Top Four Beneful Products for Puppies

Pets are part of the family, and we love them. They love us, and they trust us to take care of them. As pet owners, we want to do the best we can for our four-legged family members. This means feeding them the best foods we can find. What we feed them when they are young can set the course for the rest of their lives, so we want to make sure they get the very best from the beginning. Purinastore‘s Beneful products can help take care of that.
Healthy Puppy

Made with real farm-raise chicken complimented by whole grains and vegetables, this dry food contains all the ingredients our young pup needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beneful Healthy Puppy has always been my go-to for my pups as soon as they’re ready for dry food.

Rice and Lamb Stew

Beneful wet foods are an excellent addition to any dog’s diet, but are particularly good for young puppies, whose jaws and teeth may not yet be ready for the task of chewing dry food. Beneful’s Rice and Lamb Stew provides complete nutrition in a tasty package to keep our pup healthy. Go to:

Healthy Smile Dental Twists

Keeping our pup healthy includes taking care of his teeth. Beneful’s Dental Twists reduce plaque and tartar build up, leaving our pup’s teeth healthy and his breath smelling fresh.

Baked Delights Stars with Bacon and Cheese

Who doesn’t love bacon? A shortbread treat stuffed with the flavors of bacon and cheese, these star-shaped treats are a favorite for our pup.

I have used these Beneful products for every one of my dogs. I worked as a kennel tech in a pet store for a while, and we fed our dogs Beneful then, too. We trusted the brand to keep the animals healthy, and we were never disappointed. Beneful is available online via Amazon.

Grade School: It’s Not Just For Children Anymore

One useful insight into how children learn has recently been brought to our attention by Carol Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

Dr. Dweck’s research, resulting in what is referred to as growth mindset, proved conclusively that children welcome a challenge to learn when they come to understand that their brains are flexible and can grow and develop.

Growth mindset de-emphasizes the more traditional confidence-building praise for being smart and focuses more on encouragement for making a good effort, developing good strategies and continuing to show improvement.

Of equal importance is that this insight can be an exemplary learning aid for teachers trying to build student confidence and laying a foundation for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Many teachers, with the help of the latest technology and the Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS), might be finding solutions to difficulties they are having in bringing this encouragement home to their students.

The possible solution is a series of animated videos developed by the ed-tech company, ClassDojo, a communication platform that unites teachers, parents and students in a shared environment of connection and empowerment. The students learn and the parents learn how and what their children are learning, while the teacher shares text, photos and videos throughout the process.

Noting that most ed-tech companies focused on creating test platforms, grade books or a digital-based curricula, ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011 with the hope of developing a simple app that could be instrumental in creating community among teachers, parents and students.

The ClassDojo videos(5 in all) feature cartoon characters that students are already familiar with and each video is 2-3 minutes in length. Titles include A Secret About The Brain, The Magic Of Mistakes, The Power Of “Yet”, The Mysterious World Of Neurons and Little By Little.

Both PERTS and ClassDojo are closely observing the interaction and feedback from these video presentations. Because ClassDojo can track user involvement with their tools, the researchers at PERTS will be able to see what effects the students might experience as well as the impact on teachers and parents and the classroom community as a whole.

There will be a lot of data to explore. ClassDojo reports that it is being used in more than half of U.S. schools and 180 countries.


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Skout Eased Me Out Of One Relationship And Into Another

I was crying my eyes out after having a long and drawn out argument with my boyfriend, and I knew that it was over for good this time. I always believed in getting right back on the horse, so I started dating again within a couple of weeks of my breakup. I had family members and friends as well as complete strangers introducing me to people to get me to go out on dates. I got to where I was sick of dating, and I decided that I was going to take it down a notch and maybe just go online and look for dating sites.

My intention when I went onto the dating sites was not necessarily to look for a date but to look for someone to talk to because I wanted someone who could reach me on an intellectual level. I ended up bouncing from one dating site to another until I found the Skout network, which made all the difference because of how big the network is. I’ve used a lot of dating networks in the past, but the Skout network takes the cake because of how different it is. A lot of people go to the Skout network to date but also to find friends.

I had no problems finding friends on Skout, especially since I was getting one request after another from people who had simply seen my profile picture. Speaking of my profile picture, it didn’t take very long to create a profile and to post a picture, and within a few minutes, I was ready to mingle on the Skout network. I also love the fact that I didn’t have to add a credit card just to go on the Skout network and talk to people or to start dating. I had so many people contacting me that I had to add many of them to my favorites list. Download Skout:

After spending a month on the Skout network, I came up with a list of ten different guys that I was interested in, and I was finally able to narrow down the list to three guys that I wanted to court. I dated all three guys and finally settled on one guy, who is in the same field of work as I am, and I really think it will work out between the two of us. I never knew that Skout could be so beneficial to my dating life.

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Beneful dog food: For owners who want to treat their pets right

Of all the dog food brands on Wal-mart, I’ve found Beneful dog food by Nestle Purinastore to be the best for my dogs. With a wide array of reasonably priced dry and wet dog food, and a number of dog snacks my pets really appreciate, I can safely say that Beneful is my choice for dog food.
One of the Beneful brands my dogs like the most is the Beneful Chopped blend wet dog food with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. As well as being incredibly affordable, It uses all-natural ingredients that my dogs can’t get enough of.

My dogs also love the Beneful Playful Life brand of dry dog food. While the wet dog food is great for treating my dogs, I’ve found the dry dog food to be great at getting them on a good diet. With a combination of real beef and eggs, it gives them the protein they need to be as playful and as hyper as they want.

When I think my dogs need a bit of variety and excitement in their diet I like to reward them with the Beneful Tuscan style medley brand of wet dog food. My dogs start going crazy every time they see I’m about to serve some up, since it’s such a tasty and rare treat.

Finally, when I like to really treat my dogs I give them a single Baked Delights Hugs apiece. I only give it to them on really special occasions, but when I do they act like their taste buds have gone to doggy heaven!

Beneful’s wide array of dog foods and treats [] suit my every need. When I buy Beneful dog foods I appreciate their low prices, and my dogs appreciate their selection of healthy and delicious dog food.

How Do People Get Online With

Recode is saying that FreedomPop has come out with the SIM global hotspot. It is something that people are going to carry around when they need to get online, and it is going to be very important for all these people to pay the fee up front at $49.99. They can get it for $99.99 after that, and they can turn it on when they need to.

The FreedomPop SIM is something that people use when they are on the run, and it is a good tool for someone who is in a bad place for a signal. There are a lot of places where there is no good signal, but the signal can be picked up when they are on the SIM global hotspot. The SIM global hotspot is going to be much easier for people to use because they sign on automatically, and they are going to be on it free after they buy the first time.

People will be able to use the system when they want to get online, and they do not have to run it through their phones. They can use a FreedomPop phone if they want to, and they will also be able to use the system when they know that they need to get better results. It is pretty remarkable how much people need to get online, and they can get online faster if they are on the SIM global hotspot.

FreedomPop is going to release it to more countries in the future, and they are going to make sure that they keep raising money to help people get online. Getting online should be easy, and everyone who is using the hotspot is going to be easier to manage. The signal will be very strong, and FreedomPop will be there to keep the Internet service on.,2817,2498185,00.asp

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Food Riots in Venezuela

As just reported in an article by The Guardian, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has resulted in various food riots around the country. report that Venezuelans have not been able to buy meat within the country for over a month now. Lines for the purchase of food supplies are extremely long and often leave Venezuelans empty handed.
Even though the country has a massive amount of oil resources, expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks there are still repeated shortages of food, energy and medicine throughout the country. Opponents of President Maduro blame the administration for poorly managed price controls and a lack of a comprehensive economic policy. Because of the widespread unrest and riots in Venezuela, there are loud calls for an opposition government to oust President Maduro as quickly as possible. There have been 2,138 official protests during the first few months of this year alone. President Maduro seems undeterred by all of the unrest and clings to power despite many challengers.

In addition to concerns over the lack of food, medicine and energy, many Venezuelans are worried about the violence that will result from protests and riots. As there continues to be no real plan on how to right the country’s current path, demonstrations are growing increasingly violent in recent weeks. Violent crime rates are on the rise all throughout the country. Many Venezuelans are resorting to stealing food in order to feed their families.

Madison Street Capital Takes the Lead On Asset Management

Madison Street Capital’s asset management division has been growing exponentially since the company was first founded. Not only has the division grown in regard to its assets, but in the number of clients they do business with. This continued growth since launch and increasing assets are an indicator of how well the company is progressing. Their assets include financial assets, intellectual property, and human capital. Their is a systematic process behind asset management, as it is essential for the overall stability and growth of any business. The services offered at Madison Street Capital include maintenance, deployment, operations, and upgrading of assets within their division for asset management. They humbly strive to provide innovative asset management solutions at an affordable rate to the entirety of the business market.

Since opening its doors, Madison Street Capital has assisted clients with professional capital management to help them achieve the absolute highest returns on their finances. As with all clients working with Madison Capital, their services are geared towards increasing the output of assets. Madison Capital strives to reach each customer and provide them with the the best financial management services. The company even released a video on Youtube that shows the inspiration behind wanting to improve the total assets of their customers and help the receive higher returns and profits annually. With an optimally designed system for asset management that helps other clients and businesses grow, while cutting down on their costs for financial management services. The services provided by Madison Capital are designed to be easily accessible for its clients. This ensures that all customers can quickly and easily monitor the assets under management and the current progress.

Based on a report from Bloomberg, Madison Street Capital is highly recognized within the business industry by their top-notch management services that other management firms can’t compete with in terms of scope and price. Madison Capital also offers other services based around investment banking and capital restructuring as well as valuation services. This means their clients can entrust all their business needs to a single trustworthy provider. Within the middle market sector is where the company serves the majority of its client base and is very well established. The folks over at Madison Capital say the company will continue to be at the disposal of its clients with the best asset management services for years to come.

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Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

Talk Fusion is Doing What No One Would Have Ever Guessed Could Be Done

Don’t tell Bob Reina “no.” That has be what the millions of customers that are Talk Fusion users must be thinking as they hear the story of his career. America Online told him that he could not send a video clip to a friend through email. It wasn’t that the company was trying to stifle his progress. At that time he was not an entrepreneur. His foot was planted in the field of law enforcement, and he just wanted to see if this could be done. Many years later, Talk Fusion customers are sending video emails and doing much more with the Bob Reina software.

I believe I admire Reina because he had so many things against him, but he pushed on. He was not a technology major in college. That was obviously strike one for someone that would someday form a technology company. Reina had already been told that the thing that he was working on what not something that could be done. That was strike two. He could have lost all of his money trying to prove someone wrong after they had already told him he was fighting a losing battle. Then, on top of all of this, he was competing in an industry were video communication software already had dominant players with more money to spend. Video conferencing is done by major companies like Apple and Cisco.

He had all of these strikes against him, and I think that Bob Reina could have easily struck out completely. He stayed the course though. He was rooted in the belief that he was doing something that needed to be done. Bob was certain that he was not the only one that had this dilemma. Reina wanted to do something about it, and he would not rest until the Talk Fusion brand was developed.

Right now it seems like something that was simple, but there had to be a lot of hard days. Bob had to spend a lot of time proving himself to those that did not believe in the beginning. This would really inspire me as an entrepreneur.

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Videos Compel Customers In A Way Regular Text Communication Cannot Do

As the internet continues to grow at an alarming rate and attention span to writing continues to shrink. Thus, use of video emerges as the most effective method to engage an audience. According to a study conducted by Relevancy Group, putting a video in email marketing campaigns can increase revenue by 44%.

The research indicates that embedding a video in an email increase open rate by 20% and click-through rates up to 2-3 times. Moreover, putting a video in an email provide instant gratification, provide a means to express your brand more effectively, and it is more time efficient in comparison to text. As the old saying goes, if a picture worth thousands of words, then a video worth millions of worse, this is according to Forrester Researcher, Dr. James McQuivey.

The largest pioneer of video email is Talk Fusion, an online video content provider based in Florida. The company has been as the eighth most popular and largest video content provider in the world. It was founded back in 2007, after Bob Reina the CEO and the founder attempted to embed a 10-second video in an email to a friend. Bob was baffled that he could not, he tried to seek out for help from America Online, but he was told it not possible. Mr. Reina did not give up, with help from an IT-savvy friend, the achieved what was seemed to be impossible. Reina perfected the art of putting videos into emails and later founded the Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion deal with professional video emails that include color effects, pictures, and graphics. The videos are designed to be crystal-clear and deliverable. Besides, the company offers video templates and a library of professionally recorded video that can be privately labeled at competitive pricing.

For a long time, video email processing has been very intimidating, but with Talk Fusion, it is very easy to use in every situation or occasion imaginable. Users have the option of creating their video or chose from over 1000 templates. If you are in the online marketing business, you should consider video emails as a very powerful tool. Video compel your prospects in a way ordinary text communication cannot do.

Telecommunications Company, Coriant, and Its CEO Shaygan Kheradpir


Coriant was launched on May 6th 2013 after its separation from Marlin Equity Partners. It is a telecommunications company. The company is headed by Shaygan Kheradpir as its Chief Executive Officer and Pat DiPietro as its Vice Chairman. The company is part of the bigger Transmission Department of Siemens Technology. It was also part of Nokia Siemens Network. Coriant basically deals in hardware and software products. These products are used to enhance cloud technology that is ordinarily used for the day to day running of businesses. They basically cover voice, data and mobile networks across the globe. Its products are majorly Intelligent Network Management, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Packet Optical Transport Solutions, MSPP Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions, and Optical LAN & Broadband Access.

Government agencies, financial institutions, content providers and fixed line providers are amongst the clients of Coriant. They are usually trained and educated on the use of the products that are regularly innovated by Coriant. Through this, Coriant ensures that its clients regularly get the very best in terms of products and services and they know what to expect. The company has employed and employs a team of individuals who are highly skilled in matters of software creation, development and maintenance. It seeks to provide learning and job opportunities and it regularly reviews job applications through its online application platform. The company boasts of having over 3000 employees. The technology that Coriant uses is from Siemens Optical Networks (NSN ON), Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. One can access more details about the Coriant through its website .

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently appointed the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir who is a graduate of Cornell University with a Ph.D, Masters and Bachelor’s degree is an instrumental addition to the company. He is known for some of the best software innovations such as the FIOS which he created while working at Verizon and the Integrated Operating Plan that he came up with prior to leaving Jupiter Works for Coriant.

He is well versed in matters to do with financial structure, software innovations and telecom infrastructure. This is heavily attributed to the twenty years he has worked in the technology world with wide experience in cloud innovations. Shaygan Kheradpir is currently a member of the Advisory Board of U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is one of the top celebrated business men in the world.

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