Wine Guides Can Depend On Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is its own unique kind of opportunity. This is the kind of company that allows you to either work from home or while traveling by becoming one of the company’s esteemed wine guides. You like wine but have you ever actually considered making a career out of your passion? With this kind of opportunity, you can start and stop dreaming immediately and start making a career based around wine a reality.

You could say that the Traveling Vineyard’s main priority is to offer wine tastings to customers in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Whether it’s your own backyard or the backyard patio of a friend, wine tastings are best enjoyed in a large group. Of course, if more intimate setting is more your style, you are in charge of the guest list of your own shindig, so you can make the crowd as little or as large as you would like and work as many times in any given day as you see fit. Wine Guides are naturally people persons and reaching out to their community is their talent. Through making these connections, you will not only enjoy yourself, but make money doing so. While you’re gaining new friendships, you’ll be guiding your friends and family in the direction of opening their palates to new types of wine.

Almost anyone can work from home while working as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard through their simple to learn process. Once you have applied and are approved, you will be connected with an expert in the field of wine guiding and they will help you by answering any questions or concerns you might have. You’ll be provided ample training also, with plenty of learning materials to be accessed online through Traveling Vineyard’s comprehensive series of learning modules and tests. You’ll be provided this strong support until you are confident enough to set out on your own.

There are plenty of other resources available to new guides. You won’t want to miss The Harvest Conference, where guest speakers will provide encouragement and useful tips and news for wine guides. These types of opportunities offer growth for their wine guides.

The World’s Finest Wines Typically Make Their Way To The UK

UK Vintners PLC, known as UKV PLC, is a wine merchant, based in Croyden, which specializes in offering investment grade wine and champagne.

Employing specialist fine wine consultants, UKV PLC emphasizes personal service for clients seeking fine wines from the vineyards of France, Italy and Spain to add to their private cellar or to hold as an investment. UKV PLC also caters to connoisseurs of wine on the lookout for a fine wine for a special occasion.

UKV PLC offers their clients wines from the Burgundy and the Bordeaux regions of France, Spanish and Italian wines, champagnes, including Krug and Dom Perignon. Investing in fine wine is a British tradition, however, in the past, people often drank some of their investment and then sold the rest of the wine. Today, the wealthy individuals in China, Russia and other emerging markets are fueling the demand for increased quantities investment grade wines. For investors, this means that when the global supply is low, the investor’s wine increases in value. UKV PLC’s wine consultants will assist clients with selecting wines, although they cannot guarantee a wine will increase in value, since may factors affect a wine’s value.

By offering a free valuation service, UKV PLC is able to acquire fine collections to offer their clients, in addition to their normal supply chain. If UKV PLC believes that their client’s would be interested in the wines, they may directly purchase the bottles or they may place the wine on their website through the firm’s broking service, and then collect a small commission when the wine is purchased. When acquiring collections, UKV PLC provides the same personalized service as they offer to clients who are purchasing fine wines.