Success Gives Michael Nierenberg A Fortune Of Over $42 Million

Success can be measured in many different ways for members of the financial industry, including the monetary rewards provided for the top earners on Wall Street. If one is measuring the success of Michael Nierenberg in purely monetary terms he would be seen as a major global success story. It has been estimated Michael Nierenberg has a personal fortune of over $42 million when looking at just the stock owned by the former Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearn’s investment group executive.

Michael Nierenberg has built his fortune through a long and distinguished career as a leading investment specialist with an interest in the residential real estate markets stretching back throughout his employment history. Among the roles undertaken by Michael Nierenberg in his career are those with Lehman Brothers which gave him his first success as a business leader. The success achieved by Michael Nierenberg began with his appointment to the development board of the adjustable rate mortgage sector of Lehman Brothers which proved a major success throughout the life of the company.

This initial grounding in the residential real estate business at Lehman Brothers began the interest of Nierenberg in this sector, which has shaped his career ever since. Over the course of his career, Michael Nierenberg has stepped into many different roles and investment brands with the unmatched success achieved in almost every role he has accepted. After spending seven years at Lehman Brothers and playing an instrumental role in the development of their residential real estate business, Michael Nierenberg moved on to Bear Stearn’s for over a decade. It was at Bear Stearn’s that Nierenberg took his first role as a member of the board of directors at the investment group from 2006 to 2008.

In the financial industry, the movement of the highest-performing executives is commonplace and is often seen as a sign of the success of an individual. In 2008, the achievements of Michael Nierenberg at Bear Stearn’s was recognized by Merrill Lynch who appointed him a member of its management committee. This role would attract the attention of New Residential Investments, who quickly snapped up Nierenberg as President and CEO of the residential real estate brand.

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TalkSpace welcomes Michael Phelps to the Team

Michael Phelps, one of America’s most decorated Olympians has recently announced that he has reached a partnership deal with global therapist service provider TalkSpace. The deal was made in the hopes that the company can utilize Michael Phelp’s popularity to bring a wider range of awareness about the topic of mental illness that has been shown to be plaguing the country and the world for that matter. Phelps will be apart of a nationwide television campaign that will aim to remove the stigmas of mental illness as well as showcase the service provided by TalkSpace.

TalkSpace allows their users to conveniently speak with licenses therapist via text message or video chat from the privacy of their own home. In addition, the company has been revered for their incredible affordability with a weekly membership only costing $79 dollars and $49 for mental health professionals. This in comparison to traditional face to face sessions allows more of the population to afford the chance to seek help. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

CEO Oren Frank stated that Michael Phelps will also be joining the Talkspace Advisory Board as he brings a plethora of experience due to Phelps own battles with depression and anxiety. Michael Phelps in a 2014 interview aid that he at one point lost all hope which prompted him to contemplate death. It wasn’t until he sought out help in the form of the services by TalkSpace Reviews that he began to feel confident that he could live and fight his way back to a healthy mental state. Essentially, the television and is meant to portray to the public that mental illness issues do not discriminate and will attack even the strongest amongst us. The campaign is set to air during Mental Health Awareness Month on May 22nd with additional content being placed through various digital outlets.

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Aloha Construction, Inc., Cements a Top Position in the Construction Business

Aloha Construction is a reputable firm that delivers exceptional construction services to residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company has a proficient team that comprises of installers, claim specialists, inspectors, supervisors, and office team. These professionals have worked in close collaboration with the each other, and they have completed more than 7,000 local projects. This family business has survived a series of economic downturns. Aloha Construction stands out a respected leader in construction sector due to its ability to handle projects with precision and to complete them on time.

Aloha Construction works tirelessly to maintain significantly higher levels of honesty, fairness, professionalism, and integrity in relationships it builds with suppliers, investors, associates, and subcontractors. The firm has earned the trust of many clients by being timely and attentive to details at all the company’s level.


CEO Dave Farbaky

At the helm of Aloha Construction’s management is David Farbaky. He is the CEO of this construction company. The 46-year old CEO resides in Lake Zurich, Illinois. He uses his unmatched experience and leadership skills to guide Aloha Construction towards attaining its mission. Since its inception, the mission of this construction business has been to provide high-quality services at affordable costs.

Outside the office, Dave Farbaky loves to spend time with his family. He inspires many young budding entrepreneurs for leading Aloha Construction from a small family business to a globally known construction firm. He is respected in the world of philanthropy. Dave Farbaky Foundation is his brainchild.

Aloha Construction has the expertise and necessary tools required to handle all kinds of home repair needs. The firm deals with a wide array of home repair needs, including homes damaged by severe natural calamities, major or minor repairs, or home upgrades. The company can repair any part of your building, starting from the roof, windows, sides, to the gutter.

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