Only The Best For Sheba


I have been working for Beneful for many years now and I have enjoyed every moment of my time there. One of the perks to working for this company is the discounts when I buy bags of dog food for my furry friend back at home. Even if I didn’t work for them, I would still purchase there products because of the affordable pricing and because my Sheba dog absolutely loves the taste of their food. Sometimes if he has had a good week and not chewed up any furniture, I will go out and buy him some treats that Beneful has. The great thing about this brand is that the variety of flavors and styles is endless. That is the main reason why I highly recommend Beneful to my friends.

The only other brand of dog food I have ever tried with Sheba is called Freshpet. Freshpet is a company that only uses fresh meat and produce for their food. This makes the refrigerated meals beyond tasteful and healthy for any dog. When I read up on the product before I bought it, the owner had said that he designed this style of food so that dogs could enjoy just as good of a meal as their owner. In today’s society everyone is trying to live an organic lifestyle, so creating dog food that is 100% natural is going to be a big hit amongst those people. Although I’m for Beneful all the way, I do tend to buy Freshpet as a special treat for Sheba once in awhile.

Some people would think I would get sick of being around the Beneful Factory to the point of me using a different brand for my dog. The truth is, I would never use anything but Beneful as my dogs main food source. I am hooked for life. Sometimes on my days off I even run a sample stand by dog parks where I allow the owners to come and grab a few treats for their dog. As we all know, owners know everything about their dog, so if they eat it up quick they will think their dog is in love and go out to buy that particular treat. This is a quick and easy way to help my work gain more customers even though they already have half the nation going crazy over it.