How the Rally dos Sertoes Shaped Rodrigo Terpins Rallying Career

The annual Sertoes Cross Country Rally has immensely contributed to Rodrigo Terpins’ success in car rallies. As a junior participant in the late 90’s, he grew his passion for rallies courtesy of the various challenges he used to face when starting out as an amateur driver. Rodrigo set out to make it big in the Brazilian rally scene with the passion that he had at his disposal. As a T1 Prototype rally driver, he coerced his younger brother Michel Terpins into ditching motor cycle competition to join him in the car category in 2002. Together, they formed the Bull Sertoes Team which took a lot of effort to build and make active in these competitions.

Notable Achievements

In the 20th edition of the annual event, the duo managed to finish in the 8th position beating other 32 competitors in the tightly contested race. Being Michel first event as a navigator in the car category, it was a worthwhile experience having no experience in cars. With such an encouraging performance, they were motivated to actively participate in the Brazilian Cross Country Championships which was more competitive compared to the Sertoes Competition. Rodrigo Terpins kept his sterling performances in the championship with the year 2008 becoming a highlight of his career with a top 5 finish in the cross country championship. Also, he also won two out of the four legs of the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Annual Cross Country Rally. Aboard their T-Rex model of car, Fabricio Bianchini, his new counterpart was elated with their zeal and focus for the ultimate first prize in the event. You can visit Google for more info.

The Commitment involved in Rallying

The win was a testament of long and committed participation as it involved 2600 kilometers of a race with steep gradients and rugged countryside roads. According to Rodrigo Terpins, the sterling performance in the rallying scene required a lot of patience and commitment to making against all the odds. Above all, he acknowledged the role that the Sertoes Annual Competition played in his rallying journey, as it helped in installing the will-power in him. He has since amassed a lot of praise and honor as a reputable rally driver in the Brazilian cross country championship in general.

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