Changes In Handy’s Structure Lead To Growth

Just recently, Jeff Bercovici wrote one of the most hard hitting, inspirational stories about a business that can be found online. The article profiles the start up company that has recently been dominating their market due to innovative ideas and new strategies from their founders. The company is called Handy, and it is a company that matches clients with home service professionals to fulfill all of their service requests. screens their service professionals, so clients will often see the top professionals in the cleaning and repair industries using Handy’s powerful platform. The platform is great for anyone who needs services done and has access to a smart phone.

The article goes into details about how the founders of Handy, Hanrahan and Oisin, first met. It also tells some of the lesser known trials and tribulations that occured behind the scenes when the company was first making its first leaps and bounds in the home service industry. Handy uniquely provides apartment cleaning NYC services to consumers in an efficient, affordable, convenient way that other companies cannot grasp. Handy had its competitors, but the bigger ones dropped out of the market, leaving Handy in a prime position to pick up customers. They brought on a team from outside of their home state, and they started using automated chat systems.

The article describes what changes the founders had to make in order to adapt to their online marketplace. The founders took on any criticism that came their way. They devoted a large part of their budget into creating departments in order to address any customer concerns that came up. They would later find a more affordable way to address concerns without losing the value that these customer care teams create.

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