Simply Netpicks

Netpicks is a Youtube channel giving educational advice on trading. In their videos they try and keep it simple, making it feel easy to start trading. In the video “Learn Our 3 Simple Crude Oil Trading Rules” they advise on a chart, supplies, demand, and prices. Netpicks uses easy visuals to follow along with their points. They emphasize getting synced with the trade and keeping an eye on the chart. Trades are and continue to be a complicated subject but they give enough time to hit some valuable points without going too in depth where it might loss an intimidated audience. Towards the end of the video the speaker talks about being part of the Netpicks team and what the benefits might be.

In another video Netpicks talks about the effect emotions can have on trading. They give a basic example of what it looks like to have emotions impact decision making. The video is very simple visually, using large letters, underling, and highlighting important words. The narrator pulls from personal experience making the video feel easier to relate, learn more on He continues to help you understand when getting emotional may get the in the way of trading and exercises or methods that might help keep you calm and focused. Acknowledging these emotions still seems important, but knowing how to act on them is key. He talks about the importance of correcting your emotions right away because it can easily become a habit both effecting their trading skills and confidence. He even touches on the root of the problem for emotional instability; For example, drugs and poor diet.

Netpicks is geared to and audience that wants to learn, often giving real life examples, see ( The narrator is calming and straight to the point. The videos do not drag on and stay on topic with trading. The give helpful points and examples without overwhelming the audience with information.