Freedom Checks Legitimacy is Proven by Frontrunner Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali first ticked the map in 2008. A noted and experienced geologist, Badiali decided to invest in natural resources stocks during the ’08 stock market crash. What happened was history. He bought stocks at six cents per, and then turned around and sold them for $2.64 each in 2010. The return profit was calculated at 4,400 percent. This was huge and made Matt Badiali’s career. Now he travels the world visiting various locations to interview CEOs and vet natural resource operations. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill and is rated among the best investment strategists in the world. Why is this important? Because the question, “who is Matt Badilai”, is usually the first thing asked when investors consider a freedom check.

Badiali first debuted freedom checks about a year ago. He filmed a popular commercial that left many people confused. The ad boasted huge returns, and even featured Badiali holding fat checks up to the camera. The problem is it never fully explained what freedom checks are. As many outside the investment spectrum did not know who Badiali was, he became the subject of their initial search. They quickly discovered his legitimacy which begged a new a question, “if Badiali is legit, does that mean freedom checks are too?”

The answer is yes. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in Master Limited Patnerships. These are privately held companies that operate as publicly traded entities through the sale of stakes. Freedom checks are return of capital payments. They are given to stakeholders because their purchase of a stake provides the company with working capital. Stateside natural resource businesses operate as MLPs to take part in a massive tax break. The break is a reward for bolstering U.S. energy independency. Stakes operate just like stocks. They grant a percentage of the company to the buyer, and when the company pays out a percentage of that amount comes to the buyer. The difference here is that to take part in the tax break MLPs must dispense with 90% of their revenue. This allows the returns to be significantly higher than a normal stock investment.

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