How Rubica, Inc. has helped me since I was hacked

The word cybersecurity has been used in many instances, especially during this era of frequent cyber threats. Personally, when I was hacked, I lost valuable information from my computer. Therefore, I decided to embrace cybersecurity by hiring experts from Rubica, Inc. The company has been helpful to me since I was hacked through offering me their full-services to protect and prevent my devices from cyber threats.


The Benefits of Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is necessary to prevent devices from the increasing threats. Cyber crimes lead to loss of data, money, and productivity. Furthermore, I was a victim of identity theft when I was hacked. The severity of cybersecurity attacks by professional hackers calls for the implementation of cybersecurity measures. Lastly, cybersecurity is significant for future circumstances of cyber attacks since the cybersecurity industry is facing a struggle between limited financing and increased demand.


An Overview of Rubica


Rubica, Inc. is a renowned provider of security against cyber crimes and attacks. The company also protects individuals and businesses’ digital rights thus reducing chances of cyber crimes. Rubica offers full-service cyber security to devices including mobile phones, tablet, and computers.


Rubica is funded by leading technology investors including Upfront Ventures, Expa Labs, and Slow Ventures. The company has a team of skilled experts who help individuals and businesses to monitor their activities thus keeping their devices from cyber attacks. Additionally, Rubica incorporates private network, and human-assisted machine-learning technology protect and prevent cyber criminals’ attacks.

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