Herbalife Nutrition Actively Saving Lives

A total of 120 United States centers for blood donation will receive donations of Protein Deluxe Bars from Herbalife again. The American Red Cross runs the centers which will get over 280,000 of the bars as a result of the donation. The retail value is half a million dollars, this will make the fourth years that this generous gift has been gotten from Herbalife Nutrition.

Herbalife Has History of Helping

Herbalife 24 sports products and Formula 1 protein shakes are what the company is famous for but they have a tradition of helping the humanitarian efforts of the American Red Cross that spans decades. The Protein Bars provided contain 10 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein which provides a nutrient balance allowing the blood lost during donation to be replenished quickly. The bars also contain vitamins B2 and B6 which help to replenish the lost red blood cells.

The Protein Bars Themselves

Dark Chocolate, high in iron, is in some of the Herbalife Protein Deluxe bars, this is a micronutrient that helps with the replacement of blood after donations. They are also a nice way to thank those who donate blood. The protein bars also make a good snack to eat while going about the daily routine making it easier to get back to your day after a blood donation. They are also good for getting your energy back after a workout.

Herbalife is Involved

Herbalife Nutrition has hosted over 50 blood drives in its offices. This includes the Los Angeles headquarters, distribution centers, and two of the innovation and marketing facilities. The company also has a bloodmobile van operating in Southern California. The efforts of Herbalife are estimated to save more than 25,000 lives a year.

Encouraging The Community to Give Back

Herbalife encourages everyone from those associated with the company to its customers to make blood donations if they can. Herbalife encourages those who are not close to one of the centers they have for donation to go to the blood drives hosted by the American Red Cross locally. There are over 8,000 Herbalife employees, millions of distributors and customers making their efforts powerful.

Herbalife recognizes the importance of blood donation to save lives and does everything possible to aid in the efforts.