Success Gives Michael Nierenberg A Fortune Of Over $42 Million

Success can be measured in many different ways for members of the financial industry, including the monetary rewards provided for the top earners on Wall Street. If one is measuring the success of Michael Nierenberg in purely monetary terms he would be seen as a major global success story. It has been estimated Michael Nierenberg has a personal fortune of over $42 million when looking at just the stock owned by the former Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearn’s investment group executive.

Michael Nierenberg has built his fortune through a long and distinguished career as a leading investment specialist with an interest in the residential real estate markets stretching back throughout his employment history. Among the roles undertaken by Michael Nierenberg in his career are those with Lehman Brothers which gave him his first success as a business leader. The success achieved by Michael Nierenberg began with his appointment to the development board of the adjustable rate mortgage sector of Lehman Brothers which proved a major success throughout the life of the company.

This initial grounding in the residential real estate business at Lehman Brothers began the interest of Nierenberg in this sector, which has shaped his career ever since. Over the course of his career, Michael Nierenberg has stepped into many different roles and investment brands with the unmatched success achieved in almost every role he has accepted. After spending seven years at Lehman Brothers and playing an instrumental role in the development of their residential real estate business, Michael Nierenberg moved on to Bear Stearn’s for over a decade. It was at Bear Stearn’s that Nierenberg took his first role as a member of the board of directors at the investment group from 2006 to 2008.

In the financial industry, the movement of the highest-performing executives is commonplace and is often seen as a sign of the success of an individual. In 2008, the achievements of Michael Nierenberg at Bear Stearn’s was recognized by Merrill Lynch who appointed him a member of its management committee. This role would attract the attention of New Residential Investments, who quickly snapped up Nierenberg as President and CEO of the residential real estate brand.

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Freedom Checks Legitimacy is Proven by Frontrunner Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali first ticked the map in 2008. A noted and experienced geologist, Badiali decided to invest in natural resources stocks during the ’08 stock market crash. What happened was history. He bought stocks at six cents per, and then turned around and sold them for $2.64 each in 2010. The return profit was calculated at 4,400 percent. This was huge and made Matt Badiali’s career. Now he travels the world visiting various locations to interview CEOs and vet natural resource operations. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill and is rated among the best investment strategists in the world. Why is this important? Because the question, “who is Matt Badilai”, is usually the first thing asked when investors consider a freedom check.

Badiali first debuted freedom checks about a year ago. He filmed a popular commercial that left many people confused. The ad boasted huge returns, and even featured Badiali holding fat checks up to the camera. The problem is it never fully explained what freedom checks are. As many outside the investment spectrum did not know who Badiali was, he became the subject of their initial search. They quickly discovered his legitimacy which begged a new a question, “if Badiali is legit, does that mean freedom checks are too?”

The answer is yes. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in Master Limited Patnerships. These are privately held companies that operate as publicly traded entities through the sale of stakes. Freedom checks are return of capital payments. They are given to stakeholders because their purchase of a stake provides the company with working capital. Stateside natural resource businesses operate as MLPs to take part in a massive tax break. The break is a reward for bolstering U.S. energy independency. Stakes operate just like stocks. They grant a percentage of the company to the buyer, and when the company pays out a percentage of that amount comes to the buyer. The difference here is that to take part in the tax break MLPs must dispense with 90% of their revenue. This allows the returns to be significantly higher than a normal stock investment.

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Insite Into Matt Badiali’s Methods

Matt Badiali wasn’t aspiring to be an investment guru when he entered college to study earth science and geology. He earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in these subjects. Then, he went to North Carolina to work on his doctorate. He then switched to securities after meeting a financial expert. The expert planned to invest in natural resources. Matt Badiali’s expertise in geology led to him asking that he perform research. Badiali began a new career traveling to mining sites, oil wells and corporate offices around the world.

Publication Dedicated to Natural Resource Investing

To provide informative advice on investing in natural resources, one must be an expert in financial matters and science. Matt Badiaili’s educational background and experience as a researcher give him increased insights. Badiali currently writes the financial newsletter Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan Hill.

Engaging Newsletter

People connect Badali’s advice on investments to real places and people because Badiali uses real places he’s traveled to. Readers learn about opportunities and trends that benefit them. They can take advantage of Badiali’s expertise in both natural resources and investments.

Matt Badiali’s Typical Day

Matt Badiali starts by 8:15 in the morning. He spends a minimum of two hours continuously writing because that’s when he is most productive. He examines financial news and replies to emails during late morning hours. Badiali makes it a point to check stock news and prices of stocks he recommends daily. He takes calls and attends meetings after lunch, but only writes for an hour and a half at most for the newsletter in the afternoons. He prefers exercise and reading later in the day.

Tips to Increase Productivity

Badiali warns against multitasking because the human brain is not a computer. He does not believe people can do three things at once. So, he attempts to do one thing at a time without being interrupted. He advises people to read more so they can make wiser investment decisions and recommends the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. Matt Badiali recognizes no one is perfect. He believes finding and acknowledging mistakes quickly is the best thing.

Fortress Investment Group Co Founder & CEO Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur, attorney and long time investment firm executive. Over the course of his career he has worked in both the legal and finance fields. His experience in both of these fields has enabled him to establish himself as a highly competent professional and entrepreneur. In his career, Randal Nardone has held a number of top level managerial positions that have allowed him to develop as a leader. While he was in the legal field, he would serve on a top managerial committee. In finance, Randal held numerous positions that included positions such as chief executive officer and managing director. During his career, Randal would accumulate a vast amount of wealth and be recognized as one of the richest billionaires in America.

Prior to beginning his career, Randal Nardone completed bachelor’s degrees in English and Biology. These degree programs would allow him to qualify for law school. After graduating from the University of Connecticut, Randal went to study law at Boston University. He would complete his law degree and then look to pursue his career in law. While becoming a lawyer was his main career goal at first, Randal eventually decided to work in the financial sector as both a top manager and an entrepreneur.

For several years, Randal Nardone worked at a top law firm in New York City. He would practice as an attorney before getting more involved in the top managerial positions at the firm. Nardone served on the firm’s executive committee along with holding the position as a firm partner. As a member of the executive committee, he would participate in providing management decisions as well as overall strategy to help the firm with expansion and legal services.

Nardone moved on to pursue a career in finance after working at the law firm. In the financial sector, he would co found Fortress Investment Group as well as holding high level positions at Blackrock Financial Management and UBS. Randal served on these firms as a managing director, a principal and as a chief executive officer. These positions enabled Randal to exhibit his leadership skills and expertise in order build them into top performing asset management firms.

The Truth about Freedom Checks

Every day, people are waking up to new methods of scams used by criminals. Due to this reason, a majority of the population do not rush into new investments for fear of loss of their hard earned money. By now, the term “freedom checks” is not new many. For those who wish to know more, you should first understand that it is very legal and not a scam at all.

One Matt Badialli, who is a geologist and has a master’s degree in earth science, is the founder of freedom checks. In the effort of confirming the legality of coal mines and sources of fuel, Badialli travelled around the world during his studies. He got a lot of information as he interacted with CEOs of big energy companies around the world. In the year 2008, Badialli bought energy stocks which costed him $0.06 each. He did this even after his family and friends advised him not to. Contrary to their expectations made a clean profit of 4,400% after selling the stock at $2.64 each.

The initial thought of people when they hear about freedom checks if free money. However you have to invest in Master Limited Partnerships to get their payments which are the so called freedom checks. Many might ask, why MLPs? Well here’s why.

The congress, in the year 1987, passed an act which allows MLPs to operate without paying tax. However, this can only happen if 90% of their revenue is generated through processing, production, transportation and storage of oil and gas in the US. The other requirement is that the MLP must pay at least 90% of the income they get to their investors. The checks in this case are what Matt Badialli refers to as freedom checks.

Energy companies are among the best to make current investments in because with the increase in human population, there will be increase in demand for energy. If you are wondering how as an investor you will get your freedom check, well no need to worry. Just like any other check, it will be mailed to you or you can have your broker deposit your returns in your account.

Infinity Group Australia Scaling Greater Heights In Finance Management

Born over two decades ago, Graeme Holm had a dream to achieve, and nothing would stop him. Growing up, he experienced financial constraints given that his parents were from a humble background. In what may seem to have been his motivation, Holm developed a soft spot for matters finance. This would later be the stepping stone towards a remarkable dream career. Equipped with over 17 years of experience in the banking industry, Graeme Holm has scaled up his way to the MBA Top 100 Brokers in Australia.


On May 2012, Graeme Holm and his beautiful wife established Infinity Group Australia, a financial company with its base in Sydney, Australia. Their vision was to enable people from all walks of life in Australia to manage their finances in a bid to ensure that their future was well taken care of. With many Australians trapped by the inability to manage their finances and the murky waters of debts from all corners, Infinity Group Australia came in handy to set them free.


Graeme Holm set out on a six-month-long journey to carry out in-depth on the challenges facing the mortgage market in Australia. Through the research, he realized that the financial institutions in Australia were not offering quality services to their clients, owing to the ever skyrocketing rise in the number of locals unable to budget their finances. Under Infinity Group Australia, clients are freely engaged in their day to day financial activities and can generate a monthly report on their performance.


Given that most locals live from hand to mouth, Infinity Group provides financial guidance that enables clients to pay off their loans in three months compared to the twelve months they previously took. With their coaching expertise, Infinity Group has facilitated the repayment of home loans in 7-10 years, a shorter period compared to the 30-year plan they would otherwise take. Graeme reiterates on the need for teamwork and collaboration as the key to success as different people rake in different ideas that help steer the company and its services in the right direction. Excellent customer service has been the sole foundation on which Infinity Group Australia stands since they stop at nothing to offer superior services to their loyal customers. The Customer Experience Management Award that they scooped in 2018 confirms this.


In a move that has won the hearts of many, Infinity Group Australia engages in community-based programs by sponsoring charity to a tune of $30,000 and giveaways including a brand new Jeep.

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