End Citizens United Wants Your Help To End Citizens United

Have you ever had the pleasure of shaking a corporation’s hand? Ever taken a long walk on the beach with a big business? Or have you ever had a deep, late-night conversation with a corporation?

You have obviously answered no to each of these questions. That’s because corporations are not people. You can’t shake their hand, take a walk with or converse with them. But, according to a 2010 Supreme Court decision, corporations are people.

It’s one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. Antonin Scalia wrote to the prevailing opinion for the five conservative justices who voted that corporations are people with First Amendment protections. Yup, you’ve read that right. Corporations are people with the same rights as you according to the American government.

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It may all seem laughable but the ramifications of this decision are dire. Big businesses, according to Citizens United, express their freedom of speech using cash. That means the spending of cash to influence elections cannot be abridged. You know, because corporations are people.

That’s why I would like to introduce you to End Citizens United. It’s pretty easy to figure out what this political action committee wants. They want to end Citizens United. The group was put together in 2015 in response to the deterioration of our democracy at the hands of this unbelievable decision.

End Citizens United has a comprehensive plan to end Citizens United. The grassroots organization works with people on the ground in local communities to pass campaign finance laws. They also put the full weight of their fundraising capability behind Democratic candidates who are opposed to the decision. And they even have a long-haul plan to completely eradicate the damaging effects of Citizens United.

End Citizens United is also serving as a financial watchdog against conservative candidates such as Rick Scott in Florida. They’ve blown the whistle on his campaign fundraising already by illuminating the fact that he’s taken $3 million from people he enriched while governor. The Political Action Committee has descended upon Texas to help Beto O’Rourke as he tours Texas trying to defeat GOP incumbent Ted Cruz.


A time comes when people can no longer stomach the injustices in the society. They get so fed up that they set a trap for the snake of injustice and cut off its head. In 2010, when the Supreme Court passed its decision in the End Citizens V. F.E.C case, nobody really predicted its effects. However, in a few years times, the amount of money being used in the American politics started rising drastically to amounts that many people had not thought of. Dark money cartels began influencing the politics towards their interest by bring in lots of unaccountable and untraceable money.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that seeks to see the end of these dark money cartels and thus removing this excess money that is taking the United States politics by storm and a bad storm for that matter. It was established in March 2015 with three main goals. The first is creating awareness about the issue of money in politics thus making it a matter of national priority. Through this awareness, many Americans will stand up against the Citizens United decision and thus foster campaign finance reforms. The second is to use grassroots membership to show the relationship between political power and such money. To achieve this, the group has developed a petition and it is requesting members to sign it so as to pressure congress for such reforms. Only five months after establishment, this committee had managed to have 325,000 signatures.

The third goal of End Citizens United is to foster election of leaders who are supporting the reform of the campaign finance system in the United States. Given the reaction of congress to this issue, End Citizens United has seen that most of the Democrats are the ones in support of such reform. The committee has therefore endorsed and supported democratic leaders for the various Senate and House seats. It also seeks to improve their campaigns through direct mailers, polling and even television advertisements.

Operations of End Citizens United are funded by their grassroots supporters. These people make small donors but at the end of the day, their contribution tends to amount to huge amounts. For example, they were looking to have at least $25 million contributions by the 2016 election to foster their action. The expenditure of the group is also rather transparent and accountable. They ensure to file their statements with the Federal Elections Commission.

The actions of End Citizens United have been criticised by some people among them an expert in campaign finance regulation called Rick Hasen. He argues that rather than using the money to support democratic leaders, they should focus more on creating awareness on the issue. However, this should not be a viable basis since End Citizens United has combined these two goals and what they have is totally working. Soon actually sooner than most think, America will restore its elections to the free and fair regime and kick out all the dark money in politics. That’s a sure bet. Watch out for it!


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