4 Steps to Bury Negative Search Results

According to research, business is likely to lose approximately 22 percent of its customers once a negative article about them pops up on the internet. The figure keeps increasing as more negative articles are posted. As for the people, their reputation that they have spent ages building gets destroyed in minutes. To bury the article, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create and manage public profiles yourself
Examples of public profiles include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, et cetera. These sites usually rank high in search results hence they will be able to move the bad articles to the other pages. For your profile to appear in the search engine results, you will need to set your profile as public.

Step 2: Comment publicly on news articles, social media, and forums
Although this strategy is not efficient as the first since some of these posts do not rank highly as the above, it also does work. Always register on the websites using your real name and post comments on articles. It is advisable that you post positive things about yourself and ensure that the posts are grammatically correct and well-reasoned.

Step 3: Link all Your Sites
This strategy will help get the content you have posted to rise in the rankings. Google rates a site’s rank by analyzing the number of times it’s been linked by other websites. The more they are, the higher the ranking will be. It will, therefore, be wise of you to open social media accounts and link them all to your blogger page.

Step 4: Take Back Negative Words
This statement means that you need to include as keywords in the positive posts any keyword that results into negative results. For example, if ‘James smart’ is positive, but ‘James Smart’ + ‘College’ is negative, then you should include ‘James Smart College’ in all your positive reviews.
If you find doing this yourself to be tiring, then you can opt for a service provider like Bury Bad Articles. Bury Bad Articles is a company that manages online reputation by burying negative articles for its clients. Communication to the company is through its website or its Facebook page. Though the company is young, its popularity has grown immensely. It provides free quotes and guarantees 100% efficient services.

Mike Paul The Reputation Doctor To Serve In Advisory Capacity

Status Labs has reported that Reputation Doctor LLC President Mike Paul has accepted a position as a board advisor. Status Labs, based in Austin, Texas is a leading online character and reputation organization. Paul’s addition to Status Labs will bring strategic intuition and vision as the firm expands into the crisis administration and public reputation management sectors.

Darius Fisher, Status Labs’ President commented that Paul’s arrival, “Our advisors have already overcome many of the business challenges we face,” Fisher explained. “As a young entrepreneur leading a fast-growing company, I can learn a lot from those who have been in my shoes. Michael Paul has built one of the most successful crisis communications and reputation management practices in the world, and I look forward to having him join our board.”

Mike Paul is a recognized expert in government interaction and engagement, reputation administration, and organizational media and communications. He is known as “The Reputation Doctor.” Michael Paul is a recognized expert in government interaction and engagement, reputation administration, and organizational media and communications.As “The Reputation Doctor,” his resume of the last 25 years includes advising FEMA, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Kraft Foods, Pfizer and the United States Department of Justice. Michael Paul is often a guest commentator on TV news channels in the United States and abroad.

With offices in São Paulo and Austin, Texas, Status Labs is the premier online reputation management organization. It assists Chief Executive Officer’s, nationally recognized organizations, athletes, professional sports teams and the not so notable individuals and firms protect and maintain their online presence.

They are experts in social media and content marketing, search engine enhancement and public relations. Their success and reputation have been acknowledged in publications such The Daily Beast, New York Times, and US News and World Report.