Billy McFarland And The Classy World of Magnises

Billy McFarland is a American technology entrepreneur who is best known for creating the communal business discount app, Magnises and is also the CEO of the marketing company, Spling. McFarland is also notable for his age, as he has achieved extraordinary financial and social success at the age of only 24.

According to Fortune, Billy McFarland’s graduated from Bucknell University, a liberal arts college, well known in Pennsylvania with a heavy focus in computer engineering. McFarland then moved on to the techprep institution of Pingry School in New Jersey, where Mr. Billy McFarland graduated with a degree.

However, Billy McFarland’s success had nearly nothing to do with his time in college, as he dropped out well before he could graduate from Bucknell, deciding, instead, to found his own company and see where such a efforts lead him.

A risky strategy to be sure, but, as they say, there is no substitute for experience. McFarland’s company, Spling, a marketing and content presentation optimization tech and consumer orientation company, was wildly successful.

So much so that the company was able to garner such illustrious clients as Discovery Communications as well as the multi national media conglomerate responsible for NBC News, NBC Universal, one of America’s so called, “Big Three” in media and news.

However, Mr. McFarland reached his greatest height of success with the creation of Magnises, a social networking and business discount app. The business is exclusively geared to millennials who are looking to broaden their business horizons by offering members only perks like, marked discounts on restaurants, bars and upscale clubs.

In addition, Magnises members can also reserve exclusive, VIP access to a wide array of social events like concerts, holiday specials, galas and vacation getaways as well as the opportunity to rub shoulders with the likes of A-listers like Ja Rule and Rick Ross.