ClassDojo Has Greatly Improved The Available Communication Between Parents And Teachers

There are a great many parents out there that are unable to stay very involved with their children’s activities in school, usually this is because they have work and errands to do throughout the days. Since communication has never been strong in schooling, this is problematic for students, especially the ones that need encouragement and more engagement to build their confidence. Thanks to the release of ClassDojo several years ago, this has been turning around quite a bit in schools all across the United States. Their educational platform is based around improving communication between all parties in the schooling environment, this way students will feel more encouraged and confident in performing well.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the founders for ClassDojo, got their inspiration for the company after traveling around to different schools and seeing the conditions they were in. Now, with the use of ClassDojo, teachers are able to constantly engage their students and post up fun things on the class board for students. Any special classroom moments that happen throughout the school year, can be kept on the story board.

Parents can especially take good use of the ClassDojo platform, as it finally allows them to check in on their children while they are in school. They are able to keep track of their progress and how they are doing on their classwork as well as how they are behaving day in and day out. There is not much need for the old parents teacher conferences or phone calls for parents to stay updated, because teachers can use the platform to stay in direct and immediate contact at all times. Parents can regularly check up on holidays and events, and never miss out on important school information.

ClassDojo only launched roughly 5 years ago, and they have already grown a great deal in size. Their platform has managed to make its way into more than two thirds of the schools throughout the entire country and it has even been spreading to other countries as well. Without charging anything for the program, ClassDojo is still updating their application and adding new features. Some of their features cost money, though they are completely optional and are just a form of raising money for the continued expansion of the platform into the future.