OSI Industries: Overcoming Challenges Associated with Food Production

Currently, OSI Group has 20,000 workers serving in 65 facilities across 17 countries. The company’s rise from humble beginnings into one of the major corporate businesses was a primary slice of the 20th-century economic history when immigrants relocated from Germany to Chicago. At that moment, the firm became one of the leading providers of meat. The company is now growing its footprint into becoming one of the modern globalized food providers in the world.

OSI Industries Becomes A Leading Food Provider

OSI Group’s history is rooted in the immigrant experience when Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago. After two years of settling, he opened a butcher retail shop and started selling high-quality meat to the locals. Over the years, OSI Group was known as one of the leading food providers in the community. The people enjoyed the food. As such, Kolschowsky was determined to work with more suppliers in order to cater to more clients. He opened another store in Maywood. Shortly after, his brand started expanding exponentially.

Bringing in More Suppliers

According to Carl Sandburg, it was a hog butcher for consumers. More businesses were established in the locality. For Otto & Sons, becoming one of the best suppliers meant providing high-quality food. It was at that moment that the team decided to embrace a new era of technology in a food preservation method that helped them to conserve more products. OSI started opening more branches across the world. It was at that moment that Otto and his sons established a strong presence in the market.

The Expansion of OSI Industries

After World War II, the company decided to expand its horizons internationally. With access to some of the world’s best supply chains, OSI Industries became the sole provider for good food. The company secured good prices on high-quality products in order to fit the customer’s operations. Over the years, it has also suited the client’s operations and needs. OSI Industries has entered into joint ventures with warehouses, farms, and plants that can help it to supply meat and other related products to consumers. The company is also working diligently to be the premier provider of leading branded foods in North America and Europe.

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OSI Industries Is Serious About It’s Employees

Employee satisfaction drives a company to success. Many companies deny this simple rule and without exception, they end up falling from grace. Employees drive the company. They are the hand on the steering wheel, while high-level management is simply the GPS. There are a few companies who shine in employee treatment. One of these companies is OSI Industries one of the largest players in meat processing world.

OSI Industries shows this commitment to employees in multiple different ways. One of these ways is OSIs commitment to employees is shining through is in the recent upgrades to their factories. In Toledo, Spain, OSI recently equipped their factory to produce more chicken. A lot more chicken. Double the chicken it was producing in fact. The factory now produces a shocking 24,000 tons of chicken annually. That wasn’t the only upgrade that OSI made to the factory, however, OSI Industries decided to equip the factory with a state-of-the-art employee lounge as part of the upgrade process. This lounge will serve as an area for employees to relax between shifts at the factory.

In Canulbang Industrial Estate, Calamba, Laguna OSI Industries recently opened a new GENOSI facility. This new facility has an impressive 23,000-ton capacity and produces beef, chicken and fish products. The new factory opened up 50 miles north of their old factory. Despite the distance, OSI made sure that it retained 95% of its employee base assisting them with costs associated with moving and transportation. Not only did OSI retain its employees over the course of this move, it also made sure that it’s new factory was built with its employees in mind. The new factory contains an employee lounge — much like the Toledo factory — as well as various other amenities for employees to enjoy.

OSI Industries has shown that it is serious about its employees. After all, employees drive the success of a company. OSI makes sure that its employees are comfortable, well paid, and trained adequately in safety procedures. OSI has been making strides in employee satisfaction since its humble beginnings as a small meat shop in Chicago. Today, the company enjoy a massive amount of success worldwide. They are a Top 100 Food Company as well as a major player across the board in the food industry. One of the reasons for their success may be their extreme commitment to employee welfare.

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