EOS Leads the Lip Balm Way

Evolution of Smooth was adamant that they would develop a top-selling product in 2009 when their lip balm hit the shelves of Walgreens stores. They did everything right, from listening to consumers and creating a product that uses only all-natural ingredients with lots of flavor and pizzazz. Now, seven years later, EOS has outperformed the brand that people had trusted for over 100 years. EOS beat Chapstick in sales and popularity in 2016.

It isn’t surprising that EOS lip balm became a more preferred product than Chapstick. Although the Chapstick tube was found in the pockets and purses of many people, it was because there was a lack of choices, not that the brand did anything to impress people or grow with trends. EOS was a breath of fresh air in the lip balm industry, and consumers welcomed it with open arms.

The EOS lip balm features:

– All-natural ingredients

– Orb-shaped container

– Reasonable price

– Several flavor choices

These features are just a handful of the many that EOS purchasers enjoy.

The EOS creators consistently work to improve their product. They listen to their customers and their desires, and use the latest technologies and trends to surpass expectations and produce an incredible lip balm. They’ve beaten Chapstick, a feat that many never expected the brand to conquer. If you love change and want an incredible lip balm, the EOS name is one that never disappoints.

Try EOS, visit the Evolution of Smooth website, Racked store or Ulta to purchase online.



A Company Focused on Changing the Way We Look at Lip Balm

Everyone knows that the clothing industry has a trend that tends to follow a pretty simple process. It is surprising then when the beginning of a trend happens to lip balm. For the creators of Evolution of Smooth, EOS lip balm, that is exactly what happened to them. Seven years ago, their unorthodox shaped tubes came out of the purses of many famous actors and actresses.

Now, the company is speaking with Fast Company to talk about the two hundred and fifty million dollar company that prides themselves on being number two in the nation. How did they move up so fast? The small startup focused on two things: their specialty- the organic industry and creating and distributing their products.

When Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky got together, they were looking to expand the beauty isle at the drug store. Combining forces they realized the lip balm market was unchanged in their hundred year existence. When they did test panels, they realized that women use lip balm more than men and most of them used it as a part of their daily routine. The women did not like the tubes or how they had to use their fingers in the pots of lip balm.

So the creators of EOS lip balm focused on the five senses and, with the help of a clay artist, came up with the round, egg-like design. Using their design that fixed a problem women had, they focused their attention to a campaign that cannot be resisted, one that speaks to the millennial woman: an emotional connection to the lip balm. The tagline says it all, EOS is “The lip balm that makes you smile”.

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