Food Riots in Venezuela

As just reported in an article by The Guardian, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has resulted in various food riots around the country. report that Venezuelans have not been able to buy meat within the country for over a month now. Lines for the purchase of food supplies are extremely long and often leave Venezuelans empty handed.
Even though the country has a massive amount of oil resources, expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks there are still repeated shortages of food, energy and medicine throughout the country. Opponents of President Maduro blame the administration for poorly managed price controls and a lack of a comprehensive economic policy. Because of the widespread unrest and riots in Venezuela, there are loud calls for an opposition government to oust President Maduro as quickly as possible. There have been 2,138 official protests during the first few months of this year alone. President Maduro seems undeterred by all of the unrest and clings to power despite many challengers.

In addition to concerns over the lack of food, medicine and energy, many Venezuelans are worried about the violence that will result from protests and riots. As there continues to be no real plan on how to right the country’s current path, demonstrations are growing increasingly violent in recent weeks. Violent crime rates are on the rise all throughout the country. Many Venezuelans are resorting to stealing food in order to feed their families.