CLayton Hutson on the Music Industry

Clay Hutson is from Nashville, Tennessee and earned a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in Theater Design and a business administration master’s degree from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. He has worked as sound engineer to project manager under several different live music industry companies. Some well known artists he has worked with include; Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, OneRepublic, Lady Gaga, and Garbage to name a few.

Clay Hutson created his own production management company after one of the companies he was working for hit the recession. He knew he had all the skill sets needed in order to be able to successfully carry out a business such as his. With his touring experience and various positions in the music industry, he was ready to be an entrepreneur.

In order to carry out a successful tour or event, Clay Hutson takes every step necessary to maximize productivity. For any show he has going on, he wakes up early and gets to the venue before anyone else to review the schedule for the day and make sure everything is going as planned. Planning a schedule early on allows more room for creativity and also to give tasks to the right people of the crew based on their weaknesses and strengths. For Clay Hutson, good communication and organization allows no room for error and for a productive show.

One piece of advice that Clay Hutson would give to other individuals who want to go down the same path as his in the music industry is to be honest with yourself. By being honest with yourself, you can assess a problem or situation with objectivity, instead of seeing it how you would like it to be. In the long term, you will not be disappointed with the outcome and would be better for you overall. An example of this is stepping away from a big project that seems like it would be good for your career, but having to step away because of the negativity associated with it. If something doesn’t match up with your values, then you are better off stepping away from the project.