The Role Of Jordan Lindsey In The Growth Of The Forex Market

The Forex market is a great place to build a career. It is both exciting and lucrative, particularly when you know when to buy and sell currencies. The Forex market is open 24 hours each day for five working days, which translate to mean that jobs are readily available. Most of these jobs require knowledge and understanding of regulations guiding financial accounts and transactions.

Below are three major career areas in the Forex market;

  1. Forex Analyst:

A Forex market analyst works for Forex brokerage and is responsible for writing daily market commentary relating to the Forex market and the political and economic issues that influence currency values. The Forex market analyst must be able to research and come up with high-quality content and must keep up with the pace of the market.

  1. Forex Account Managers:

Perhaps you have been trading in Forex for a few years and have been successful so far, learning all the tricks of the trade. Then, you have what it takes to pursue a career as a professional Forex Account Manager. A professional Forex manager makes buy and sell decisions for hedge funds, mutual funds, banks, and central banks that deal in forex trading. This position is high stakes as Forex account managers will be responsible for a large amount of money. Their reputation will be based on how they handle the funds entrusted to them.

  1. Forex industry regulator:

In order to prevent fraud in the forex industry, regulatory bodies hire professionals to act as regulators. These regulators can be found in numerous countries and they operate in both public and the private sector.

Right from a tender age, Jordan Lindsey knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur He had the burning urge to create something that was going to change the world for good. Although he was born and grew up in New York, he relocated to San Francisco.

Jordan Lindsey is veteran algo trader and the founder of JCL capital. He has tremendous experience in the financial services and in the technology industry. He taught himself programming and he is a systems architecture designer.

He attended Mount Angel Seminary and Saint Joseph’s College. He has lived in several places, a few are Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Mexico.

Videos Compel Customers In A Way Regular Text Communication Cannot Do

As the internet continues to grow at an alarming rate and attention span to writing continues to shrink. Thus, use of video emerges as the most effective method to engage an audience. According to a study conducted by Relevancy Group, putting a video in email marketing campaigns can increase revenue by 44%.

The research indicates that embedding a video in an email increase open rate by 20% and click-through rates up to 2-3 times. Moreover, putting a video in an email provide instant gratification, provide a means to express your brand more effectively, and it is more time efficient in comparison to text. As the old saying goes, if a picture worth thousands of words, then a video worth millions of worse, this is according to Forrester Researcher, Dr. James McQuivey.

The largest pioneer of video email is Talk Fusion, an online video content provider based in Florida. The company has been as the eighth most popular and largest video content provider in the world. It was founded back in 2007, after Bob Reina the CEO and the founder attempted to embed a 10-second video in an email to a friend. Bob was baffled that he could not, he tried to seek out for help from America Online, but he was told it not possible. Mr. Reina did not give up, with help from an IT-savvy friend, the achieved what was seemed to be impossible. Reina perfected the art of putting videos into emails and later founded the Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion deal with professional video emails that include color effects, pictures, and graphics. The videos are designed to be crystal-clear and deliverable. Besides, the company offers video templates and a library of professionally recorded video that can be privately labeled at competitive pricing.

For a long time, video email processing has been very intimidating, but with Talk Fusion, it is very easy to use in every situation or occasion imaginable. Users have the option of creating their video or chose from over 1000 templates. If you are in the online marketing business, you should consider video emails as a very powerful tool. Video compel your prospects in a way ordinary text communication cannot do.