Betsy DeVos, Education and Traction

Betsy DeVos is without a doubt what many individuals would refer to as being a “maverick.” She doesn’t let others steer her in any sense. She sets her sights on objectives and doesn’t let up until she gets precisely what she wants. That attitude has done well for her throughout the years, too. Dick DeVos definitely won’t dispute that. Her husband has many values that are reminiscent of her own. That may explain their rock-solid union that has stood the test of time. The couple have adult children together now. They have created a non-profit organization together that’s been going strong for years and years. This group is called simply the “Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.” It’s been a gift to causes that run the gamut. These causes include poverty, culture, education and art. Education isn’t at all a faraway concept for Betsy DeVos. Since she’s the latest Secretary of Education for the United States, she knows how to speak at length about schooling in the massive Northern American nation. That’s not to say that she doesn’t know a lot about schooling systems in other parts of the planet, either. Her educational proficiency knows no bounds.


DeVos doesn’t ever back down from a challenge of sorts. She has her priorities straight. Education is among her biggest concerns right now. It’s been among her biggest concerns for a lengthy stretch of time, too. People who have worked for American schools have encountered DeVos many times. They’ve encountered her in the company of her devoted husband as well. They never say no to the chance to speak with parents who have questions about education. They never turn away from the opportunity to get insight from the people who truly grasp what’s going on educationally in the United States. People who have been around Betsy and her husband are consistently impressed by their attitudes. They don’t feign concern at all. They’re the real deal.


President Donald Trump works alongside a vast number of people. DeVos is one of his administration’s members right now. President Trump has a lot of faith in DeVos and in all that she’s capable of accomplishing. She’s earned that level of trust as well. DeVos is a person who always means the things she says. If she decides that she’s going to go after something, she means it 100 percent. Sincerity has always been one of her most compelling characteristics.


Educational vouchers are big news in the United States as of late. People hear about these vouchers via the media regularly. They get mentions on television programs in the morning. They get mentions in the newspaper and in magazines as well. DeVos has a lot of savvy that involves educational vouchers. She thinks that it’s high time the rest of the world caught up, too. She wants to make these vouchers ubiquitous in the United States. DeVos has a confidence in education and its direction lately. She wants the youth of America to take advantage of education’s traction.


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