NGP VAN Helps Democratic Campaigns

In today’s world, it can often be quite difficult to run and manage a successful Democratic campaign. Fortunately, NGP VAN is here to help ensure your campaign goes off without a hitch. Since 2004, they have been doing everything in their power to help elect strong, progressive leaders who seek to change the world for the better. Founded in 1997, NGP VAN has multiple tools to help your campaign stay afloat. Using their tools, you’ll be able to collect data from your constituents and analyze it to learn how to better reach your prospective voters. And now, thanks to a new app called MiniVan, canvassing is easier than ever by eliminating the need for paper and helping you organize your notes and your canvassing route.

Launched in March of this year, this new technology saves organizers a lot of time and helps canvassers engage with their constituents to ensure they have their vote. And it’s not just this area of campaigning that NGP VAN is working to make easier for you. A few years ago, they released SpeakEasy Political, a new direct mail platform that enables campaigners to keep track of their constituents and send emails directly to them to ensure they have their vote. With this new technology, reaching out to prospective voters has never been easier, simpler and more effective. So what’s coming up on the horizon for NGP VAN? Well, they’re constantly innovating their platforms.

They also stay up to date on the latest trends and fads in order to help Democrats successfully campaign for their candidates. Just recently, they launched a new Actblue integration which enables campaigns to be able to access any and all donation data in Actblue. Anyone who gives a contribution to the Actblue website will be able to see their information on the NGP 8 suite. NGP VAN even seems poised to help Democrats take back the House, Senate and Congress this year as they’ve recently been recognized by campaigns and elections as they won the CampaignTech award for best company culture. So congratulations to them and hopefully they’ll help turn the tide for the Democrats.