The Celebration of Inclusivity Lead by LOreal in Paris

L’Oreal is one of the most popular beauty product brands in the world. The company has been shipping out millions of products annually, and they are earning billions from their high-end beauty products. Last September, the company sponsored a fashion event in Paris which was attended by famous beauty experts, fashion designers, and celebrities. The fashion show presented the latest designs suitable for the season, and they also made it an avenue to expert their continued support on the changing landscape when it comes to the acceptance of everyone regardless of their race, gender, or sexual preference. Nicolas Krafft, L’Oreal’s Vice President for Global Business Development, stated that the move to highlight inclusivity is important for the company, because they will reach new markets, and their reputation at the top will be appreciated by more people.

Female models were the highlight of the event, and a lot of celebrities from all over the world were invited to walk in a specially designed runway that was placed near the famous river Seine. The fashion show highlighted the creativity of the designers who have joined the fashion show, and most of the styles gained a positive review from the audience. The fashion show also showcased some of the latest designs for 2019, and the organizers of the event stated that people will find it refreshing to see a variety of designs that are suitable for everyone. Nicolas Krafft stated that the decision to highlight the company’s stand on inclusivity began after they noticed that the voices from these people are getting the attention from the government and civil societies. It was a great move for L’Oreal, as they are now regarded as a company that welcomes diversity. Nicolas Krafft also said that having a positive image for the company would help them push their influences on a global scale, making it easier for them to gain new business partners and clients. The fashion show by the Seine River has been regarded as a successful event, with people from all walks of life being able to watch it for free, and the show was also broadcasted overseas.