Waiakea Water: An Innovative Solution to Bottled Water

There are many different types of bottled water found in the grocery aisle today. With so many brands touting their water to be superior due to the countries and places of origins, it can be confusing. Isn’t it all just water? To be honest, it’s not. Water is not just a simple thing anymore. Trace minerals, electrolytes and processing techniques make water taste vastly different, and each water company has their own benefits to share.

One of the downsides to having so many bottled water companies is the presence of all of the plastic water bottles. A good portion of it gets recycled, but some of it doesn’t, and that is causing concerns in the public eye. So even if we can get the benefits, is it worth it in exchange for all of the plastic bottles produced? Waiakea Water has already begun to change that. Not only do they offer their own Hawaii volcanic water, but they are creating a better plastic bottle. It will decompose in the environment in a fraction of the time that current plastic bottles of today do.

Waiakea Water is processed through Hawaii’s volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano before it reaches the surface. 14,000 pounds of rock, to be exact. This process gives the Waiakea water an alkaline level of 8.8, and adds many trace minerals that benefit our bodies when we drink it. They also met the problem of plastic bottles head on. By 2018, we will see these new bottles in production, providing our stores with their water.

Waiakea Water is not only producing innovative technology and reducing their own company’s carbon footprint, but are also using their profits to pay it forward. They send a week’s worth of water to the people of Malawi for every liter of water purchased through their company. Waiakea water is not just changing the public perspective on a water bottling and manufacturing company. They’re changing their communities, and transforming the way the bottling industry works. Waiakea Water is pushing forward and challenging industry norms. They are making serious headway in innovative technology, and in serving their communities.