JHSF and Jose Auriemo — Leading the future of Brazil

JHSF is a development business frozen in victory and created by a family. The company is very much respected for its efficacy and sustainability. It used to be a construction organization, then it turned to a development company. The two brothers, Fábio Auriemo and José Roberto, had dominating shares in company stock. The two would later quarrel over company direction. Their dissension led to the decision to divide the company in 2: JHSF and JHSJ. The J and F inserted at the ends were decided upon by merit of their being initials of the names Fabio and Jose.

Fabio had been an entrepreneur with a strong history in construction. He strives by propelling impulse to create stealth, wealth, and beauty. JHSF has drawn many types of riches even though both original companies grew apart. They have seen victory. The versatile companies provide abundance for their communities. Fabio mimicked the family business successfully and professionally. He has been featured on many websites for consistently delivering elevated levels of client satisfaction. He prides himself on delivering the highest quality houses and corporations.

JHSF Focuses on the marketplace fields of property development, hotels, departmental stores, and gastronomy. It’s a common misconception that it’s a clientele company as a result of its possessions within the sector. Nevertheless, Jose Auriemo, uttered the truth about the organization and claims that JHSF possesses one of their largest middle class real estate resources. These include beauties like luxury malls, business parks, corporate complexes, and middle class housing units.

The company has suffered the possibility of falling with its Founder’s subsequent and old age death. Fabio, despite the hard work entailed in JHSF, had the time to witness his son’s skill, his fire, and devotion. The efforts to teach his son the trade had shown their value and began to pay off beyond his expectations. Jose earned his position as director of those malls at the age of 17, and later, he’d learned something as a youth that took his father years to obtain. He learned the valuable skill of business acumen. He also learned the perfect places to place new stores and create new developments.


New Website from Nationwide Title Clearing, Excellent Online Services Availed

Land title deeds have been an emotive issue in the real estate industry for a long time as a result of the rising cases of title defects, which has led to consequences such as foreclosures and difficulties in transmission of property from one person to the other. The Nationwide Title Clearing Company has been receiving these complaints, and they have decided to make changes which will help them deliver better services to their clients. The latest step they have made in making things better is revamping their website and making sure that online ordering is possible.


According to the management team at NTC, many things can lead to title defects. These include when there are problems in the wording of the title document, when one of the signatories to the title does not append their signature and when a person makes a mistake when writing the title documents. Another common cause of title defects is when someone is trying to claim they own property that does not belong to them at all. In other cases, the entire document fails to comply with the given standards of the papers in the When these mistakes happen, the probability of buybacks and foreclosures rise. The aim of the website is to make sure that all these documents are accessible to the buyers.


In the past, many people have had a hard time getting property because of the complications outlined above. In addition to these cases, there have been times when people have bought property which had prior liens and encumbrances. The online portal has been enhanced in such a manner that in addition to making these documents available, it will also give relevant information about the complete history of the property. The data will include reports on tax status and other reports on verification. There will also be details about the current owner of the property. NTC has stated that all the information being offered on the site has been checked and verified. The move has been seen as a step towards ensuring that the process of property acquisition becomes easier for their clients.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


NTC is a private company that deals with the processing of documents related to the real estate industry. The company has been in business for the past 26 years, and they are located in Palm Harbor, Florida. They have expanded their business, and their services are available not only in Florida but the rest of the country as well. This company is a great asset for property owners everywhere.




5 Things to Know About Town Residential

 Town Residential, a fast-growing New York brokerage firm, has secured an office space adjacent to the high line along Hudson Yards, which will offer clients splendid property options in some of the hippest residential areas along the Hudson. The acquisition is just one example of how this relatively young company has flourished over the past five years. Apart from their ability to offer the top luxury real estate options within the city, Town has set up offices aligning themselves within highly desirable neighborhoods. What is more, they are represented by an extremely talented team of industry professionals.


The following is a list of five need-to-know facts about Town Residential:


  1. Despite the brokerage’s success, it is a mere baby, at just over 5 years old.. They have already leased out luxury units in areas such as Chelsea, the Financial District, and Midtown West. They also show no signs of slowing, acquiring more office space that lends to the convenience of their clients.


  1. Founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger is a man to follow.

Heiberger launched the company in 2010 with a unique vision in mind. Since then, he has hired over 500 of the city’s top real estate professionals and grown his young business to offer 7 neighborhood offices. He has overseen over 50,000 leases and sales during his career, and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping him there.


  1. Jacqueline Pestana is their chief operating officer.

Pestana is a graceful addition to Town Residential’s team, after rising to the occasion at Citi Habitats, she brought her desirable accounting and business skills to Town, which have allowed the business to flourish.


  1. Crain’s named Town Residential one of the top 50 places to work in New York City. Yes you heard that right, of all the countless places to work in NYC, Town is at the very top. It is no wonder the team of professionals working there are so devoted to their clients.


  1. They have their hands on the most luxurious spaces in the city.

If you are fortunate enough to be in the market for a luxury rental or purchase in the city, this is the brokerage to find it for you. From well-lit, spacious units in the sexiest neighborhoods, to even top desired commercial spots, Town seems to have it all. It goes without question that Town’s access to luxurious properties has played a hand in their rapid success.


When Heiberger founded Town in 2010, it’s likely he didn’t know what a recipe for success he had. Of course, he had the background to build a leading brokerage, but paired with just-right factors, his business grew exponentially. Whether or not you are in the market for a luxury NYC property, Town Residential is sure to be one of the few real estate businesses you will want to watch over the coming years.