Investing Advice from Richard Dwayne Blair

Investing is less complicated than many people believe. One of the most important aspects of reaching a financial goal is merely staying consistent. Few people have the patience to remain committed to a goal over time. Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment professional who firmly believes in helping other people. A lot of people have worked with Richard in the past. He currently works for Wealth Solutions as a financial planner. He has written a lot of online content related to investing. Anyone who wants to take their investments to a new level should consider working with him.


One of the most common financial issues for people is debt. The vast majority of people in the United States have a tremendous amount of consumer debt. The average credit card debt has doubled in just the past few years. As the economy continues improving, many people are more comfortable with borrowing money.

Richard Dwayne Blair recommends that people pay down all of their consumer debt. Building wealth with a significant amount of consumer debt is stressful. Another major problem related to debt is student loans. Few people understand how hard it is to pay off student loans after graduating from college. With the rising cost of college, more people than ever are graduating with student loan problems.

Investing in the Stock Market

Richard Dwayne Blair has invested in the stock market for decades. During his career, he has lived through boom and bust cycles. He tells people to invest a certain amount of money each month, no matter what the performance of the stock market is currently. People who try to time the market rarely succeed. Instead, these people end up losing money by buying and selling at the wrong times.

Richard is proud of his work as a financial planner. He has helped numerous people reach their financial goals over the past few years.