Academy of Art University: Innovating Young Minds

The Academy of Art University, a privately owned for-profit art school located in San Francisco, prides itself on its innovative environment cultivating creativity for its students. With an admission acceptance rate of 100 percent, the school is obviously doing something right. Founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens as Academy of Advertising Art the school has grown in so many ways. Empowering their students to come up with innovation to change the outlook of their community.


some students from the University presented their work on augmented reality to the Chief Innovation Officer of the San Francisco Mayor’s office. If adopted, their efforts will help make the Tenderloin District a safer place for its residents. Augmented reality makes it so that sounds, graphics, and touch feedback are in our natural world. Not to get confused with virtual reality, augmented reality uses our existing environment to place virtual resources and information on top of it. This assists with every day activities.

The freedom to create is one of the many things that the Academy promotes. Through interactive classrooms and learning students are able to build on concepts to create interactive technology and in a variety of fields. The fact that these students were able to benefit society in this way says a lot about the Academy and the type of creative minds they produce.

With new technology there does come challenges. The use of Augmented Reality is not yet spread in business or education. The main challenge is the cost of the products needed for this to be effective. AR glasses can range from $900-$3,000 and the applications that are needed to run AR have not yet been developed for every industry. But, even with the barriers, the industry thinks AR will be here to stay.

These exciting things are what makes The Academy of Art University a sought out after college for young people. These aspiring professional artists and designers are being set up with the tools to really flourish after graduation. Majority of graduates go on to successful careers at huge corporations making a footprint in the industry.