Love Them Better With Beneful

Customized special blends, refrigerated meals, and tastes that could beat out the turkey on Thanksgiving- and all of this is available in dog food? Yes,you heard right. Today’s dog food market is far removed from the days of stinky canned lumps of food and dry, dusty kibble. Makers like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo have upped the stakes in the quality dog food markets with fresh meats, real blueberries and great tastes. Others in the dog food industry are now following the pattern. Dogs today will enjoy meals with fresh salmon and chicken, beef simmered in gravy, and healthy kibble mixed with cheeses and fruits. The quality of the ingredients rivals what the owners eat at their own table. Beneful dog food has been providing healthy dog food for years. Now, dogs will enjoy great new textures and tasty flavors. Overweight dogs can find help in the Beneful Healthy Weight foods. Playful life from Beneful will keep your dogs active and vigorous. The medleys are perfect wet foods with real beef, chicken, carrots and salmon. Puppies need extra calcium and calories for strong bones and active lifestyles. Beneful has something yummy for them too- Beneful Healthy Puppy. People who love their fur babies like family will be so happy to spend a little extra for the food that keeps them healthy. Like children, dogs enjoy the extra treat of great taste and fun textures. The crunchy chewy bites will allow them to savor meal times. Love your dog better with Beneful dog food.