Serge Belamant and the genesis of blockchain technology

Alec Hogg, a top financial expert at one time referred to Serge Belamant, the founder and patent holder of blockchain technologies as South Africa’s Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Serge is an innovator and tech expert who has over two decades of experience in online and offline transaction processing systems, artificial intelligence, biometrics, security and operations research. He has also served at different capacities in the business and technology sector as an executive.

Revolutionizing the financial sector

Through the innovations of this tech expert both in applications and software development, the financial sector has been revolutionized. Serge Belamant takes the credit as the first to implement blockchain technology. His innovations are today the backbone of all the cryptocurrencies and other crypto-applications available today. This innovator and tech expert has mentioned severally that he came up with this technology while using a micro-controlle4r and smart cards to create an independently distributed transaction ledger. Today, this technology has grown to the extent that it has enabled banks, private individuals and governments to faster process a variety of financial transactions. These financial transactions include investments, withdrawals, deposits, and payments all within a secure environment.

The life of Serge Belamant

Born in 1953 at Tulle, France, Serge Belamant was raised in a humble background. At age 14, His father who was a skilled tiller decided to move the family to South Africa. This is the time the young Serge familiarized himself with English both in reading and writing. In South Africa, he was admitted to Johannesburg’s commendable Highlands North High School for Boys. This innovator and tech expert excelled in school both in academics and in co-curriculum activities. In 1972, he was the representative of Southern Transvaal in the South African Chess School Championships.

Serge Belamant joined the Witwatersrand University to pursue a degree in engineering that same year. In his second year of study, he decided to switch to Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He then transferred to the University of South Africa to pursue Information Systems while in his third year. Unfortunately, at the young age of 22, due to the bureaucracy with the education system then, this innovator and tech expert dropped out and decided to join the workforce.

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Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Answers Your Questions

Alex Pall was ready to answer any and all questions about him, The Chainsmokers, and their new track Closer. He reveals that he met Andrew Taggart through their current manager. He had already been working with the manager to help boost his DJing hobby in New York City. The manager introduced the two because he thought that they would work well together, and they both had the same kind of goals. After meeting, the two immediately started working.

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Taggart moved from Maine to the city, and Alex Pall quit his job. They committed to spending all day grinding out music, and working together. This was four years ago, and now they are famous, award winning musicians. Right from when they started working together, they knew it would work out. They both had similar taste and brought different things to the table. Once they talked about their ambitions, and realized they both had the drive to achieve, and both really badly wanted to make it work, they knew that they were going to work great together.


They got together every day from 9AM to 7PM and just made music together, while also working on creating a great artistic identity to play off of. The most unique part of their sound though, comes with their newest track. For being a DJ duo in the electronic genre, it is unusual to hear the actual artist singing on their track, and yet that is exactly what Taggart did on Closer.


Pall also spoke about the audience they play towards and the people that connect with their music. Thanks to the internet age, and apps like Instagram, it’s very clear what kind of people love The Chainsmokers’ music. Their music is generally listened to by 16 to 25 year olds, but it does transcend ages, countries, genders, and cultures. There are people in the Philippines listening to them, and six year olds singing their music. For Pall, it is really just exciting to find that so many other people enjoy the music, and find an emotional connection to it, because that’s why they create it.

A Mark In Philanthropic History Capping $32 Billion In Total Charity And To Make History With

If you’re like any of our writers, you have no idea what a billion dollars is or what it is really worth. The Wall Street leaders are not all familiar with this large sum also. There are a few leaders in the financial world who cap this amount of money and then live with enough sanity to tell about it.

Others will wind up in jail or completely broke for breaking the law.

George Soros built his wealth in the currency markets, and there’s no better place of relevancy for the mogul. The success of George Soros is grounded in the special view he has of economies and the world itself. This success enabled him to donate $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations that peaked his lifetime giving to roughly $32 billion.

His Recent Charity Amounts To $18 Billion

The most recent lump sum of George Soros is considered to be around 80 percent of his personal net-worth. That net-worth still has a few billions left, but the important facet in his work is the selflessness. The personal life of Mr. Soros is winding down, and his ambitions continue to strive for a greater vision and a better understanding of an open society.

His work in the world of philanthropy is grounded in his personal agencies and their legacy he builds and continues to carry on. The moments of George’s life are now very precious, yet he reaches out with a large effort to redefine his own limits and the ambitions he has for a greater world of democracy.

The crises we face worldwide are from the closed minds of people.

A Few More, Major Financial Moves By George Soros

The closed minds of people, governments and the wealthy bring Mr. Soros to the financial place he leverages today. The major aspect to this man’s philanthropic legacy is that he also has and had the funds to sustain it. We often dream about making impacts ourselves and way beyond the small communities we live in.

George Soros lives that actual dream for us.

His work as a financial professional justified his ambitions and then made his will to give stronger. There’s little that we can do ourselves if we’re without the adequate money. This financial professional stands as a clear witness to what’s possible in the world and what is also necessary for every potential we have.

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