Jason Hope: Blockchain, AI and Cloud Computing

Jason hope is one of the most prominent futurists in the United States of America. He is well known for picking technological trends that have experienced success in the markets before their widespread implementation. He has recently given some predictions on technological trends for the year 2018.He is most interested in the growing network of interconnected devices and people known as the Internet of things. It is projected that over $770 billion will be spent on the Internet of things this year alone. As the network continues to grow not only in size but in influence as well security will become more of a concern. In fact, just last year the demand for security solutions in the IT world grew by over 100%.

Jason believes that to meet this new demand for security solutions one technology will reign supreme. Blockchain technology is most popularly used in cryptocurrencies; however, this is not the only use for the technology. At its core blockchain technology is simply a distributed decentralized immutable ledger system. It keeps a publicly accessible record of all transactions, but it is not stored in a central location which minimizes the security risks. The blockchain technology uses cryptographic processes to create a decentralized control system. This allows incredibly strong protection against data tampering and interference.As people are growing more accustomed to using Siri on their phones artificial intelligence will continue to play a larger and larger role in the world. Artificial intelligence allows the creation of innovative and intuitive programs.

The Internet of things harvests a vast amount of information and using artificial intelligence this information can be analyzed in real time that can allow for simplified decision-making processes in large companies. Together with blockchain technologies in cloud computing, these will revolutionize the infrastructure of technology companies. It will create a reliable and secure communication channel between devices and people on the network.New models of business will be developed as the Internet of things merges with other technologies. For example, in a factory, a machine may be able to detect an issue before it becomes a costly mistake. This will improve a company’s operational efficiency and can help them with their bottom line. The Internet of things continues to grow and companies will be able to implement large-scale changes much faster rather than incremental improvements over a long period of time because of it. The combined power of blockchain technology, AI, and cloud computing is going to give entrepreneurs a leg up in innovation.