Marc Beer Advancing the Fight against Pelvic Floor Disorder at Renovia

Renovia Inc is now set for the development of several new products. This is after the firm secured a second round of funding from investors in the healthcare industry. The amount that the firm was able to raise in the Series B financing amounted to 42 million dollars of which 32.3 million dollars was from Series B equity and a venture debt of 10 million dollars. The funds will be directed towards research and development of Pelvic floor disorders products.
Renovia Inc. is a Boston based medical technology company that was co-founded in 2016 by Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD. At the firm, Beer doubles up as the Chairman and CEO. The firm specializes in the creation of various innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products that aid in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. Pelvic floor disorder is a condition that only affects women and based on statistics more than 250 million women globally are already affected by the disease. Renovia Inc. for the more than two years it has been on operation has achieved a lot in the healthcare industry. Among its many achievements in April of 2018 Renovia first product Leva received a clean bill of health from FDA and is now available in the market.
Those that came on board to support Renovia Inc on this milestone funding include Renovia long time investment partners Longwood Fund. The other group of investment companies includes New York-based Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures of Missouri. Beer acknowledged the immense support that the three healthcare investment firms provided to Renovia Inc and thanked them for agreeing to come on board and share in the firm’s vision of delivering better diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorder that affects millions of women globally. Beer added besides the funding pelvic floor disorder patients stands to gain a lot from the firms’ technological partnership. Among the things that pelvic floor disorder patients stand to benefit from the partnership include valuable data that will inform them of new treatment options, greater knowledge, and understanding of the condition and in the long run lower healthcare cost.
Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia Inc, is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of commercialization and development experience in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and devices industries among others. Among the many firms that Beer helped established is ViaCell where he served as CEO IN 2002. ViaCell is a biotechnology firm that specializes in the use of human cells to provide custom cures. Beer has also served in various capacities in the sales department at Abbott Laboratories. As a consultant Beer provided consultation services to top healthcare firms and among them is OvaScience(Nasdaq: OVAS). Learn more:

Our chemistry makes us more versatile, says, Chainsmoker’s Alex Pall

Mellow tunes such as Closer and Don’t Let Me Down are quintessential of great artistry, and the Chainsmokers are the among the world’s greats. The EDM duo comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart is dancing in global fame, with their singles such as Roses and Don’t Let Me Down becoming international hits.

While Alex and Andrew are exceptionally talented producers who have mastered the art of crafting rhythmic beats, it is their ability to work for a hand in glove that has been the better part of their global success. It is incredible how the two manage to stay versatile, and make music that resonates to their million plus audience all over the world, and, as Alex Pall says, this is emblematic of the effort they put it in their music.

Pairing up

At the time Pall and Andrew paired up, EDM was all about beats with a little human touch, which if present, was from collaboration from other vocalists. The Chainsmokers, however, introduced a new style in the EDM genre, as Taggart would sing in their songs.

As Alex Pall says, they had to do it better and differently to stand out in a competitive industry that most Dj’s were plying the same trade. Alex and Andrew were both EDM enthusiasts with Pall playing gigs around New York, while Taggart was an EDM darling at college in his hometown, Maine where he produced several beats and put them up on SoundCloud. Taggart would later switch to New York and team up with Alex Pall, who already had a thing going in the city, and was DJing in several events.

According to Alex Pall, their pairing was fruitful from the word go, as they both, fundamentally, shared the same goals of becoming better artists, and producing more quality music. Consequently, the Chainsmokers worked around the clock in Pall’s apartment and produced many hits, which they still do today.

More about the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have worked with other famous artists such as Coldplay, Priyanka Chopra, Daya, and Halsey. The EDM duo performs regularly at XS Las Vegas and Encore Beach Club.

What the famed Chainsmokers band has been up to ever since its inception

The Chainsmokers is an American-based duo dealing in music production. It is composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo was formed in 2012 in New York City and has produced several songs and videos over the years. Most of the videos produced have numerous views, creating popularity for the two. Chainsmoker’s second single topped the Billboards New Dance 100 list recently accompanied by one billion live streams. This is just one of the many hits dropped by them.

‘Sick boy’ is another epic video produced by Chainsmokers. This song intoxicates and captures attention of fans by the live instrumentation and the vocals. It is incomparable with the previous ones. The video has so far gained popularity and the views now stand at 136 million.

‘You Owe Me’ is another song dropped by Chainsmokers in February, 2018. This single has attained the fourth position on the Billboard Bubbling under Hot 100 singles chart. In just a span of one month, 34 million views of the video have been recorded due to the unique nature of the video ending.

Although the ‘Closer’ song was produced in 2016, the lyric video was recently uploaded and it has around two billion views. It is quite unbelievable that the recently produced audio of the song ‘Everybody Hates Me’ already has nine million views in just one month! The ability to cheer up the fans has made Chainsmokers popular and admirable in their profession. ‘Don’t Let me Down’ is another song that hit very many views after the Ultra Music Festival held in Miami. A fan actually tattooed himself parts of the lyrics of the latest song.

More about Chainsmokers

The two are just more than DJs. They work really hard and always aim for a better outcome than the previous one. The Chainsmokers won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. They also won the American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards. Currently, the duo is working on a song titled ‘Somebody’ which will be dropped soon. Just like the previous hits, the upcoming one is expected to be a hype with millions of billions of live streams.