Jason Hope: Blockchain, AI and Cloud Computing

Jason hope is one of the most prominent futurists in the United States of America. He is well known for picking technological trends that have experienced success in the markets before their widespread implementation. He has recently given some predictions on technological trends for the year 2018.He is most interested in the growing network of interconnected devices and people known as the Internet of things. It is projected that over $770 billion will be spent on the Internet of things this year alone. As the network continues to grow not only in size but in influence as well security will become more of a concern. In fact, just last year the demand for security solutions in the IT world grew by over 100%.

Jason believes that to meet this new demand for security solutions one technology will reign supreme. Blockchain technology is most popularly used in cryptocurrencies; however, this is not the only use for the technology. At its core blockchain technology is simply a distributed decentralized immutable ledger system. It keeps a publicly accessible record of all transactions, but it is not stored in a central location which minimizes the security risks. The blockchain technology uses cryptographic processes to create a decentralized control system. This allows incredibly strong protection against data tampering and interference.As people are growing more accustomed to using Siri on their phones artificial intelligence will continue to play a larger and larger role in the world. Artificial intelligence allows the creation of innovative and intuitive programs.

The Internet of things harvests a vast amount of information and using artificial intelligence this information can be analyzed in real time that can allow for simplified decision-making processes in large companies. Together with blockchain technologies in cloud computing, these will revolutionize the infrastructure of technology companies. It will create a reliable and secure communication channel between devices and people on the network.New models of business will be developed as the Internet of things merges with other technologies. For example, in a factory, a machine may be able to detect an issue before it becomes a costly mistake. This will improve a company’s operational efficiency and can help them with their bottom line. The Internet of things continues to grow and companies will be able to implement large-scale changes much faster rather than incremental improvements over a long period of time because of it. The combined power of blockchain technology, AI, and cloud computing is going to give entrepreneurs a leg up in innovation.

A Look Into How Eric Pulier Has Supported Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier has for many years invested in young entrepreneurs and offered guidance that has led to the growth of a strong culture of entrepreneurship and business. He has come up with solutions that are changing the way people do business across the world. With a foundation in technology and literature, Eric Pulier has reached many young professionals across the country in the process of offering them support and needed guidance that would steer their ideas forward.

Through his publications, Eric Pulier has addressed the issues that bar many seed level businesses from growing and achieving success. He has also been guiding established businesses about the adoption of technology and how they can remain relevant in the market despite fast growth in technology. Eric Pulier also takes part in philanthropic events and actively donates to several foundations across the world.

Skills and learning

The skills that Eric Pulier has acquired over time have been a key factor to the attainment of success. His career is a passion that he has carried along since when he was in fourth grade. He always wanted to become a technologist and a renowned entrepreneur and this passion drove him to learn different programming languages even before he joined high school. When he proceeded to the Harvard University, Eric Pulier was admitted to take American Literature and English. This did not bar him from pursuing his passion in programming, so he joined MIT College to pursue Computer Science.

Supporting young entrepreneurs

To offer the needed support to young entrepreneurs, Eric Pulier has invested in many startups and his presence has placed him as an elder to offer them the support they need to penetrate the market. He has published several journals where he has talked about vital issues affecting startups and businesses in general.

One of the most successful publications Eric Pulier offered is Understanding Enterprise SOA, a book that talks about technology and the influence it has on the prosperity of a business. He advises both upcoming and established businesses to embrace technology to match with the needs of the market and to push for more productivity.

For more information please visit http://ericpulier.com

The Establishment of Talk Fusion and Its Impacts


Talk Fusion is the world’s first video marketing solution that offers a solution to all video marketing problems for businesses. Talk Fusion is a company that is growing rapidly. It improves the way in which companies communicate with customers, suppliers or even employees.

Talk Fusion is in ventures all over the world. Currently, it serves over 140 countries. The best part about Talk Fusion is that it provides multiple languages, so it is user-friendly to users all over the world.

The founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina established after getting disappointed when he wanted to send a short video to his mother. AOL believed that it was not possible to post videos. However, Bob thought it was possible, and he began making things happen. Bob was able to perfect the art of putting videos into emails through the help of his IT-savvy friend. That is how he founded Talk Fusion.

Recently, Talk Fusion launched redesigning the site, and it also launched WebRTC Recorder. With WebRTC, an individual can be anywhere and at any time. Customers can enjoy a 30-day free trial. Online videos are transforming the manner in which people connect with each other around the world. Bob considers the next big thing as being able to transport to another place within the blink of an eye.

The cost of using Talk Fusion is extremely low. For a business owner, it would cost you $175 one time and an average of $20 per month. Users get one account, ability to make videos that last up to five minutes and storage capacity for 1000 emails for the above price. Alternatively, a company can pay $375 to get the above products as well as customized features, additional four accounts, and more template options.

The unique thing about Talk Fusion is that videos are built into an email. There are no links for redirections. Once you get the email, a person clicks on the embedded video, and it plays immediately. You can use it to review projects with your customers.

About Bob Reina

Bob is the CEO of Talk Fusion. Before establishing Talk Fusion, he was working as a Tampa Bay Police Officer. Reina also worked as a network marketer in 1990 where he was working as a part-timer. Reina has a passion for network marketing and has entrepreneurial ambitions.

Bon believes in giving to those in need. It is for that reason Talk Fusion gives back to the community. It collaborated with other organizations to offer relief to Tsunami victims in Japan. The company also donated money to an orphanage in Indonesia.

Securus Technologies One Of The Top Providers In Security Telecommunications

It has come to the attention of Securus Technologies that a fellow provider, Global Tel Link (GTL), has been practicing wrongdoings and continues to take advantage of customers. The investigations and multiple reports on the findings to reinforce the charges. Securus Technologies continues to provide solutions for public safety, investigations, corrections and is considered one of the top providers.

Within the next six months, Securus Technologies will provide a series of articles proving the unethical behavior of GTL. A 17 page Order No. U-20784 filed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) in regards to the wrongdoings of GTL while providing service at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The outboud telecom services of inmates were charged more than the actual call was. GTL double billed for calls continuously. GTL illegally programmed prison clocks to add 15 to 36 seconds to the call in which the customer was charged more.

Learn more at wikipedia.org about Securus.

GTL’s wrongdoings were back in 1998, but have since continued to practice their wrongdoings toward the customers, of which charging the customer for add-on programs they didn’t request. Several unlawful practices were deliberately executed for the sake of GTL making more money. Securus Technologies will continue to provide information about GTL and their wrong doings so at which time GTL may feel shame and stop their crude behavior and will challenge the integrity of GTL. You are able to read more of this article at: Securus to GTL wrongdoings integrity breach.

Securus Technologies call Dallas, Texas their home base. They provide and monitor more than a million inmates in America. The law enforcement and corrections facilities number more than 3,450 and Securus provides technologies for them. It provides emergency and incident management, public information, they investigate, and communicate with authorities. They have biometric analysis, inmate self-service and provides products concerning monitoring services. Their technology focuses on making the world a safer place.

The Emergence Of Coriant Inc.

The telecommunications company, Coriant, was founded as an independent company in 2013. Coriant is a corporate-leading supplier of driving metro-to-core transport solutions. The company has headquarters in Munich, Naperville, Germany and USA serving customers worldwide. Shaygan Kheradpir runs Coriant as CEO with Robert Leggett as Chairman and PatDipietro as Vice-chairman. Coriant specializes in products involving, Intelligent Network, Management, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions and Packet Optical Transport Solutions. In addition, the company’s products also deal with MSPP Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions, Optical LAN and Broadband Access. All of the technology used in the company originates from Siemens Optical Networks (NSN ON), Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. The merging of these three companies under Coriant was done by Marlin Equity Partners.

Before the appearance of Coriant, Marlin Equity Partners had invested in the three companies Coriant currently manages as one large company. These three companies, Tellabs, Sycamore Networks and Siemens Optical Networks, were suffering financial losses. Negotiations with Tellabs resulted in Marlin purchasing the firm for $891 million. Sycamore Networks was next invested in for $18.75 million by the company and finally, Nokia Siemens Networks sold optical business to Marlin Equity Partners as well. With the joining of all three of these companies under Coriant, the business is better prepared for handling potential issues and has over 3000 employees working in the industry.

Coriant’s New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, however, he grew up in Iran. Mr. Kheradpir moved to the United states to attend Cornell University to earn his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. His first job was at GTE Laboratories in 1987 where he worked in network routing, management and control. Eventually, Shaygan became chief information officer at GTE Industry and gained a reputation for delivering new products on schedule. During 200, GTE collaborated and joined with Bell Alantic forming Verizon Communications. Shaygan Kheradpir began serving as president of Verizon’s e-business section later becoming the first CIO/CTO of the company.

Kheradpir expanded Verizon’s range of telecommunications services along with the automation of operations. He continued to show his expertise when Shaygan joined Barclays in January 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer of Global Retail and Business Bank. Shaygan Kheradpir was later promoted in March 2013 as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Kheradpir joined Coriant, the private equity firm, where later on September 28, 2013 he was appointed CEO taking over from Pat Dipietro who took the position of vice-chairman.