Richard Blair And His Investment Genius

There are many different investment options that we are offered to us during our lives. It is important to consider these opportunities and to make the right ones so we can make the money needed for vacations, luxuries, and retirement. Due to this before an investment is made it is necessary to have someone with an expert eye look over what is being offered to us. Richard Blair pointed this out when he talked about the risks involved with Airbnb that most people do no realize. First off you are putting your house at a high risk of damage because you don’t know the people that are going to be renting it. This is due to the nature of short-term renting, it’s only for a few days so there is no interview or character checks. Along with this, you are liable for any illegal activity happening in the house and damage done to the neighbors around. Now some might say my insurance and Airbnb will cover these costs and the damage done, but they would be wrong. Most insurance policies do not cover short-term rentals because of their high risk for damage. Airbnb isn’t much help either because they only give you secondary coverage, which means they only help pay after you are broke from costs.

People often don’t look into these intricate details of investments and instead just dive in, putting their money at great risk. That is why it is important to have someone like Richard Blair look over your investment before putting your pen to paper. Richard Blair runs his own investment company, Wealth Solutions, out of Austin Texas. He has been in the business of securities for 22 years and currently manages over $55 million in assets. Blair has been able to achieve all of this through the investment skills learned throughout his career. He has implemented these investment strategies within Wealth Solutions to create the companies success. What the company does is build each of its clients a personalized investment portfolio based off of the client’s financial position and history. By doing this they are able to find the best investment solutions for each client and help to gather the money needed for their monetary goals. With this investment plan in place Blair and his company have made retirement and much more possible for their clients.

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The Story of Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

London, England based based Solo Capital Markets is an international investment, proprietary trading and consulting firm. Solo Capital was formed in 2011 in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The firm falls under the financial regulation of the United Kingdom.

Starting out in a tiny office rented on the outskirts of London the firm now owns the office building the serves as its headquarters. At its founding the company employed a small hand full of people, but, as the firm became more successful the number of people employed by Solo Capital has grown significantly.

The firm has three main business sections. One of which is proprietary trading in the foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives markets. The second section provides consulting in investment, human capital and performance. The third section focuses on investments in professional sports. This section includes things such as asset and performance management, talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation.

Solo Capital was founded by Sanjay Shah after the financial crisis of 2008. Shah, who came to England as a child with his parents from Kenya grew up in London. He lived in one of the most prominent neighborhoods with his affluent parents.

In college Mr. shah started out studying medicine. After a few years he found his enthusiasm for medicine had left him and instead he focused on accounting and finance. The decision to focus his efforts in the financial industry turned out to be a good one and he has been very successful in the field.

Mr. Shah worked in the financial sector for several years ending up at a North London bank. He grew to dislike working for these financial institutions over time. He had to travel each morning and evening going to work and coming home. He felt this travel was a waste of time. As an accountant he would have to sit in his office for ten hours a day while working. This left him feeling wasted and he decided to leave the field. The 2008 financial crisis struck before he could exit the field. It was in the aftermath of this crisis that he founded Solo Capital in that small office in London.

Today, Mr. Shah is retired with a net worth of $280 million. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, a charity designed to spread awareness about autism.


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