Fortress Investment Group Predicted To Thrive Under SoftBank

In early 2017 Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank announced some big news for both of the companies. Recently, the founder of SoftBank decided that he wanted his tech giant to become a big name in the world of finances and believed that purchasing Fortress would be a great start to his plans. Fortress is one of the most well-known names in alternative asset investing and they have been making waves in the industry for years. This reputation is one of the reasons why Softbank’s CEO Masayoshi Son has so much faith in this transaction and believes that it will bring great opportunities despite what any critics have to say about it.


After Fortress Investment Group went public, they started a trend on Wall Street as many other institutions took the chance as well after they found success with it. At the time, going public was able to benefit their company in many ways, but as the market changes so do businesses. A lot of companies would be disheartened at being taken off of the NYSE, but Fortress believes that with all of the new regulations in place it is the best thing for their company. Visit


This purchase by SoftBank gave Fortress Investment Group a chance to be delisted and they believe this move will allow them to make much better decisions for their company’s future. When a company is public, one of their main concerns is the opinions if the shareholders. When public companies were forced to start releasing quarterly reports, it made it difficult for many of them to complete long-term projects as they weren’t beneficial for numbers immediately.


This purchase by SoftBank was completed at the end of 2017 and Fortress Investment Group is settling into these changes quite well. While the company may have an owner, they are still being able to operate in a manner that is almost identical to what it had been before. The principals and leaders of the company have shown that they are strong leaders and capable of making good decisions for their clients and company. SoftBank is looking forward to being able to use their expertise in their growth. Visit