The Fabletics S/S’ 16 Collection

Two words will always spring onto your mind whenever you think about the gym wear- they are drab and boring. Most of the garments that usually hang off you are always see through something which makes you feel uncomfortable in every way. However, this has managed to change over some time. Thanks to the brand new Fabletics, an active wear brand. Kate Hudson is the co- founder of Fabletics.
Kate Hudson, mother of two, iconic actress and a fashion tastemaker was definitely born to inspire others. In her fight to ensure support and motivate women to lead an active and healthy life, Kate decided to come up with a fashionable new line of mix and match outfits which you can always put on in your daily run, down at your gym or during your yoga class.
In making the line even more special, Kate decided to share all her favorite outfits just to be sure they are Kate approved. S/S’16 is made up of pieces which come in eye catching monochrome floral prints and geo patterns.
Actually, it is much easier to see the brand creating clothing which inspires one to stay active whether you are taking part in body condition class or training for a marathon. The on trend designs are high in quality, affordable which makes Fabletics to be more accessible to those who are on tight budget.
Yes, that’s not all. According to, Fabletics also allows the energized ladies to sign up to a VIP subscription service. There they can always opt out for a couple of months when you are not able to pay and even able to cancel it anytime. It is easy to get started, all you have to do is take a brief quiz which will help them in coming up with a personalized outfit recommendations that will be able to fit your style. You can read more on The Clothes Maiden.

The Co-CEO’s of JustFab Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler launched Fabletics together with Kate Hudson. This is after they managed to realize a gap in the active wear market place. Actually, there were lots of luxury brands though none of them managed to offer a high quality and stylish gear to a certain price. The three innovators decided to come together to develop Fabletics brand in 2013.
At Fabletics, clothes that inspire one to stay active are made whether it means taking part in an iron man competition, chasing after two kids or sweating in the studio.

What You Need to Know About Wen


Have you ever seen those commercials for WEN? You know, that product that claims to be an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment? If that doesn’t ring a bell, what about the commercials that feature beautiful models tossing around their luscious locks?

Well, last week I had the opportunity to try out this awesome product. While at first I was a little hesitant about putting this product I’ve never used before on my fine hair, I’m so glad I did. Wen had a way of turning my thin hair into something so much more than that. After using Wen, I was left with such voluminous hair. I honestly could not believe what happened.

For those who don’t know, Wen was originally created by Chaz Dean. Dean is a professional in the hair care industry that everyone looks up to. This man knows what he’s doing and it shows in this product. 

Remember, Wen is perfect for those individuals that love to shower and style their hair every morning. However, if you prefer to wash your hair the night before a big event, you may want to look elsewhere for a hair product. Instead of leaving you with the look you desired, consumers tend to feel that this product makes their hair look oily.

Of course, you need to try out WEN for yourself. When you do that, you can fully decide if this product gives your hair the boost of volume you want and need. Wen can be found in most stores or ordered online on Ebay for purchase. 

Personally, I could not be any happier with my decision to use Wen. For so long, I have been ashamed of my fine and unmanageable hair. Now, I don’t have to be. I can be truly proud of the way my locks look.

Kindness Appreciation From Skout’s Community

Welcome To Skout

I would like to be the first one to welcome you to Skout. If you have never tried it out for yourself, then you should know what you are missing. It’s easy to get involved, and you can sign up for free in a matter of minutes. Just try it out for yourself by downloading the application from the AppStore or Google Play Store. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people who live all over the world.

The best thing about Skout, in my opinion, is that you can connect with people wherever you go. If you are like me, then you are constantly traveling. Meeting people in a new city that you are visiting makes life so much more interesting because you will have someone to share the new experiences with. Skout is a great way to meet new friends. It is also a good way to meet romantic partners, but you can use it however you want. You get to say what you are interested in using Skout for when you sign up, and you can change your mind later. Users on Skout get to see your interests, and you can always go back and change your profile at a later point in time.

Kindness Appreciation Week Sponsored By Skout

Skout just recently showed us all how important kindness is to the world by taking a survey of their users for part of Random Acts Of Kindness Week. The week of celebrating the joys of showing kindness to strangers was from Frebraury 15 to February 20, but anyone anywhere in the world can take part in the experience of random acts of kindness whenever they feel like it is a good idea.

It’s always a good feeling when you show kindness to strangers. You are showing a part of yourself to them, and they will usually respond very positively. Kindness spreads like wildfire. In a recent poll from Skout’s user population, 51 percent of the users on Skout that were surveyed admitted to having done a random act of kindness on a daily basis. Skout surveyed 2,700 of their users, and they published the results on Uloop’s website, so you can check out the details for yourself. There are some interesting suggestions for kind acts, so feel free to take a look at Uloop’s articleto start feeling inspired.

Darius Fisher knows Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is the current president of Status Labs. Status Labs is a unique business designed for the modern, digital age. Fisher describes Status Labs as a “reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm.” Fisher has been in the eye of the business community most recently for his article about ways to improve worker satisfaction and reduce turn over.

He details a variety of methods used within his own company to increase the satisfaction of employees. The two most notable takeaways there are the introduction of a company newsletter, and the employment of a system of goals and rewards in order to incentivize achievement.

The rewards system encourages productivity and helps workers feel acknowledged for a job well done. Meanwhile the company newsletter keeps everybody in the loop, increasing a sense of cooperation and unity while decreasing the chances that employees will become frustrated by lack of information.

Status Labs is an interesting testing ground for these sorts of initiatives. Because it is firm that does most of it’s work primarily online it maintains a relatively small staff in one or two centralized locations. This means feedback is quick and management can work with employees on a one to one basis.

Fisher’s company is an online reputation manager. Their clients are both individuals, private businesses, and public organizations. They help their clients to combat undeserved negative press online by teaching them to take advantage of all possible avenues to get their own message into the public eye. This offers them a chance to rebuff online criticism and change the negative nature of a conversation.

As an example, if a company’s CEO or upper management is involved in some sort of scandal, either personal or professional it becomes a topic of note online. Even if that individual was fired, if the attention gained was large enough, every online search could open up pages and pages of negative opinions, burying the good name of an otherwise reputable company in bad PR. Status Labs trains companies and individuals to take a more active role in getting their own positive message out online.

Coriant: A Distinct Telecommunications Company

Coriant is a leading telecommunications company that supplies optical transport solutions and other network solutions to network operators, such as leading financial institutions and government agencies. The independent company, a subsidiary of Marlin Equity Partners, was founded in 2013. Earlier that year, Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks had partnered to launch the company. Coriant’s headquarters are found in Munich and Naperville, Germany and USA. With more than 3,000 employees in more than 100 countries, the company comfortably serves its customers who are spread across the world.

In addition to distinct transport solutions, Coriant provides edge routing solutions, intelligent network management, managed security service provider (MSSP) solutions and integrated optical planning solutions. Additionally, the company provides Optical LAN solutions, broadband solutions and managed cross-connect/TDM solutions. Using the latest, innovative and dynamic applications and technologies, such as Advanced Optical Transmission and Software Defined Networking (SDN), the company provides solutions to service providers, including cable MSOs, and mobile, fixed line, rural and submarine network operators; and enterprises, such as utility network operators and defense agencies. Coriant also sells its software and hardware to cloud and data center operators, such as CNPs, ICPs and CSPs.

The leaders of Coriant are Shaygan Kheradpir, Robert Leggett and Pat DiPietro who are the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Vice-chairman respectively. Shaygan, who currently serves as member of Cornell University Engineering Council, is the Chairman of the Board at Coriant. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, USA. The CEO was born on December 19, 1960 London. Shaygan 28-year executive experience cuts across a number of industries, including telecom, financial services and technology industries. Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed CEO of Coriant in September 2013 after working briefly with Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Partner.

Shaygan first worked as Chief Information Officer at GTE Corporation where he delivered new products in time. In 2000, GTE Corporation and Bell Atlantic joined forces to form Verizon Communications where Shaygan served as President of e-business division and Chief Technology/Information Officer. Working with a team of about 7,000 people, Shaygan developed FiOS fiber video optic and iobi. He later came up with a plan of reducing the company’s information budget by two percent of the total revenue. Kheradpir joined Barclay’s in January 2011 as Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank, and he was appointed the bank’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer in March 2013, eventually joining the bank’s Executive Team. The business and technology leader joined Juniper Networks as CEO in January 2014, and he helped the company cut costs by at least $160 million and developed a plan to return $3 billion to investors.

The Best Doctors In Texas

The great state of Texas just so happens to be the home of some of the United States’ best plastic surgeons. Dallas is home to Dr. Steve Byrd, the Director of Plastic Surgery at Children’s Medical Center, and the former president of the Dallas County Society of Plastic Surgery. Previously, Dr. Steve Byrd served as the president of the Rhinoplasty Society, which he co-founded. He is known around the globe for his skills in endoscopic face lifts. Additionally, Dr. Byrd has a wide array of experience including liposuction, body contouring, not to mention, rhinoplasty.

Another certified plastic surgeon who operates out of Texas is Dr. Camille Cash, who works hard for all of her patients in the city of Houston. Her speciality revolves around cosmetic surgery and breast augmentation. She is extremely personable and is committed to safety in the work place, and is commonly praised by her patient.

Dr. Rod Rohrich out of Dallas has been a plastic surgeon and a founder of new innovative techniques and procedures. He has facilitated the creation of a top-notch team focused on specific patient needs. Rohrich has previously lead several well-regarded plastic surgery networks. Formerly, he served as President of the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeon, and President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. At the moment, he is the President of the Rhinoplasty Society, helping facilitate the training for aspiring surgeons across the country.

Finally, and of note, there’s Dr. Jennifer Walden, board certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery, she is formerly educated in Cosmetic Surgery. Though she previously worked in New York City, Walden now calls Austin, Texas her home.

The esteemed physician is active in many prestigious organizations such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Additionally Dr. Walden works on the media side of things, with a position as a spokesperson for both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She is arguably the best plastic surgeon in the state of Texas.

Only The Best For Sheba


I have been working for Beneful for many years now and I have enjoyed every moment of my time there. One of the perks to working for this company is the discounts when I buy bags of dog food for my furry friend back at home. Even if I didn’t work for them, I would still purchase there products because of the affordable pricing and because my Sheba dog absolutely loves the taste of their food. Sometimes if he has had a good week and not chewed up any furniture, I will go out and buy him some treats that Beneful has. The great thing about this brand is that the variety of flavors and styles is endless. That is the main reason why I highly recommend Beneful to my friends.

The only other brand of dog food I have ever tried with Sheba is called Freshpet. Freshpet is a company that only uses fresh meat and produce for their food. This makes the refrigerated meals beyond tasteful and healthy for any dog. When I read up on the product before I bought it, the owner had said that he designed this style of food so that dogs could enjoy just as good of a meal as their owner. In today’s society everyone is trying to live an organic lifestyle, so creating dog food that is 100% natural is going to be a big hit amongst those people. Although I’m for Beneful all the way, I do tend to buy Freshpet as a special treat for Sheba once in awhile.

Some people would think I would get sick of being around the Beneful Factory to the point of me using a different brand for my dog. The truth is, I would never use anything but Beneful as my dogs main food source. I am hooked for life. Sometimes on my days off I even run a sample stand by dog parks where I allow the owners to come and grab a few treats for their dog. As we all know, owners know everything about their dog, so if they eat it up quick they will think their dog is in love and go out to buy that particular treat. This is a quick and easy way to help my work gain more customers even though they already have half the nation going crazy over it.



Mike Paul The Reputation Doctor To Serve In Advisory Capacity

Status Labs has reported that Reputation Doctor LLC President Mike Paul has accepted a position as a board advisor. Status Labs, based in Austin, Texas is a leading online character and reputation organization. Paul’s addition to Status Labs will bring strategic intuition and vision as the firm expands into the crisis administration and public reputation management sectors.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs’ President commented that Paul’s arrival, “Our advisors have already overcome many of the business challenges we face,” Fisher explained. “As a young entrepreneur leading a fast-growing company, I can learn a lot from those who have been in my shoes. Michael Paul has built one of the most successful crisis communications and reputation management practices in the world, and I look forward to having him join our board.”

Mike Paul is a recognized expert in government interaction and engagement, reputation administration, and organizational media and communications. He is known as “The Reputation Doctor.” Michael Paul is a recognized expert in government interaction and engagement, reputation administration, and organizational media and communications.As “The Reputation Doctor,” his resume of the last 25 years includes advising FEMA, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Kraft Foods, Pfizer and the United States Department of Justice. Michael Paul is often a guest commentator on TV news channels in the United States and abroad.

With offices in São Paulo and Austin, Texas, Status Labs is the premier online reputation management organization. It assists Chief Executive Officer’s, nationally recognized organizations, athletes, professional sports teams and the not so notable individuals and firms protect and maintain their online presence.

They are experts in social media and content marketing, search engine enhancement and public relations. Their success and reputation have been acknowledged in publications such The Daily Beast, New York Times, and US News and World Report.

Sergio Cortes: Zika Virus Linked Microcephaly Cases Spike in Brazil

In the early 1940’s the primary cases of zika virus infection first were recorded. The viral infection first started to appear in some African nations primarily in the nations of Uganda, Tanzania and the country of Sierra Leone. It would only take a few years time, reports Dr. Sergio Cortes, for the zika virus infection to make its way to the Asian continent, and nations like Thailand and India.
In 2015 many cases of zika virus infection started to show up in Latin American nations. The three countries at the forefront of zika virus cases were Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. A growing number of zika virus infections alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) which released warnings to the general public about the symptoms of zika virus infection and the possible detrimental health impacts particularly for pregnant women. My women were advised to delay pregnancy for more than a year because of the dangers posed by zika virus infection.

In April of 2015, the first cases of zika virus were reported in the nation of Brazil. From the month of April 2015 and forward, the frequency of zika virus reports started to increase exponentially in hundreds of Brazilian cities. This became of increasing concern to health care professionals who didn’t have much experience with zika cases and there are currently no known drugs to prevent infection. Dr. Sergio Cortes, says that symptoms of infection are generally mild and can be treated or pass on there own within a weeks time. However, doctors are the most concerned by the link between zika and microcephaly, and maybe with Guillain-Barré disorder. These disorders are typified by the defective formation of the skull and brain damage in the developing human fetus. Dr. Sergio Cortes describes Guillain-Barre syndrome as a neurological disease that is possibly identified with zika infection. A casual relationship between zika virus infection with microcephaly was announced by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Sergio Cortes is a trained medical doctor with a degree in medicine from the University Souza Marques. Dr. Cortes studied medicine both in Brazil, the United States of America and other several other international locations. Dr. Cortes has a wide range of extensive experience in the area of public health administration and has held distinguished roles such as Secretary General of Health. For more information you can visit his official website. You can also follow him on social media at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Take Advantage of Wikipedia with Get Your Wiki

Having a Wikipedia page can prove especially helpful for you and your company. The page instantly gives an air of credibility to your company, as people are going to see this online and instantly assume you have a bit more importance than maybe what they originally thought. Of course, anyone is able to make a Wikipedia page, which is nice, but it means the company does need to maintain a very strict adherence to formatting. When you have gone to a Wikipedia page, you probably have found that every single page reads the same and looks the same. In fact, if someone told you every single page was written by the same person behind the scenes, you’d probably believe it just because of the style consistency. However, that of course is not true. Nobody is going to have the time to create hundreds of millions of pages on their own time. It simply means you need to follow through with the very specific Wikipedia requirements, and if you don’t, your page is going to be rejected. 

These specific requirements are actually rather wide. It needs to be lined up properly, it needs to be sourced in a very specific way, it needs to have a certain tense and come across without any kind of tint or lean. Due to this, if you are creating a product page for your company, you are not able to say it is better than other businesses out there. You can use and talk about awards, but outside of this, you are not able to recommend the product. This can be rather tricky to do on your own as you are going to want to include all of your personal insights to the product. What are you suppose to do when creating a full, extensive page on your company? You don’t want to spend all of this time on the product page, only to have it rejected by Wiki. That is why you need to turn to Wiki writers for hire through the service, Get Your Wiki. This is a professional creative Wikipedia writing service that is able to produce your necessary content and make sure everything is up to par when you hire Wikipedia writers through their company. These Wiki writers have experience with everyone from high-profile clients to regular Joe’s.

When the company writes your pages, they take the information you give them and format it properly. Everything is going to look just as it should, which means it will be approved by Wikipedia faster and go live. All of this works out best for you thanks to Get Your Wiki.

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