New To eCigs And O2Pur? Here Are 4 Things You Need To Know

If you have ever seen a person walking around with a rectangle shaped box and letting out a cloud of smoke, they probably are the proud owners of an eCigs. These nifty little tools are known to be incredible for anyone who wants to kick the habit or make cool looking smoke rings. Whatever be the need for your purchase, it is always important to try and get the best value for the money that you are putting in. Here are four things that you need to know before you have to buy your first eCig.

1.Going In For Something That Is Well Reputed

If you look at any popular site that sells eCigs, you will see a wide range of products that are mostly going to overwhelm you. With the sheer variety on the market, it may be hard to find out which product is right for you and which brand to go in for. The best way to get something that is good is to figure out which brands are known for putting out good products, and which brands have the products within your budget. O2Pur is one site that is known for having a wide range of high-quality designs that are brilliant if you are buying your first and not sure of what to go in for.

2.Figure Out You Ideal Nicotine Level

Different People prefer different nicotine levels when it comes to their eCigs. Some people like the strong kick while some prefer something that is rather light and not too much. A regular cigarette usually contains around 12mg of Nicotine. However, the amount you take in is much less. An eCig, on the other hand, has a more concentrated amount of nicotine, which means that while the number may be smaller, the amount that you receive is greater in proportion. Brands like the one that we previously mentioned do have a range of eCigs that differ in nicotine amounts. If you are looking to kick your smoking habit or even just reduce the amount that you generally smoke, you can start out with anything from a 4mg to 8mg nicotine level.

3.Stock Up On Batteries

eCigs work on batteries, and the last thing you want if for your eCig to run out of power when you are ready to go on your smoke break. Some eCigs use standard batteries, while some have specific ones that are needed. Depending on your device, stock up on your batteries to ensure that you never run out of power and can always have your eCig up and running.

4.Invest In A Starter Kit

If this is your first time investing in eCigs, consider going in for starter kits instead of a stand-alone device. Often, the individual paraphernalia that is needed for the device doesn’t come along with the product, and you may need to hunt for the additional items that you might need. A starter kit will have everything that you need so that you can have a smooth first vape experience. O2Pur has some starter kit options for those who are looking to buy an eCig for the very first time and need everything else that comes along with it. The site also does have the individual products that you would need if you are looking to make your starter kit for your first purchase.