Todd Lubar: A Legendary Real Estate man

One trait that makes Mr. Todd Lubar stand out amongst many other people is his undying love for the Real Estate sector. His career kick started in the year 1995 after he graduated in speech communication from the Syracuse University. His determination to serve other people in the industry enabled him to push harder. At Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he served as a loan initiator and through that he became more skillful in mortgage banking.

Mr. Lubar states that the experience he got from Crestar Mortgage firm is valuable in his life. Interesting to note, he had the burning desire to grasp everything in the industry, and so, Todd created strong bonds with other stakeholders in the sector. This includes real estate representatives, insurance officers, and commercial developers.

According to Ideamensch, Mr. Lubar was offered an equity role by Legacy Financial Group in the year 1999, which played a major role in increasing his knowledge of the market. He was then in a better position to lend loans and also brokers them. Todd later started Legendary Properties, and through the firm, he was able to concentrate on buying, renovating, selling and acquiring profit on homes.

With the initiative of Mr. Lubar setting up his company, he was able to create bonds with experienced people in the real estate sector. Doing so gave him an upper hand as he was able to provide quality products to his clients. In addition to that, Todd opened Charter Funding, a Financial Establishment subsidiary. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

Having gained experience in the industry for 12 years, Todd realized that there was a group of customers whose needs were not being met. This triggered him to start Legendary Financial where he can lend out to both firms and individuals. With his rich experience in real estate, Mr. Lubar can evaluate the various risks involved in lending transactions. From the year 2007 to 2008, Mr. Lubar was involved in other various sectors such as scrap metal recycling.

Todd is enabling people to achieve their dreams by helping them embrace home ownership. He is the CEO of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He also holds the position of Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. Todd is well known for aiding in the success of Maryland Legacy Financial Company. See more:

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