Infinity Group Australia Scaling Greater Heights In Finance Management

Born over two decades ago, Graeme Holm had a dream to achieve, and nothing would stop him. Growing up, he experienced financial constraints given that his parents were from a humble background. In what may seem to have been his motivation, Holm developed a soft spot for matters finance. This would later be the stepping stone towards a remarkable dream career. Equipped with over 17 years of experience in the banking industry, Graeme Holm has scaled up his way to the MBA Top 100 Brokers in Australia.


On May 2012, Graeme Holm and his beautiful wife established Infinity Group Australia, a financial company with its base in Sydney, Australia. Their vision was to enable people from all walks of life in Australia to manage their finances in a bid to ensure that their future was well taken care of. With many Australians trapped by the inability to manage their finances and the murky waters of debts from all corners, Infinity Group Australia came in handy to set them free.


Graeme Holm set out on a six-month-long journey to carry out in-depth on the challenges facing the mortgage market in Australia. Through the research, he realized that the financial institutions in Australia were not offering quality services to their clients, owing to the ever skyrocketing rise in the number of locals unable to budget their finances. Under Infinity Group Australia, clients are freely engaged in their day to day financial activities and can generate a monthly report on their performance.


Given that most locals live from hand to mouth, Infinity Group provides financial guidance that enables clients to pay off their loans in three months compared to the twelve months they previously took. With their coaching expertise, Infinity Group has facilitated the repayment of home loans in 7-10 years, a shorter period compared to the 30-year plan they would otherwise take. Graeme reiterates on the need for teamwork and collaboration as the key to success as different people rake in different ideas that help steer the company and its services in the right direction. Excellent customer service has been the sole foundation on which Infinity Group Australia stands since they stop at nothing to offer superior services to their loyal customers. The Customer Experience Management Award that they scooped in 2018 confirms this.


In a move that has won the hearts of many, Infinity Group Australia engages in community-based programs by sponsoring charity to a tune of $30,000 and giveaways including a brand new Jeep.

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