Banco Bradesco’s Change In Leadership With Luiz Carlos Trabuco & Others

It was recently reported concerning the change of upper management and executive roles within Banco Bradesco S.A. Lazaro de Mello Brandao, this bank’s chairman, is retiring, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is taking his position.

As a matter of fact, Trabuco, who is the current CEO of this bank, will keep his current position while taking on the role of chairman. It’s until March 2018 when the bank will hire someone to take on the CEO role. Brandao, age 91, is the bank’s second chairman who is stepping down in the history of Bradesco’s existence. Also, he is one of the oldest serving bank chairmen of the world.

According to Trabuco, their next president will leave their executive board. The bank will respect Bradesco’s tradition regarding how they normally choose someone internally. They are extending the time to choose their next president due to maintaining the HSBC integration process. They expect to choose among their seven vice presidents to be the next president. The profile of each candidate is as follows, according to Bloomberg:

* Alexandre da Silva Gluher, age 57
Alexandre da Silva Gluher, age 57- Bradesco’s head of risk management, he has been employed with the bank since 1976.

* Maurício Machado de Minas, age 58
Maurício Machado de Minas, age 58- Bradesco’s IT department executive, he’s been with the bank since 2009 and has gained more experience from CPM Braxis.

* Josué Augusto Pancini, age 57
Josué Augusto Pancini, age 57- Bradesco’s high-income segment and branch network executive, he’s been employed with the bank since 1975.

* Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, age 58
Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, age 58- he’s responsible for the bank departments of credit and treasury. Since 1981, he’s been working for this bank.

* Lazaro Octávio, age 54
Lazaro Octávio, age 54- employed by the bank since 1978, he is their insurance unit executive. He was recently promoted to his current position.

* Marcelo de Araújo Noronha, age 52
Marcelo de Araújo Noronha, age 52- he’s been with this bank since 2003, and he is their executive responsible their corporate segment, the investment bank, and the card operation.

* André Rodrigues Cano, age 59- employed with the bank since 1977, he is their human resources department executive. He was recently promoted to top management position as of December 2016.

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About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Since March 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been serving as Banco Bradesco S.A.’s chief executive officer. He also served as their executive vice president. Before his position as the chief executive officer, he was the bank’s managing director since March 1999. Before this position, he was the president of the Bradesco Vida e Previdência SA. And from 1984 to 1992, he served as their department director. He’s been with the bank since April 1969, and other roles he served are as follows:

President of Grupo Bradesco Seguros since March 2003
Director and chairman of Odontoprev S.A. since December 2009
Banco Espirito Santo’s non-executive director from 2009 to May 2010
President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans (ANAPP) from August 1994 to August 2000
Board member of the Brazilian Association for Listed Companies (ABRASCA) from July 2000 to February 2003

Trabuco also presently serves in other capacities. He is his bank’s internal director, and he is the bank’s director.

As far as his educational achievements, Trabuco earned a post-graduate degree from the USP’s School of Sociology and Politics. He also earned a degree from the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Philosophy, Sciences, Languages and Arts Faculty.

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Talk Fusion: A Company with a Plan to Bring People Together

Talk Fusion is making a big difference when it comes to the way we communicate. The biggest thing now is video communication. This is a much easier and faster way to connect with other clients and potential customers. If you are looking to find a better way to market your brand, video communication is the way to go.

Talk Fusion is the leading the competition in video marketing products such as Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and Video Email. All of these products can be used to help build your brand and get your name out there so potential customers can get to know your business. All of these products are compatible on all mobile devices and are user-friendly. When it comes to using these products, you can use them for almost anything. You can promote an upcoming sale or even promote an upcoming pet adoption event. All you need to do is record a video and upload it to the Talk Fusion portal. You can then customize it to whatever you would like. You can then link the video you have just created into an email and send it off to whomever you would like. What makes Talk Fusion stand out from others is the fact that the video automatically plays within the email itself. Read more at PR News Wire about Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, designed these user-friendly products with the consumer in mind. He wanted these products to be a way for him to give back to others. Bob has always been a big supporter of giving back. He has donated a record-breaking $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and has donated funds to millions of animals who need life-saving operations. He has also donated to an Indonesian orphanage and has helped those who were affected by the tsunami in Japan. Bob’s mission to change lives is quickly being shown through Talk Fusion’s products.

Bob’s goal is to help as many charities and non-profits around the world reach more people and spread their message even further than before. He recently launched a program where Talk Fusion Associates are able to donate one free account to the charity of their choice. This free account will have access to all of the latest and greatest marketing products which is sure to bring more people your way.



The Establishment of Talk Fusion and Its Impacts


Talk Fusion is the world’s first video marketing solution that offers a solution to all video marketing problems for businesses. Talk Fusion is a company that is growing rapidly. It improves the way in which companies communicate with customers, suppliers or even employees.

Talk Fusion is in ventures all over the world. Currently, it serves over 140 countries. The best part about Talk Fusion is that it provides multiple languages, so it is user-friendly to users all over the world.

The founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina established after getting disappointed when he wanted to send a short video to his mother. AOL believed that it was not possible to post videos. However, Bob thought it was possible, and he began making things happen. Bob was able to perfect the art of putting videos into emails through the help of his IT-savvy friend. That is how he founded Talk Fusion.

Recently, Talk Fusion launched redesigning the site, and it also launched WebRTC Recorder. With WebRTC, an individual can be anywhere and at any time. Customers can enjoy a 30-day free trial. Online videos are transforming the manner in which people connect with each other around the world. Bob considers the next big thing as being able to transport to another place within the blink of an eye.

The cost of using Talk Fusion is extremely low. For a business owner, it would cost you $175 one time and an average of $20 per month. Users get one account, ability to make videos that last up to five minutes and storage capacity for 1000 emails for the above price. Alternatively, a company can pay $375 to get the above products as well as customized features, additional four accounts, and more template options.

The unique thing about Talk Fusion is that videos are built into an email. There are no links for redirections. Once you get the email, a person clicks on the embedded video, and it plays immediately. You can use it to review projects with your customers.

About Bob Reina

Bob is the CEO of Talk Fusion. Before establishing Talk Fusion, he was working as a Tampa Bay Police Officer. Reina also worked as a network marketer in 1990 where he was working as a part-timer. Reina has a passion for network marketing and has entrepreneurial ambitions.

Bon believes in giving to those in need. It is for that reason Talk Fusion gives back to the community. It collaborated with other organizations to offer relief to Tsunami victims in Japan. The company also donated money to an orphanage in Indonesia.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Over At Coriant

A recent article in a popular online communications industry publication talked about Coriant’s hiring of Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO and its potential impact on the company ( Kheradpir is an experienced executive that has lent his considerable talents to a wide range of major internationally known companies. And at each stop along the way he has improved the technical abilities and the income for each of those companies. Odds are he will do the same for Coriant.

Born in London, England and educated in Switzerland, Iran and the United States, Shaygan Kheradpir brings an international perspective, technical genius and unique experience to every position he takes. He is also known as a technology executive that gets the job done well and quickly. After graduating from Cornell University with a Masters and a PhD in electrical engineering, Kheradpir has spent the past 3 decades creating effective systems, staffing solutions and solving technical problems for network operators in more than 100 countries. His work has helped every company with which he has been involved to thrive.

Kheradpir, Corianr current Chairman of the Board and CEO, began his career with GTE. He radically improved their network routing, control and management systems and was promoted to Chief Information Officer. When in 2000 GTE and Bell Atlantic merged to form Verizon Inc., Kheradpir was initially put in charge of the new company’s e-business division. However, after improving the automation and diversification of their telecommunications systems, he became Verizon’s first Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Kheradpir then became COO, CTO and an Executive Committee member at Barclays and helped them create their Pingit mobile payment software.

Since leaving Barclays Kheradpir has been CEO of Juniper Networks and created an Integrated Operating Plan that cost costs by $150 million and returned over $3 billion to the shareholders. He then became operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, the private equity firm which created Coriant in 2013. Kheradpir was quickly made Coriant’s chairman of the board and CEO. While making his mark as a business and technology executive in the financial services, technology, and telecommunications industries, Kheradpir also registered numerous patents and was on the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology advisory board.

Shaygan Kheradpir is now charged with using his strategic insight and operational execution experience to take Coriant to the top of its highly competitive market against companies like Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco


Talk Fusion is Doing What No One Would Have Ever Guessed Could Be Done

Don’t tell Bob Reina “no.” That has be what the millions of customers that are Talk Fusion users must be thinking as they hear the story of his career. America Online told him that he could not send a video clip to a friend through email. It wasn’t that the company was trying to stifle his progress. At that time he was not an entrepreneur. His foot was planted in the field of law enforcement, and he just wanted to see if this could be done. Many years later, Talk Fusion customers are sending video emails and doing much more with the Bob Reina software.

I believe I admire Reina because he had so many things against him, but he pushed on. He was not a technology major in college. That was obviously strike one for someone that would someday form a technology company. Reina had already been told that the thing that he was working on what not something that could be done. That was strike two. He could have lost all of his money trying to prove someone wrong after they had already told him he was fighting a losing battle. Then, on top of all of this, he was competing in an industry were video communication software already had dominant players with more money to spend. Video conferencing is done by major companies like Apple and Cisco.

He had all of these strikes against him, and I think that Bob Reina could have easily struck out completely. He stayed the course though. He was rooted in the belief that he was doing something that needed to be done. Bob was certain that he was not the only one that had this dilemma. Reina wanted to do something about it, and he would not rest until the Talk Fusion brand was developed.

Right now it seems like something that was simple, but there had to be a lot of hard days. Bob had to spend a lot of time proving himself to those that did not believe in the beginning. This would really inspire me as an entrepreneur.

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Telecommunications Company, Coriant, and Its CEO Shaygan Kheradpir


Coriant was launched on May 6th 2013 after its separation from Marlin Equity Partners. It is a telecommunications company. The company is headed by Shaygan Kheradpir as its Chief Executive Officer and Pat DiPietro as its Vice Chairman. The company is part of the bigger Transmission Department of Siemens Technology. It was also part of Nokia Siemens Network. Coriant basically deals in hardware and software products. These products are used to enhance cloud technology that is ordinarily used for the day to day running of businesses. They basically cover voice, data and mobile networks across the globe. Its products are majorly Intelligent Network Management, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Packet Optical Transport Solutions, MSPP Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions, and Optical LAN & Broadband Access.

Government agencies, financial institutions, content providers and fixed line providers are amongst the clients of Coriant. They are usually trained and educated on the use of the products that are regularly innovated by Coriant. Through this, Coriant ensures that its clients regularly get the very best in terms of products and services and they know what to expect. The company has employed and employs a team of individuals who are highly skilled in matters of software creation, development and maintenance. It seeks to provide learning and job opportunities and it regularly reviews job applications through its online application platform. The company boasts of having over 3000 employees. The technology that Coriant uses is from Siemens Optical Networks (NSN ON), Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. One can access more details about the Coriant through its website .

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently appointed the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir who is a graduate of Cornell University with a Ph.D, Masters and Bachelor’s degree is an instrumental addition to the company. He is known for some of the best software innovations such as the FIOS which he created while working at Verizon and the Integrated Operating Plan that he came up with prior to leaving Jupiter Works for Coriant.

He is well versed in matters to do with financial structure, software innovations and telecom infrastructure. This is heavily attributed to the twenty years he has worked in the technology world with wide experience in cloud innovations. Shaygan Kheradpir is currently a member of the Advisory Board of U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is one of the top celebrated business men in the world.

Find out more about Shaygan Kheradpir at

Coriant: A Distinct Telecommunications Company

Coriant is a leading telecommunications company that supplies optical transport solutions and other network solutions to network operators, such as leading financial institutions and government agencies. The independent company, a subsidiary of Marlin Equity Partners, was founded in 2013. Earlier that year, Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks had partnered to launch the company. Coriant’s headquarters are found in Munich and Naperville, Germany and USA. With more than 3,000 employees in more than 100 countries, the company comfortably serves its customers who are spread across the world.

In addition to distinct transport solutions, Coriant provides edge routing solutions, intelligent network management, managed security service provider (MSSP) solutions and integrated optical planning solutions. Additionally, the company provides Optical LAN solutions, broadband solutions and managed cross-connect/TDM solutions. Using the latest, innovative and dynamic applications and technologies, such as Advanced Optical Transmission and Software Defined Networking (SDN), the company provides solutions to service providers, including cable MSOs, and mobile, fixed line, rural and submarine network operators; and enterprises, such as utility network operators and defense agencies. Coriant also sells its software and hardware to cloud and data center operators, such as CNPs, ICPs and CSPs.

The leaders of Coriant are Shaygan Kheradpir, Robert Leggett and Pat DiPietro who are the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Vice-chairman respectively. Shaygan, who currently serves as member of Cornell University Engineering Council, is the Chairman of the Board at Coriant. He holds a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, USA. The CEO was born on December 19, 1960 London. Shaygan 28-year executive experience cuts across a number of industries, including telecom, financial services and technology industries. Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed CEO of Coriant in September 2013 after working briefly with Marlin Equity Partners as Operating Partner.

Shaygan first worked as Chief Information Officer at GTE Corporation where he delivered new products in time. In 2000, GTE Corporation and Bell Atlantic joined forces to form Verizon Communications where Shaygan served as President of e-business division and Chief Technology/Information Officer. Working with a team of about 7,000 people, Shaygan developed FiOS fiber video optic and iobi. He later came up with a plan of reducing the company’s information budget by two percent of the total revenue. Kheradpir joined Barclay’s in January 2011 as Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank, and he was appointed the bank’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer in March 2013, eventually joining the bank’s Executive Team. The business and technology leader joined Juniper Networks as CEO in January 2014, and he helped the company cut costs by at least $160 million and developed a plan to return $3 billion to investors.

Coriant Continues to be a Highly Technologically Advanced Company

The company Coriant was formed in 2013. It combines the technology of Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. The company’s focus is selling hardware and software for optical transmission in the voice, data, and mobile networks. They service content providers, cloud and data center operators, and utility companies, as well as other various companies. They effectively manage traffic volumes and reduce network costs through cost-efficient network scalability.

They meet expectations for uninterrupted service and are a very trusted networking partner. With the combined technologies of Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks, they ensure the highest quality services and most innovative technology possible. These companies have over 35 years of expertise in the field of IP/data and packet optical networking. They help clients to maximize the value of their transport networks. They currently service 500 clients in over 100 countries and 6 continents. They also currently have over 1,800 patents. They offer best in class solutions in mobile and fixed networks, cloud and data center providers, and government agencies.

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO of Coriant. He is also Chairman of the Board. He is a widely recognized leader in technology and business. He currently has over 28 years of executive experience. He also has a doctorate degree in engineering from Cornell University. In addition to this, he holds many various patents in telecom, media, and payments.

He has worked in several industries such as, telecom, technology, and financial service. His career began at GTE Corporation. From there, he then became Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. He then became Chief Operations and Technology Office at Barclays. Followed by this, he became the CEO of Juniper Networks. In addition to all of these achievements, he was also Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He has achieved a great amount of success over the last few decades. All of his experience makes him very qualified to lead Coriant in the right direction. With his leadership, Coriant continues to progress in the technology field and has become a very innovative company that is sure to grow tremendously in the future.