grew her company into a $250 million business. Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic to cater to each individual. Fabletics combines aspirational designs with convenience and membership features, making a powerful combination.

Another part of continuing Fabletic’s growth is mastering the art of high value. High-value brands used to be based on price and quality of the goods or services. As the economy shifted, giving more power to consumers, price and quality are no longer the sole determining factors. These days, people want more from their brands. The modern consumer wants things like better customer experience, last-mile service, and brand recognition.

Fabletics has also expanded into the physical world. The company’s strategy of opening physical stores is paying off big time. Even though it’s membership brand, it’s already planning on adding to its 16 stores.

The only obstacle stopping its immense growth is referred to as “showrooming”. People love shopping around in stores, but never buying anything until they get home and buy the products they want from somewhere online for cheaper. That’s one element of today’s economy that’s “killing” a lot of retail stores.

To combat that negative, Fabletics embraces the surrounding communities. By hosting events and other activities, Fabletic’s stores can get to know the local markets and build relationships. This allows each store to only stock their inventory with items that local members might buy.

In one non-sponsored reviewer’s opinion, Fabletics is totally worth it. The best part is the unexpected quality of a pair of leggings. Fabletic’s leggings easily rival that of a pair of Lululemon Underwunders, which are expensive. Fabletics has wonderful prices for every product available.

Anything that isn’t selling well on Fabletics is taken down immediately. Member also can skip membership payments for the months they don’t want to buy anything. If anyone is interested in checking out what Fabletics has, take their lifestyle quiz.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Oncotarget Is Bringing a New Type of Information to People

The internet is often thought of as a repository for all of humanity’s knowledge. This is true in one sense. But anyone with a background in science knows that it’s not that simple. The internet tends to focus on secondary or tertiary sources of information. One can find opinions about medical studies, for example. But quite often the actual studies themselves will be locked behind password protected subscription services. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

However, there are organizations which are working to change things for the better. Oncotarget is a medical journal which stands as an example of this change fitting in perfectly with established research models. The true value of this change in access might not be readily apparent to people who haven’t delved into medical research before. Anyone who’s tried to learn about cancer research will be more than familiar with just how important these changes really are.

One of the biggest differences in how Oncotarget handles things is that anyone can read the articles published within it. Normally journals can only be read if someone has a special and quite costly subscription. Most people assume that standard libraries will allow access to the medical databases that store research results. There are occasional exceptions to the rule. But for the most part the only libraries which allow access to standard journals are those located within a University system or hospital. And those institutions limit access to students and employees. This is a difficult situation for anyone who has cancer or cares about someone suffering from it. People want to have the latest factual information about cancer research. But most of that data is locked out of their reach.

That’s not the case with the Oncotarget journal though. Oncotarget is open access, and fully indexed within standard medical access systems. In practical terms this means that someone can look within a public facing index system for information about cancer research. If a study has been published in Oncotarget, the abstract will appear with information on what particular edition contains that data. From there one can freely access the study within the Oncotarget system. It’s an exciting step forward which allows people to come at their medical problems with an informed opinion. It also ensures that when treatment options are discussed that one can actually study the various steps involved with it. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.