Ara Chackerian and Mental health Awareness Month

The month of mental health awareness is an essential moment in the year when people come together to identify those people that have mental health illness. This observation month program started in 1949. Many organizations fund some activities during this one-month long observation as well as other events aiming to educate, assist, and inform the public including individuals involved in the mental health community.

According to Ara Chackerian, there are chances that one is not affected by mental health issues, but there is a way one can help. Many people are working with the mental health community either directly or indirectly to bring about changes in the community. Ara claims that there things that people can do to improve mental health awareness. He states that it is essential to know how to help the people who need help. Many people are dying every day because of mental health challenges, and the more people are aware of how they can help, the better chances of helping those who have such challenges. It is essential to find professional help for a person who has mental health illnesses even when one is not related to them. There are so many places to contact for help for a person who has mental issues like the local mental health facility, the law enforcement department, outreach programs, and others.

For those having the mental health illnesses, it is essential to know how and to who to share with about their experiences. Sharing out is a way of opening up for help. Once one share about their challenges, people around will try to find help for them. In addition to this, sharing helps in encouraging other people who are in the same situation that they are not alone and that there is help for their conditions. Some people fear to share out because of the stigma related to mental health issues and thus it is critical to ensure that there is no stigma to allow people to come out for help. To see more visit


Ara Chackerian is an investor, businessman as well as a philanthropist. He has committed much of his time in working to find out the best ways to link technology and healthcare services.




Sussex Healthcare

Caring for others requires a compassionate personality. Sussex Healthcare recognizes the value of hiring employees that are passionate about what they do. This attention to the human aspect involved in healthcare services is part of why this great healthcare provider is still revered for their exceptional care 25 years after their initial opening.

With 20 gorgeous residential care homes located in the UK’s southern coastal region, Sussex Healthcare takes the privilege of caring for others very seriously. Some of the beautiful facilities have been designed to care for those afflicted with various physical, neurological, mental and learning health conditions.

Sussex Healthcare is a leader in this area’s impressive healthcare services. The administrators encourage their many fine employees to make suggestions that can improve how this company delivers their specialized care. The company offers a laid back and very positive workplace environment that is typically unheard of in other healthcare settings. This company is celebrating 25 terrific years in the business, and today this company is looking for more compassionate individuals to fill their open job positions. If your have the skills and passion to offer, consider applying at Sussex Healthcare. This organization offers phenomenal educational benefits, impressive pension packages, free ride services and a more than competitive salary scale.

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Individuals are often favorably surprised when they enter a typical Sussex Healthcare facility. Even though round the clock nursing is available at many locations, the inside living spaces do not look institutional or cold. Instead, the buildings are designed with beauty in mind. There are also comfortable lounge areas where the residents and their company can sit for an intimate conversation. Beautiful dining areas and scrumptious food entices many residents to dinner each day. The residents have many fantastic opportunities to pursue their beloved activities and to learn new ones too.

Sussex Healthcare services was recently reviewed in a Medical Daily Times feature article. Many families that first visit any of the Sussex Healthcare owned buildings are taken aback by the eye catching garden displays and timeless old building charm often seen in these settings. Indoors, residents have more amenities that include larger, easy-to-see televisions, private sleeping areas that may be decorated with a resident’s cherished belongings and lovely decor accents seen throughout each facility. Daily activities keep residents involved and social, and highly motivational recreation therapists deliver interesting diversions that include lessons in cooking, arts, music and so much more.

Jim Tananbaum and His Contribution to Healthcare Sector

Mindstrong Health recently announced that they had come up with about 14 million US Dollars. This was made possible by several investors who included ARCH Venture and Foresite Capital. This was in a bid to support the organization’s platform of neuropsychiatric treatment and diagnosis. The platform is specially designed to carefully follow around and monitor the different similarities and pattern of interactions on the modern smartphone gadgets. By doing so, they will be able to come up with broad and meaningful parameters of brain function. This platform is aimed at giving and providing a biomarker of cognitive measure and also a biomarker for mood. All this will be made possible by processing certain factors such as speed, attention, memory, and executive function.

Jim Tananbaum, the CEO of Foresite Capital in an earlier statement, said that he acknowledges the role which Mindstrong Health is playing in serving the community. He continues to say that the firm is ensuring that proper health care is provided to the patients who have psychological disorders. Through the coming together of three great and experienced people namely; Paul, Rick, and Tom who have a great technical vision in this field. The efforts are all aimed at providing best healthcare which is state of the art. This is made possible through the tracking of behaviors and different aspects in a patient as it’s done in cases of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Equal treatment is required in the treatment of the mental disorders. Visit Medium for more details.

Jim Tananbaum is the Chief Executive Officer of Foresite Capital Management. Jim has been a leader in investments for over 21 successful Companies including Amira Pharmaceuticals which was later acquired by a different investment franchise known as Bristol-Myers Squipp. Others include Amerigroup and also Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Jim Tanabaum had previously founded and also held the managerial position at GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a company which was later acquired by Genzyme for a price of about one and half billion dollars. Jim Tananbaum has a great academic background. He holds an M.D from the Harvard Medical School and a B.S.E.E from the reputable Yale University.

Jim Tananbaum has been a leading investor in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Currently, Foresite Capital has under his management recorded over 650 Million US dollars in assets. This makes Jim one of the greatest investors.



Nobilis, Excelling in Healthcare Through Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

Northstar Healthcare and Atlas Care join and are now called Nobilis Healthcare. This name change expands, joins and extends the services of Nobilis Healthcare. Nobilis Health manages and owns seven surgical centers in Dallas and Houston, TX, and one in Scottsdale, AZ. They also have contractual partnerships in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey with six other surgical facilities. The growth of these services and expansion of care is setting new standards for spinal health care. Nobilis is well-known for their ability to manage and grow the business and improve business relationships. One new addition to their repertoire of services is the AccursScope procedure. This procedure is the cutting edge of spinal surgery.

The operation consists of a minimally invasive incision and using the AccuraScope the highly trained surgeon is able to perform the corrective surgery needed in less than one hour, in most cases. Most patients are able to walk within an hour or two after surgery, pain-free and return home the same day. There are occasions when more than one surgical procedure is required, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the process needed. This is the reason a majority of the surgical centers owned for operated by Nobilis care centers is outpatient surgical centers. They have completed thousands of successful surgeries and have a stellar reputation for patient care. Included in the patient care is the attentiveness given to health care on an individual basis. The staff works with each patient to ensure their health continues to improve with primary health care and information is made available to every patient.

Nobilis Healthcare facilities are managed by exceptional staff and state-of-the-art technology in addition to the AccuraScope surgical technology. They have the latest in imaging technology equipment and centers that perform MRIs only. The specially trained surgeons play a significant role in the management of the facilities that ensures professionalism and success not only with their surgical performance but the entire business structure. Nobilis has increased their customer care with added marketing of health improvement choices through television, the internet, radio and literature, advertising to connect with the public and help people like Mackies Stanley realize the extensive services offered through Nobilis Healthcare Centers.