Learning Redefined by the ClassDojo App

Learning Redefined by the ClassDojo App

Nowadays, there is almost an app for nearly every activity and teaching has not been left behind. However, when Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don developed ClassDojo, little did they know they would get more than they had bargained for? Teachers using the app have reaped benefits that were initially not part of the deal. So what’s the buzz all about ClassDojo and how has it transformed the teaching and learning experience? Let’s take a dive in and take a look at that.

In as much as teachers may spend most of their day interacting with students, they tend to feel ‘lonely’ as they have no time to interact with their peers. And the thing is, it’s pretty hard to change this. Or is it? As one teacher discovered, with the use of ClassDojo, it opened up a new world of community and connecting with people. Stephanie Smith, an instructional technology coach, involved with the Rutherford County Schools, found in Murfreesboro Tennessee, realized that using the app helped transform her lonely days as she was surrounded by friends who supported and cheered her on.

ClassDojo is a communication platform, and Stephanie and her students used it in sharing messages, photos, and videos with their families on the ongoing activities at the school, and this helped strengthen the classroom community. Also, the activities and the videos were a starting point for conversations to such skills as empathy and teamwork which are essential for growing kids. Such discussions helped create a positive culture.

The ClassDojo community is also large with tens of thousands of teachers globally, and this community lends to the teaching experience. Online colleagues come up with new and innovative resources which they share with each other and also push each other to be better teachers.

The developers of ClassDojo intentions for the app were that it would help create a positive culture with the teachers encouraging the students in skills and values. It would also help students have a voice by showcasing and sharing their learning experience through photos and videos. Finally, It would get the parents engaged in the classroom activities.