Herbalife Nutrition Actively Saving Lives

A total of 120 United States centers for blood donation will receive donations of Protein Deluxe Bars from Herbalife again. The American Red Cross runs the centers which will get over 280,000 of the bars as a result of the donation. The retail value is half a million dollars, this will make the fourth years that this generous gift has been gotten from Herbalife Nutrition.

Herbalife Has History of Helping

Herbalife 24 sports products and Formula 1 protein shakes are what the company is famous for but they have a tradition of helping the humanitarian efforts of the American Red Cross that spans decades. The Protein Bars provided contain 10 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein which provides a nutrient balance allowing the blood lost during donation to be replenished quickly. The bars also contain vitamins B2 and B6 which help to replenish the lost red blood cells.

The Protein Bars Themselves

Dark Chocolate, high in iron, is in some of the Herbalife Protein Deluxe bars, this is a micronutrient that helps with the replacement of blood after donations. They are also a nice way to thank those who donate blood. The protein bars also make a good snack to eat while going about the daily routine making it easier to get back to your day after a blood donation. They are also good for getting your energy back after a workout.

Herbalife is Involved

Herbalife Nutrition has hosted over 50 blood drives in its offices. This includes the Los Angeles headquarters, distribution centers, and two of the innovation and marketing facilities. The company also has a bloodmobile van operating in Southern California. The efforts of Herbalife are estimated to save more than 25,000 lives a year.

Encouraging The Community to Give Back

Herbalife encourages everyone from those associated with the company to its customers to make blood donations if they can. Herbalife encourages those who are not close to one of the centers they have for donation to go to the blood drives hosted by the American Red Cross locally. There are over 8,000 Herbalife employees, millions of distributors and customers making their efforts powerful.

Herbalife recognizes the importance of blood donation to save lives and does everything possible to aid in the efforts.



The New EU GDPR and its Impacts in Fund Management Industry Explains by GoBuyside

It is already declared that the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR takes its force from May 25, 2018, and that would ensure uniform data protection rules in across every member of European Union. It is concluded that the regulations would significantly affect the companies around the world. When it comes to the absorption period of regulations, the companies have to assess their current approach to data protection, make gap analysis to understand the changing requirements and establish those changes to make it compliant to the new regulations by May 25. In a recent interview, an analyst from GoBuyside explained the implications of GDPR on the fund management sector.

With the implementation of GDPR, it is going to be concluded that personal data protection is becoming as the fundamental right to individuals by adopting a concept of privacy by default. The latest regulations rewrite the security obligations and principles of the current Data Protection Drive of EU region. The structure of the bill demands the controllers to introduce the needed technical measures, organization mechanisms and procedures by default to make sure that the data can only be processed per GDPR. Additionally, the regulations are giving more weight for accountability and transparency. Interestingly, processors as well as controllers are responsible and should demonstrate their compliance, whenever necessary.

While the current data protection rules focus on only data controllers that are designed and established in the EU region, GDPR applies to everyone who is operating in the region, confirms GDPR expert. Due to that reason, investment fund companies, AIFMs, management firms, distributors, depositaries, and fund administrators should consider their control over personal data, from investors to the employees of the business, to ensure that everything is working under the compliance of GDPR. The regulation would ensure full insight of personal information and data flows for the organizations.

GoBuyside is a next-generation recruitment platform that gives special attention on hedge funds, advisory platforms, alternative investment managers, and private equity firms along with a significant number of Fortune 500 companies to help them with their staffing needs. The recruitment platform has operations in 16 countries and serving in 52 cities around the globe. By sourcing talents from more than 10,000 companies around the globe, GoBuyside could fill nearly 2,000 client positions, per the latest data. The firm has a list of 400 reputed clients in its network, and it is known for providing hassle-free, professional service to both employers as well as candidates.

Read: http://gobuysidenews.com/2018/02/01/gobuyside-explores-factors-driving-compensation-private-equity-sector/

TMS Health Solutions Bringing a Change to the Mental Health Industry

Back in earlier times, physical health was the main focus on health, while mental health was largely ignored. Also, when people were found out to have mental health problems, they were placed in a hospital. Now, a lot of things have changed. People have changed the way they look at mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. For one thing, people are starting to see some discoveries about mental health issues such as depression.


Fortunately, there is a facility that is available to help people that are suffering from depression and other mental health disorders without the use of medication. TMS Health Solutions specializes in other forms of treatment for people that are suffering from mental illness. This company is among the many alternative treatment companies that deal with depression. They pay a lot of attention to the statistics of those who are trying to get treatment for their mental health condition.


The treatment of choice for TMS Health Solutions is transcranial magnetic therapy. This type of therapy is approved by the FDA and is non-intrusive. Therefore, people do not have to worry about any discomfort that they are not ready for. One thing that TMS Health Solutions understands is that mental health conditions can be rather tricky to recover from. For one thing, some people are going to experience certain traumas all over again because that could be one of the root causes of depression.


One thing about depression and other mental health conditions is that they could be a result of feelings that have not been processed. For one thing, people often learn to protect themselves from further harm when they are dealing with attacks. This can often result in some mental disorder later on in their lives. Fortunately, TMS Health Solutions is there to correct the coping mechanisms in addition to TMS therapy.

More information can be found at TMS Therapy Roseville:


Betsy DeVos and Deep Thoughts

Betsy DeVos likes to push her mind to its limits whenever the chance emerges. There are many human beings in this world who are okay with leading normal lives. DeVos has never been anything like them, however. That may be due to her extraordinary background. She grew up witnessing her entrepreneur father do great things at work and at home. It may simply be part of her essence, too. Some people naturally feel joy any time they’re productive and trying to endorse greatness. DeVos may be part of that second category.


DeVos is a famous face thanks to her role in President Donald Trump’s administration. That’s not the only reason she’s such a famous figure these days, though. She’s actually been a recognized individual for years. Her charity work has gotten notice from people and media outlets all around the United States and globe. Her marriage to Dick DeVos has also been a source of attention for her. Dick has done a lot for political matters throughout the decades. He’s been an instrumental component in so many major businesses as well. Amway is a renowned company that’s a family tradition for him. He even worked as the head of Amway for quite some time.


Dick without a doubt encourages Betsy to be the best version of herself possible. She doesn’t need that kind of encouragement in any way, however. She’s always been a firecracker. Classmates who attended Calvin College in Michigan with her decades ago may remember that part of her personality as well. Betsy was already wrapped up in politics by the time her college experience came around. Nothing is different now, either. Politics and philanthropy are two subjects that consume her in the greatest possible way.


DeVos is an elegant woman who doesn’t create fusses or make excuses. She doesn’t ever make things all about herself. She’s always giving her undivided attention to the most pressing and critical matters at hand. If she’s not fully in line with President Trump or with anyone else that’s part of his team, she accepts it. She understands that people are not always going to have the same exact opinions. President Trump sometimes makes decisions that involve political matters such as gender and bathroom use in public. People who have relationships with DeVos always indicate that she believes in her own thoughts and emotions before anything else. Learn more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2017/04/06/what-is-education-secretary-betsy-devos-doing-with-the-rapper-pitbull-in-miami/?utm_term=.dac9eddf93b8


DeVos is one of the most trusted and respected education proponents of the modern era. She realizes that education is paramount for all contemporary youth. It isn’t only enough for all children to simply attend school regularly, though. That’s because DeVos wants all children to be able to attend the schools that are ideal for their requirements and lifestyles. A school that’s fitting for one child may not be appropriate for another one. Educational choice counts a lot in the big DeVos world. It doesn’t only count for Betsy. It also counts for her doting husband. Betsy and Dick have many views that are similar.

The Mighty Fortress Chuch Provides A Comfortable Atmosphere To Recieve The Word Of God

Minnesota churches are some of the most beautiful in the world. The Christ the King Catholic Church is in Browerville, and is among the Catholic churches the Polish immigrants built late in the 1800’s. It is impressive, tall, displays Baroque Revival architecture, and features an ornate steeple and onion domes. The Church of St. Columba is in St. Paul and features a mixture of French Norman-style and Art Deco/Moderne architecture. The steeple is round and made of concrete, Indiana limestone was used for the corners, and it was built in 1950. The history of the parish dates to 1914. The Hopperstad Stave Church is in Moorhead, and is a replica of the Stave church in Vik, Norway. The inside of the interpretive center features a Viking ship, and the interior an incredibly detailed, and wood-carved.

Bishop T. R. Williams has spent 30 years in the ministry, and is highly respected as a Gospel minister. He emphasizes the treasures of the word of God, and believes these are the answers for disease, sin, sickness, poverty, moral decay, and racism. Bishop Williams is the founder and President of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. The ministry teaches victorious Christian living through practical biblical principles. He delivers a message of encouragement and empowerment to modern day Christians.

The Mighty Fortress Church changes lives with practical Bible teaching and worship, with services relevant for modern living. Worshipers are provided with the presence of God in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Worship is the key to the encouragement and building of the believers each week. The focus is on God, and what He has done in the regards to the lives of the people. The services reflect the corporate worship to God, His inspiration, blessings and spiritual refreshment.

The choir, band and worship team bring God’s presence into the atmosphere. Every person has the freedom to express their gratitude. The word of God has changed thousands of lives. The services receive the life changing word of God into the worshiper’s spirits. Practical biblical principles are given every week for victorious Christian living. The vision of the Mighty Fortress Church is to help believers lead victorious and prosperous lives by nurturing their faith.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Forms Partnership To Raise Prostate Cancer Awareness

The most common cancer to occur in men is prostate cancer. Seeking to raise men’s awareness of prostate cancer and prompting them to get an early screening for it, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, The National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp formed a partnership. This partnership is seeking to educate men about the importance of catching prostate cancer in its earliest stages when it is most treatable.
From September 1st to October 15th, 2,000 men over the age of 40 will be able to receive a free Prostate Specific Antigen screening provided they meet eligibility requirements. They can sign up at any of LabCorp’s offices across the country, which is comprised of 1,750 locations. After all of these spots are filled, it will still only costs $25 to get a prostate screening for any male that is eligible.

About one in seven men will develop prostate cancer. Men who are in the high-risk pool should start getting exams for this cancer at the age of 40. The risk factors that can make a male more likely to develop prostate cancer include a family history of cancer as well as race. African-Americans, in particular, have a 70% higher chance of developing this disease in comparison to other men.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a network of five regional hospitals that are focused on cancer. The network is comprised of hospitals in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Tulsa. Each location has dedicated health professionals who work with leading-edge technology to treat those who have developed cancer.
At Cancer Treatment Centers of America , they use conventional methods to treat cancer. This can include chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy depending on the case. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was established in 1988 and is able to treat every form of cancer. They take an individualized approach to each patient in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Hires Smart People

‘Stay the heck out of your employee’s way,’ says Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva the CEO of MB2 Dental. Dr. Villanueva terms the supervision of workers’ activities in a firm as a waste of time and energy. A competent employee knows what their job entails; consequently, being followed around by the boss only bores them and kills their morale.
In his company, Dr. Chris Steven gives freedom to the employees so that they can exercise their rights. Democracy refers to the freedom of the employees to work without supervision. The aspect forms the organizational culture of MB2 Dental where every employee is a leader. Dr. Chris asks employees to exercise their full authority in the firm and apply their full knowledge without expecting supervision. Asked how this affects them, most of the workers posit that they are happy not to be bugged daily about their duties. Moreover, they say that they are motivated to implement their tasks since they know they owe it to their customers.
Hire Smart
Further, Dr. Chris Villanueva further asks employers to hire smart individuals as that is the only way of advancing their firms. At MB2 Dental, most of the workers are smarter than the CEO who hires them solely for that qualification. Dr. Chris believes that a company that has smart employees functions even in the absence of the CEO. Additionally, he posits that these smart workers sharpen him and help him grow the business faster.
The Role of the CEO
According to Dr. Steven, a CEO is a visionary who comes up with the vision of the organization. In an ever-changing world, the CEO must keep improving the vision so that the firm can keep addressing the new needs that arise in the society. As a result, Dr. Chris says that his sole duty at MB2 Dental is to develop new ideas and aspects that keep the firm ahead of its competitors. He admits that he is a night owl who comes up with most of his ideas late in the night. However, he also says that some other ideas are birthed in odd places such as lunch meetings with colleagues or as he plays games with his kids.
Dr. Villanueva also plays the roles of motivating his workers so that they can deliver excellent results. He achieves the above by among other things creating a friendly working environment where workers have fun and interact freely.

Highland Capital Is A Reliable Investment Advisory Firm

Are planning to start a profitable business or invest in a lucrative opportunity? Do you want to start growing your own portfolio of investments? Perhaps you already know that Highland Capital provides advisory services to those who want to learn about investing and related topics.

Highland Capital is a well established firm and provides a vast range of financial and wealth building advisory services. The company believes in integrity and transparency and its professionals are highly knowledgeable.

If you are truly searching for a reliable way to get started investing, building wealth or managing your money, it is extremely important to contact a well recognized investment advisory firm.

Highland Capital has been rendering top notch advisory services to individuals and businesses on money management, financial planning and wealth building and has a great reputation in the industry. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals and advisors who make it a top priority to ensure customer satisfaction.

Making investment or business decisions is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, it is crucial to get advice or guidance from an experienced team of financial or investment professionals. The professionals at Highland Capital have the talent and resources to provide clients with various investment and financial services.

When financial or investment advisors review your financial situation and your expectations, they can determine which investment options are right for you. Advisors at Highland Capital are highly reliable and they take the time to help clients understand their options and why a particular investment opportunity is right for them. These professionals are committed to rendering the highest quality advisory service to clients.

Anyone who wants to start investing, ought to enlist the services of a trusted company like Highland Capital Management. This renowned company has numerous clients from all walks of life, including business owners and corporations and can help you invest properly and ensure significant returns.

Highland Capital Management is a leader in investment advisory and money management and you can certainly benefit tremendously from the experience and expertise of its team of professionals.

NuoDB: the Leading Provider of Cloud Database Solutions in the United States

NuoDB is a Tech Company based in Massachusetts. NuoDB was formed in 2008, and it pioneers in the provision of cloud database management services. This company was co-founded by two software executives, Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB’s chief executive officer is Bob Walmsley.

About NuoDB

NuoDB uses NewSQL database to access its cloud apps. This company renders services to clients, such as Kodiak, UAE Exchange, Dessault Systems, and Alfa Systems. Since its inception into the market, NuoDB has received numerous rounds of funding from various investors. In 2012, NuoDB was awarded $12 million in venture capital to fund its operations. Two years later, Morgenthaler Ventures and its associates gave $14.2 million to fund expansion strategies. Its third round of funding was worth $17 million, and it enabled the company to explore other profitable frontiers.

NuoDB works with a team of 85 experts experienced in matters of cloud database and operating systems management. Its executive team is made up of managers from companies, such as IONA Technologies, Object Design, StreamBase Systems, Iron Mountain, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and BroadVision. This company has patented various products with the US Patent &Trademark Office. It has other five products in different stages of the patenting process. NuoDB is among the best performing tech companies in the industry.

Cassio Audi Brazil’s Original Rock Star Drummer

Every nation has its music icons that they revere, and Cassio Audi is certainly one of them. The lead drummer of the rock group Viper in the mid-eighties and early nineties, he has a cult following among rock enthusiasts of his generation. His drumming in rock anthems like Projeto SP Metal, The Killera Sword, and Soldiers of Sunrise is par excellence.

To this day he is remembered as a class act in the annals of Brazilian rock lore. What was wonderful about Audi was the sheer enthusiasm with which he played drums and raised the tempo of a song, It was very easy for him to have people head banging in no time at all when he played.

Because the eighties and nineties were quite the golden age for Viper and Audi, there is lots of nostalgia for the group and particularly for Audi in diehard rock fanatics. The only thing those fans can do now- a -days is to listen to old recordings or watch an old YouTube video. It is a pity that there aren’t too many of those around.

Ask anyone who has had the privilege of watching Audi play in his heyday, and the chances are that one will hear the most effusive of praise. That is the kind of cult following that Audi has to his day. It is a pity that he had to stop playing, as he is so loved by everyone. If he had not left Viper and continued with his musical journey, he would doubtless have created many more musical masterpieces.


But then maybe his short-lived musical career adds an element of an enigma to his whole persona. Come to think of it that is part of the charm of being a rock star. There is no doubt about the fact that Audi was and remains a genius.