New Website from Nationwide Title Clearing, Excellent Online Services Availed

Land title deeds have been an emotive issue in the real estate industry for a long time as a result of the rising cases of title defects, which has led to consequences such as foreclosures and difficulties in transmission of property from one person to the other. The Nationwide Title Clearing Company has been receiving these complaints, and they have decided to make changes which will help them deliver better services to their clients. The latest step they have made in making things better is revamping their website and making sure that online ordering is possible.


According to the management team at NTC, many things can lead to title defects. These include when there are problems in the wording of the title document, when one of the signatories to the title does not append their signature and when a person makes a mistake when writing the title documents. Another common cause of title defects is when someone is trying to claim they own property that does not belong to them at all. In other cases, the entire document fails to comply with the given standards of the papers in the When these mistakes happen, the probability of buybacks and foreclosures rise. The aim of the website is to make sure that all these documents are accessible to the buyers.


In the past, many people have had a hard time getting property because of the complications outlined above. In addition to these cases, there have been times when people have bought property which had prior liens and encumbrances. The online portal has been enhanced in such a manner that in addition to making these documents available, it will also give relevant information about the complete history of the property. The data will include reports on tax status and other reports on verification. There will also be details about the current owner of the property. NTC has stated that all the information being offered on the site has been checked and verified. The move has been seen as a step towards ensuring that the process of property acquisition becomes easier for their clients.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


NTC is a private company that deals with the processing of documents related to the real estate industry. The company has been in business for the past 26 years, and they are located in Palm Harbor, Florida. They have expanded their business, and their services are available not only in Florida but the rest of the country as well. This company is a great asset for property owners everywhere.




VTA Publications Has Come Up With A System That Nobody Can Deny

Are you interested in becoming an investor or starting your own business? Struggling to earn money in the stock market and achieve financial freedom? Searching for a fantastic opportunity to amass a lot of money in business or invest in a highly profitable opportunity? Probably you are aware that Jim Hunt VTA Publications provides expert guides and training products that truly help ambitious people reach their goals.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications, a renowned author and business expert, is also a top-notch stock trader and he is well known for advising and guiding ambitious people to success. If you want to enjoy astonishing results in the financial markets, you need to know about Jim and his training programs on

Jim announced that he would help his mother become a millionaire by using his stock trading program at Jim has vowed to accomplish this challenge in just 10 trades. The first phase of the process has already been published on YouTube. It is an amazing challenge and a large number of individuals have confidence that Jim will deliver on his promise as he has truly done in the past.

If you have never heard about Jim Hunt and his stock trading lectures, you should really check him out. Jim is absolutely a reliable entrepreneur, publisher and business coach on Jim is well versed in a wide variety of business and finance topics and has been publishing his books and programs through VTA Publications, a renowned and successful publishing enterprise.

Jim advises that individuals who want to take steps towards achieving financial freedom should steer clear of pessimists. These negative individuals usually look for reasons why you will not do well in the pursuit of better things in life. People who accomplish amazing things or attain their goals, make it a habit to stay away from negative environments.

VTA Publications has been publishing and promoting top-notch business training courses, including Wealth Wave, Jim’s course. Their ebooks, articles, guides and courses have been helping people around the world acquire the knowledge they need to become successful in their endeavors. Check out the many information products they provide, including Wealth Wave and additional lectures by Jim Hunt.

Mike Baur Brings The Swiss Startup Factory To Prominence

One of the biggest changes in the way the business world operates over the past decade has been the evolution of eCommerce on the internet. The use of the internet as a central hub by companies to sell products and services has allowed companies to transform the way that people purchase products and services. Billions of dollars are exchanged on the internet on a yearly basis regarding a wide variety of products and services.


People go to the internet to make purchases without much hesitation because of the technology developments that have been made regarding eCommerce and related technology over the past decade. The level of security that is available for companies that provide eCommerce capabilities online is very strong in comparison to brick and mortar purchasing technology. The internet has become a viable option for millions of people regarding tasks related to making purchases.


With technology on the internet such as eCommerce, the business world has made the internet a primary focus for conducting business. This shift has a lot to do with the business world becoming a digital world. The use of technology has made almost everything in the business world dependent on the use of technology. This has made a huge impact on many people who are looking to start companies.


As the internet has made the digital world a daily part of many people’s lives, the desire of some business professionals to start a digital company has grown in recent years. Starting a digital company is much different than a brick and mortar company. While there are still many aspects that are the same, there are some important differences.


This is where business professionals like Mike Baur are able to help people interested in starting a digital company. In 2014, Mike Baur and two partners started the Swiss Startup Factory. The company helps people interested in starting digital companies by providing services, coaching, and mentoring that is aimed at providing people with the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to successfully start and operate a digital company.


Mike Baur has been and continues to be a major contributor to the success of the Swiss Startup Factory. The company is widely considered one of the best companies in its area of specialty in Switzerland and across the globe. Mike Baur has over two decades of business experience that he brings to the Swiss Startup Factory.

James Dondero Leads Highland Capital Management In Raising Funds To Build The New Central Dallas Counselling Center

James Dondero is the co-founder and present president of Highland Capital Management, LP. In 2016, he announced that Highland Capital donated 1 million dollars to The Family Place. The amount was geared towards helping Family Place for its Legacy Campaign to be held in the next six months following the announcement. James made the announcement during the Family Place’s 21st annual luncheon of the Texas Trailblazer awards hosted at the Hilton Anatole in Texas. The Family Place is a leading Dallas organization that helps victims of domestic abuse across the United States.

Until April 4th 0f 2017, any further amounts raised will earn Family Place an additional 50 percent of the sum from Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management conducts its philanthropic acts through its branch, Highland Dallas Foundation Incorporation. The Family Place recorded an achievement of raising 200,000 dollars by October 4th, 2016, and an additional of 100,000 dollars from Highland Management. James Dondero ensures that The Family Place reaches its target of raising 16.5 million dollars by contributing extremely towards raising the remaining 2.8 million dollars.

The Legacy Campaign by Family Place supports the creation and operation of a new center, the Central Dallas Counselling, to cater to victims of domestic violence. The new center, named after Ann Moody, is under the supervision of the architectural and designing firm, Corgan. The facility will have 13 emergency bedrooms, a dental and medical clinic, a centralized emergency call number, several private and group counseling spaces that cater to children and adults differently, and a center that provides job-training services, a pet shelter, and an active child- development service. The facility will provide education to teens in bullying and teen dating abuse for over 6000 students annually. Central Dallas Counselling will house over 2000 individuals to provide more accommodation for victims who lack space at The Family Space.

James Dondero stated that his firm is honored to serve the Dallas community alongside several other philanthropic organizations. He expressed his congratulations to The Family Place for executing the plan in less than a year. James Dondero also added that Highland’s efforts are an answer to the call of action by the Dallas police chief David Brown and mayor, Mike Rowlings.

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Cotemar – A Modern, Forward Thinking Company

Cotemar, S.A. de C.V. provides many varied services all connected to the specific needs of offshore oil fields. They provide maintenance and repair on platforms and the process center as well as semi-submersible platforms. Cotemar’s specialized vessels transport the structures required for new oil development, hauling abrasive materials in bulk such as mud, sand, or barite among others. Cotemar process and transport oil and other liquids taken from the platforms as well as providing fire fighting and spill containment services.

Employees of Cotemar live well out on the water due to the catered food, laundry, and living quarters available to them. Also recreational areas are provided that include movies, gymnasiums, ball courts and television rooms. Worker safety is the number one priority, but Cotemar sees to it their comfort is also well provided for.

Cotemar now utilizes a Wi-Fi-based, radio-frequency identification technology on four of their off-shore housing vessels providing support for PEMEX operations in the Gulf of Mexico. This I.D. system is geared for worker safety but proves its value in billing and employee efficiency gains as well. Everyone, employee or guest that boards the floatel and platform are given a card which is their key for moving around or obtaining services anywhere while on board.

The system provides real-time visibility that wasn’t available before. Now, when a worker is missing, tracking their movements using this technology helps find them without wasting valuable time looking in the wrong area. Some places can be dangerous for untrained personnel, and as another way to keep them safe, the tracking system is able to let employees or guests know Cotemar are in an off-limits section or room by their card/tag setting off an alarm.

Cotemar’s vessels are like small towns, and this way of looking after employees and keeping guests safe has become an invaluable management tool. Billing for services by the worker simply swiping their card makes accounting more efficient, and it also helps to lower operating expenses by preventing so much non-productive time. Workers don’t mind this, because above all, it is there to keep them safe.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Over At Coriant

A recent article in a popular online communications industry publication talked about Coriant’s hiring of Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO and its potential impact on the company ( Kheradpir is an experienced executive that has lent his considerable talents to a wide range of major internationally known companies. And at each stop along the way he has improved the technical abilities and the income for each of those companies. Odds are he will do the same for Coriant.

Born in London, England and educated in Switzerland, Iran and the United States, Shaygan Kheradpir brings an international perspective, technical genius and unique experience to every position he takes. He is also known as a technology executive that gets the job done well and quickly. After graduating from Cornell University with a Masters and a PhD in electrical engineering, Kheradpir has spent the past 3 decades creating effective systems, staffing solutions and solving technical problems for network operators in more than 100 countries. His work has helped every company with which he has been involved to thrive.

Kheradpir, Corianr current Chairman of the Board and CEO, began his career with GTE. He radically improved their network routing, control and management systems and was promoted to Chief Information Officer. When in 2000 GTE and Bell Atlantic merged to form Verizon Inc., Kheradpir was initially put in charge of the new company’s e-business division. However, after improving the automation and diversification of their telecommunications systems, he became Verizon’s first Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Kheradpir then became COO, CTO and an Executive Committee member at Barclays and helped them create their Pingit mobile payment software.

Since leaving Barclays Kheradpir has been CEO of Juniper Networks and created an Integrated Operating Plan that cost costs by $150 million and returned over $3 billion to the shareholders. He then became operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, the private equity firm which created Coriant in 2013. Kheradpir was quickly made Coriant’s chairman of the board and CEO. While making his mark as a business and technology executive in the financial services, technology, and telecommunications industries, Kheradpir also registered numerous patents and was on the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology advisory board.

Shaygan Kheradpir is now charged with using his strategic insight and operational execution experience to take Coriant to the top of its highly competitive market against companies like Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco


Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw & Company is a well-known investment service. It provides wealth management and banking services to everyone, from large organizations to individuals. Investment services include money raising via placing of equity with valuable investors, organization of national exchange listings, as well as a myriad of other high capital raising methods. Laidlaw has been around for over 170 years and thus has an excellent track record. It has large amounts of experience with international corporations, corporate entrepreneurs, and other private individuals from everywhere around the world.

Speaking of worldwide influence, Laidlaw and Company is growing significantly every day. It currently employs over 150 employees on who are authorized by both the FCA and FINRA. With such growth, Laidlaw and Company is allowed to grow its global influence and connect with clients all over the world.

Laidlaw and Company is distinguished by it’s culture, which is one of strong, entrepreneurial drive, unparalleled work ethic, unconventional thinking,that produces results on prnewswire that sell themselves. The mostly senior-staffed company provides young company’s the ability to gain money quickly. Laidlaw and Company often is the difference between success for start-up businesses. With Laidlaw & Company, companies have both the ability and comfort to grow themselves in ways previously not possible. The truth is not that you can’t afford to make Laidlaw and Company your partner. Rather, it is the truth that you cannot afford to not have Laidlaw and Company your partner.

Slyce is Early Leverager of Image Recognition

For those who haven’t heard of the most frequent application of image recognition is the commercial visual search engine called “Slyce.” Slyce is actually a larger player in the image recognition app category as they recently acquired SnipSnap, the mobile coupon reader that had 4 million mobile users in its own right.

Slyce is an image search engine that is using image recognition, which is still growing by leaps and bounds as a basis for search. You know it’s on the forefront when Zuckerberg outlined his artificial intelligence plans for Facebook at the annual developer’s conference this year. Zuckerberg showed a sample of image recognition that allows the blind to hear explanations aloud of images on the screen. He was quoted as having said about his AI plans, “we will build systems that are better than people at perception.”

One of the larger adopters of the Slyce app came from over 2,200 participating movie theaters that enabled their moviegoers to read pictures of interactive ads in the lobbies of movies. You can get information such as where to buy the types of things as worn by the stars in the movies your seeing.

This is just but one application of visual search intelligence, but conceivably most businesses could find an image appliacation. Image recognition is new but really expanding due to the climate of open source development. So much so that for the third year in a row there will be a LDV Vision Summit, an annual conference to cover visual tech, VR, cameras, medical imaging, and content analysis.

The visual search field is set to be one that really has a monumental impact on business – get more at Slyce. This is due to a few different factors. First, is the open data available as training material. Another factor is due to deep learning, a machine learning techniques patterned in a loose way the way a on the human brain.

Deep learning aids in computers learning what is in pictures faster and more accurately. Two particular databases have been of particular importance, Pascal VOC and ImageNet. These free database collections have millions of images tagged with keywords and descriptors inputted for every photo and ready for use – Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

Other factors include having open source software frameworks and libraries to use as building blocks for the technology’s development. Also the vast array of hosted API’s available today will be a great help in furthering the research. Most tech training grounds such as Stanford, Cal Berkley, and Princeton have research on going in the field of image recognition. With all the positives it has to offer, one has to think about the impact to the business world in an exponential way.

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QNET Helps Chennai Flood Victims At IIFA Utsavam

I have used a lot of QNET products and I am a bit of a fan of their stance on corporate governance and care for the society and the environment. The products are great but when I support QNET, I feel like I’m also supporting the number of causes this company has attached itself to. This is why it was a matter of pride when I found out that for showing its support to the rehabilitation of victims of the recent Chennai flood, QNET recently contributed a generous Rs. 75 lacs to the Tamil Nadu CM’s Relief Fund. The ecommerce company made this donation under its CSR initiative in which it undertakes a number of causes that are beneficial to India in general.

As a person living in the country, I have friends and relatives who were affected by Chennai floods and to see one company come out and show such support is heartening, to say the least. The theme of the IIFA Utsavam was “Be1forChennai” and there couldn’t be a theme more apt for QNET to make this donation for flood victims. The event included Telangana’s Minister for Taxes and Cinematography Mr. T Srinivas and the donation was forwarded in his presence.

For people like me who live in India, IIFA is a big deal and the IIFA Utsavam is an award ceremony where talents from the South Indian films are honored for their great work in the industry. By making Chennai flood relief their theme this year, the IIFA Utsavam also ensured that many other people would come forward with generous donations and help the victims of the recent flood that devastated many families, hampered business, led to massive infrastructure losses, and ruined property. The “RYTHM” philosophy of QNET, also called “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” chimed perfectly with this event. I first came across QNET through a friend and the company is a leading one in Asia. A lot of lifestyle products are offered by them and they have an ecommerce platform through which people can use these products. The distribution of their products is spread across 100 nations. Globally, they have 25 agencies and offices, and over 50 stocklists. This is excluding the local franchisees they have in various countries. In UAE, they have three different locations where they operate from, with their offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Mussafah (logistics hub). The CSR initiative of the company has worked with various NGOs to bring joy to the society’s underprivileged people.

Stephen Murray: Why Many Investors Choose CCMP Capital

Are thinking about choosing a private equity firm for investment purposes? Looking for the best company to meet your investment goals appropriately? There are many things to consider before choosing a company or professional to assist or guide you through the complicated investment process.

Having a well knowledgeable investment expert on your side, can prevent you from making mistakes that could cost you a lot. There are many companies offering various types of financial and investment services to people and businesses. But what you must realize, is that not all investment firms render the same level or quality of service. Because features and services can vary tremendously among the different investment services providers out there, it is absolutely necessary to do your research before making a choice.

It is always advisable to go with a company that has an established history of rendering outstanding service to clients. That’s where Wall Street’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital comes in. With CCMP Capital on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive top notch service.

The first step to choosing a good investment company is to understand a company’s financials, industry trends, market position, and debt financing availability. Once you have assessed an investment opportunity and conducted due diligence for all investment options, you will be ready to check out the company’s background and reviews. While every investment firm has its different requirements, some companies make a priority to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has a strong management team, and this is crucial to success as you will need strategic guidance. They realize that clients will almost exclusively need management to advise them on how to execute their operating strategy. Many investors choose CCMP Capital because of their strong management team and dedication, so if you are seriously contemplating getting into the investment field on NY Post make sure you contact CCMP Capital right away.

CCMP Capital will want to see your operation strategy, to assist them in getting a clear picture of what you are attempting to accomplish. Different investors have different goals in mind and you will be required to have a consultation with one of their representatives. During the meeting you will be able to ask any questions you may have regarding the investment process.

Stephen Murray was the President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital for many years. Stephen Murray was well liked and highly respected by clients and associates. He had great expertise in the investment arena and was a hardworking private equity investment professional. Stephen personally mentored many investment associates and professionals and was considered one of the most proficient in the field. Mr Stephen Murray died on March 12, at age 52.