Doe Deere – American Dream

Russian born, American obsessed, Xenia Vorotova (now known as Doe Deere) came to America with her mother and sister when she was only seventeen years old. They came straight to New York City from Izhevsk, Russia, and quickly found that the American dream is only won through hard fought battles. After struggling for a time, and running through her mother’s life savings, her family was able to get back on their feet. Vorotova took knowledge from her time at the Fashion Institute of Technology and began various business ventures including a clothing line in the early 2000s. It was during this time that she adopted the moniker Doe Deere in lieu of her given name.

In 2008, Doe Deere founded what became her most popular venture, the makeup brand Lime Crime. The brand Lime Crime aims to add bright colors and unicorn makeup to everyone’s daily makeup routine. This brand was created to celebrate individuality and self-expression. The company is based in Los Angeles and is cruelty free and vegan. Doe Deere also worked with her sister Kat Dey to develop Poppy Angeloff, an upscale jewelry company. They yearned for the jewelry they saw on their Eastern European grandmother’s hands growing up, so they created beautiful pieces that harken back to another time, and that they hope will be shared with generations.

Doe Deere has always seen the United States as a place where anything can happen, and anyone can truly make their dreams come true. Her family immigrated here from Russia with very little savings and without a real back up plan if things didn’t work out. They started out rough and spent time in homeless shelters and later living in tough neighborhoods in the city. However, by keeping her dream alive Doe Deere became a successful entrepreneur in the United States. Doe Deere sees the adversity that she and her family faced as immigrants in this country as part of who she is. They chose to come to the United States and New York City to make a better life and fully realize the American dream.